What does NerdWallet Do to Make Money

What does NerdWallet do to make money?

Many of you know NerdWallet as one of the most popular personal finance companies in the market today. Tim Chen and Jacob Gibson founded it in 2009 with a capital investment of $800, and within 7 years, the company was valued at $520 million. With its quality content on personal finance and using a very convenient business model, they have managed to make their place at the top. 

NerdWallet’s money-making method is all about generating lots of profit with very minimal efforts. And yes, you can also use the same approach to make money online …. Even while you are sleeping!

In this article, we will tell you all about NerdWallet’s money-making model and how can also incorporate this method step-by-step to generate some decent income. 

NerdWallet’s Money-Making Method

Now that you’ve been wondering what NerdWallet does to generate so much profit, let me tell you.

NerdWallet follows a very well recognized and fruitful business model called affiliate marketing. 

Affiliate marketing is when a person (or an affiliate) endorses a company’s products and services and earns commissions from the sales that he brings in.

Very similarly, NerdWallet refers to various credit cards, college loans, mortgage loans, and insurance services to people and receive commissions for every new client they bring in through their affiliate links. 

This helps the affiliate (NerdWallet, in this case) earn passive income and allows brands and companies to increase their revenue in a scalable manner.

There are numerous perks of being an affiliate, such as you don’t need to make any hefty monetary investments. You can start working from wherever you want. Moreover, you are not bound to the rules and regulations of a particular company. Overall, by being an affiliate, you will be running your own business.

If you would like to know how you can make money online with affiliate marketing, let’s move on to the next section.

How can you start making money with affiliate marketing?

Any person can start making a decent amount of income with affiliate marketing. To do that, you need to follow a few simple steps, and you will be good to go. 

Let us see what you need to do to start your business in affiliate marketing.

Create a website

One of the first things you need to do to make with affiliate marketing is to create a website or a blog.

There are many other platforms like YouTube or any other social media site, which you can use to start promoting various products. But if you want something that is easy-to-use and will save your time, we recommend you go for a WordPress website. 

WordPress helps you to create a professional website in just a few minutes and provides you tons of tools to customize your website according to your needs. 

This website will be the platform for you to connect with your audience, so you need to make sure it works at its best.

Choose products to promote

After you are done with creating a website, you need to find products you want to promote. Pick a niche and choose those products that fit into your niche. This will help you target a specific audience and create more relatable content for them.

It is recommended that you go with a particular niche for starters to build your audience. Subsequently, you can expand your niches as your reach grows.

Create quality content to attract your audience

You got your website. You picked the products you want to promote. Now, what is the next step?

The next step is curating content for your audience. 

This step is most crucial as many people don’t pay attention to the content they are putting out for their audience, which leads to the downfall of their website.

To run a successful affiliate marketing business, you need to know what your audience is looking for. Through your website, you need to make them aware of a product, why they should buy it, and provide them with the best deals in the market.

For instance, NerdWallet curates the best possible content to inform its audience about the best credit cards, best insurance companies, reviews for different companies, etc. This helps the audience to learn about various services in one place.

Whenever you are writing an article or a blog for your audience, make sure to put your affiliate links with the product or services. Now, if anyone finds your article useful and uses that product or service through your affiliate link, you will earn a commission.

These were the few steps you need to follow diligently to have a successful affiliate marketing business. Many people think that affiliate marketing is just earning money while sitting and doing nothing, which is not at all true. Being an affiliate may provide you with flexibility and authority over your work. Still, you can be a successful affiliate only when you create content that your audience is looking for.

If you want to learn some affiliate marketing skills to have a successful business ahead, look forward to the next section.

Learn about affiliate marketing from scratch

Affiliate marketing may sound like an easy task, but to build a thriving business in affiliate marketing, you must have some necessary skills that will provide you an edge over others.

If you are eager to learn these necessary affiliate marketing skills, we would highly recommend you join Wealthy Affiliate. 

Wealthy Affiliate is one of the top affiliate training programs that will help you build a unique and successful business in affiliate marketing. Their focus has always been to bring out the best in people and providing them with all the necessary tools that they may require to create their websites.

This program comes with a free trial, which provides you an insight into their lessons in affiliate marketing and various tools for web hosting and keyword searching. You can further update to the premium membership to access all the lessons and tools.

Among the many features that you can access after you join Wealthy Affiliate, some of them are:

  • Weekly expert training in affiliate marketing that is suitable for both rookies and someone skilled. 
  • All the researching tools and resources you will need starting from registering your domain name to helping you build your website from scratch. 

This program is a genuine platform and truly helps you learn how to earn money using affiliate marketing, even with other affiliate programs. So, we suggest you join and reap all the benefits of this program and establish a successful business in affiliate marketing. 


This was all about NerdWallet’s money-making model and how you can also use the same method to earn passive income. Affiliate marketing is a very popular and thriving business model among numerous companies such as Uber, Expedia, etc. This method involves low risks and higher scope of expansion.

You need to keep a few points in mind, as discussed above, to help your content reach a wider audience. If you don’t know anything about affiliate marketing, Wealthy Affiliate is one of the best programs out there to help you get started.

We hope you gained useful insights from this article to help you set up a booming business in affiliate marketing.

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