Wesley Virgin’s Overnight Millionaire Review

Wesley Virgin’s Overnight Millionaire Review: My Honest Review


Wesley Virgin’s overnight millionaire is a program that comprises a set of audio recordings and e-books which aims at making people rich by changing their mindset. However, every program like this is posed with the most crucial question of whether it works or not.

There are multiple views and videos of actual people on the web who have vouched for this program’s effectiveness. These testimonials make you believe that his mind hack program works. However, there have been views that claim to bust the myth of Wesley Virgin’s tricks to train the mind to attract money.

In this review, I shall talk about the benefits and shortcomings of this program. So read on and decide for yourself.

Who is Wesley Virgin?

Wesley Virgin is a very successful entrepreneur and online marketeer who had initially struggled in his life with career and success. He is a self-made millionaire from Houston, Texas, with his own media house, “Virgin Media.” 

During the initial years of his career, Wesley Virgin worked as a techie, joined the armed forces, but could not excel in any of these traditional professions. 

He read numerous books on being successful and wealthy during his struggling days and attended many workshops to attain wealth, but nothing gave him the desired results. 

Finally, he ventured into the world of online marketing. His online weight loss program soon turned out to be extremely successful, and he earned his first million dollars in about a month. His success propelled him to understand the concepts of internet marketing, and his insights gained tremendous popularity.

With his series of successes in all his ventures, whether it be healthcare, food supplements, and owning a media house, Wesley Virgin shared his business comprehension. He formulated this program called the Overnight Millionaire.

What is the Program about?

Wesley Virgin’s overnight millionaire program is a digital program that trains you to change your mindset to attract wealth and change your life. The program aims at the notion that a changed mental state can help anyone make money and succeed in life very quickly. 

This program comprises ways to earn money on the digital platform based on Wesley Virgin’s life learnings. The program shares insights into Wesley Virgin’s life, learning, and the lessons he learned through his life journey.

The Wesley Virgin program also states that a positive mindset is all you need to become a millionaire overnight. The program integrates mind hacks and audio series combined with meditation techniques and personality development tools. 

The meditation techniques, if followed, diligently promises to deliver sure shot results. Through the program, you can also learn about some of the latest and fastest ways of making money online. This program shows ways to live in abundance just by following some simple life hacks.

The program is supported by many testimonials and stories of people who turned their lives from a struggling earner to someone with a steady income source and newfound self-esteem

As to a large percentage of today’s youth, who live from paycheck to paycheck, Wesley Virgin’s mantra is to ditch the race and create something more substantial and meaningful in their lives. Something that is not driven by a third person.  

However, what the program doesn’t speak about is precisely the types of businesses suited for today’s market that can make you earn big bucks. 

 What does the program offer you?

Seven sections are included with this program, each section targeting a specific audience and tells you about mind control tricks and hacks. Here is the list of the components of the program

  • The untold secret behind Journaling – this technique improves the technique of maintaining a journal for achieving abundance. 

Wesley Virgin stresses maintaining a journal and writing down your thoughts and your aspirations. That not only helps in streamlining your thoughts but also helps you prioritize your work.

  • How to visualize and manifest to think faster- this method teaches you the power of manifestation and to keep track of your mental well-being. Manifestation is nothing but the bodily embodiment of what you are thinking.

It is believed that the mind is capable of making things happen if you think hard enough. Only a handful of people possess this quality but often are looked at as having some supernormal strength.

  • How to become a high-value person will train you to convince people and make them admire you easily.
  • Mind control secrets to reprogramming your mind for wealth- this module explains how to train your mind to manifest gathering wealth. Wesley Virgin believes that you have to see in the mind to make things happen in the real world.
  • How to become a master at persuasion- this module teaches you about the mind techniques used by psychics, conjurers, and influential people to pursue people.
  • Strategy to outperform others every time- this module helps you to strategize for this competitive environment where businesses are cutthroat and where it is essential to know how to excel in every niche. Only then can you outperform others and make a mark.
  • Mind hacks through the transcendental meditation technique- this is to gain mind control through meditation technique. This technique emphasizes the importance of training our minds to believe in our aspirations. Once the mind is motivated, it automatically brings in the positivity of thoughts.
  • How to create multiple sources of income- to be successful, one must know of avenues to succeed. This involves developing a multitude of ways to earn money.
  • Neuro techniques to develop a firm belief in oneself. This technique focuses on the nerve cells and how they transmit information to the brain and energize them to clarify thoughts.

These techniques combined form the basis of the system that guarantees that training your mind to focus on what you want from life shall manifest to give you real results. 

As this system combines physical and metaphysical components, it requires perseverance and faith in the concept.

You have to invest some time every day towards achieving the goals of this program, which are measured and monitored to achieve the desired results. 

Wesley Virgin’s overnight millionaire bonus features

The overnight millionaire series also offers three bonus features-

  • Supernatural wealth Frequencies- To raise the vibration of the body while you are asleep.
  • The stimulating body formula works upon the emotional front of the human mind and trains the mind to feel good (by raising the serotonin and oxytocin levels in the blood).

 In turn, this feel-good factor allows good thoughts to rule the body and manifests in real life. These techniques also involve some easy hacks, like improving body posture, focusing on breathing, and more common sense but delivered in a very innovative manner.

  • Millionaire’s morning rituals- throw light on millionaires’ morning rituals and how you can model your beginning of the day similarly. That is based on the belief that whatever you think in the morning and plan to start your day positively affects the day’s proceedings.

There are some unique segments for only the male population, which is quite impressive. Comes with bonus download links like the Bonus Millionaire Meditation and the Bonus Execution guide.

Why is this program so hyped?

By now, you must be thinking, why is this program so much hyped? What is so unique about this program?

Well, gone are the days of old ways of earning money and gaining success. Now you have to think smarter and act smarter to be successful. The Wesley Virgin’s program for achieving wealth is based on the fact that if you want to venture online for some money-making, you might get out of the 9-5 rut mindset. 

Even Wesley Virgin himself gained a million dollars just by thinking smart and doing something innovative. He found out that affiliate marketing is an excellent way to make money without any investments and sell products. 

You have to promote other products, and you get a commission for the sold products. It was affiliate marketing that helped Wesley Virgin sell his health products online that made him a millionaire.

How does the overnight millionaire system work

Wesley Virgin believes that by mastering this mind control art, one can feel like a millionaire overnight. Such is the power of the thoughts that it finally manifests into success and thereby immense wealth.

He has an addictive personality and uses a mixture of a tough job master’s way with a caring and tender mentor to guide you through the process. His ingenious method of training and rendering gives him the cutting edge.

This program can hack your brain into believing that only good things will happen to you, and your positive self-esteem can work wonders to create a full and happy life for you. 

The whole program is based on the fact that there is nothing as powerful as one’s mind, and one can achieve anything by the firmness of belief. 

This program will enable you to eliminate negative thoughts and evil influences and fill your life with positivity.

The overnight millionaire program will not give you a blueprint for creating businesses but will help you develop the thought process to devise one.

Benefits of the Overnight Millionaire system of mind hacks

The Overnight millionaire program is a detailed step-by-step guide to train and make your mind believe that you can change the world around you by changing yourself for good. 

By instilling this hope and positivity in people, Wesley Virgin has been able to help thousands of people to elevate their standard of living and give their families better lives. 

That is an entirely transformative technique for mind stimulation by generating positive impulses in the brain. People who have used this technique firmly believe in this power and have felt the changes coming through.

The overnight millionaire’s guide to wealth is a digitally guided process that will keep a tab on your progress and make you accountable for your actions and thoughts. Wesley believes that this is no quick fix technique but something that he has mastered over time. 

The secrets of manifestation and meditation

Getting a hold of this technique will make you tap into your mind’s potential to gain financial success. You will be listening to some audio files and recordings, and your subconscious mind will absorb the thought process and thereby get trained to respond to outside situations. 

Since these are just audio files, you can listen to them anytime, anywhere. What the mind does is manifest the thoughts of your subconscious minds and make them come true. That has been a proven successful technique with some of the most influential and successful people globally. This is not seeing is believing, but believing in making things happen in reality.

You do not have to pursue wealth, and wealth will automatically come to you if you achieve excellence in whatever you do.

Meditation is the art that changes our subjective perceptions and feelings. It helps in reducing stress, removes anxiety and the fear of the unknown. 

Wesley Virgin’s overnight millionaire program integrates meditation so that your mind focuses only on the positive thoughts and funnels out negativities. This not only settles the mind but also reduces the overwhelming reaction to process information.

The Wesley Virgin’s intrinsic program is based on the fact that you can be of value only if you can add value to anything. You can pursue and can hold a person’s attention if and only if you are worth it. 

The manifestation technique will enable you to be someone of this stature, whom others will respect and look up to. When you can hold others’ attention, you are bound to be successful, and with success comes wealth.

Who should go for this program

Do you have the answer to the question of what you want from your life? Do you have the perseverance to follow your heart? If yes, then you are the correct fit for this program.

 Since this program targets the subconscious mindset guided by spirituality, you have to persevere in mastering it. Spirituality acts as a guiding light in the lives of the few who yield to it. So if you are skeptical, then this program is not for you.

 Your logical mind may not agree to many things explained in this program, and if you want to sieve every aspect of the program through a logical mind, you might feel that this program is a waste of time.

However, if you are prudent and feel that you can give your all to this program, then the overnight millionaire program will surely benefit you. As spirituality affects different people in different ways; similarly, this program also works differently on different people.

 The effect and the result won’t be the same for all. So, you will have to take this program in its stride and train yourself accordingly. 

The entire program focuses more on the emotional and psychological factors rather than the physicality of it all. So, you need to make an effort to use this program’s benefits in your real-life, coupled with hard work and perseverance. 

There is no fastest route to hard work, so, however, motivated you are, you can not achieve anything without investing yourself in it.

The highlight of this program is it does not ask for skilled people. It is for people who are freshers and have no experience whatsoever. You need not be highly educated to be able to attend the program. You can buy this program and participate in this program only if you want to change your life for the better.

How legit is the Wesley Virgin’s overnight millionaire program

This is a question many have asked, seeking an explanation for the effectiveness of this program. To answer this question, this program does not get you money online but will set the right mindset for earning some.

 In this series, Wesley Virgin shares many ways to make money online since he has also successfully ventured into many businesses. It is up to you to select what you want to do and how you want to do it.

More details about the program

The Wesley Virgin Overnight Millionaire Program costs $20 as a one-time fee; however, there could be some additional charges for enhancing the course and getting additional program content.

Website- https://www.wesleyvirgin.net/

Wesley Virgin himself hosts this website, and the books are printed under the aegis of his own media house. If you are planning to enroll in this program, you might get some offers and discounts. 

There is also a money-back offer on the cost, suggesting that you can ask for a program fee return if you do not like the program. However, the authenticity of this money-back guarantee cannot be vouched for. 

This program claims to provide support to its subscribers through personalized video and audio clips to be followed every day. The program also promises support through emails and chats. However, some people have complained of not getting any such support.

Better Alternative (My #1 Recommendation)

In today’s day and age, there are a ton of gurus selling scams promising you to make millions of dollars overnight without putting in any work and a lot of them are for making money online.

I have tried and reviewed a lot of these garbage programs on my website and in saying that I must admit there are still some programs which are actually worth it and are quite good.

Out of all the legit programs that I have personally seen, one of the best ones I always recommend to almost anyone starting out is Wealthy Affiliate. This is one of the best places to start as a beginner.

It is one of the most comprehensive training out there teaching you almost everything you need to get started making money online. Not only do they teach you everything, but they also provide you with almost all the tools you need. It’s like an all in one platform.

One thing I love about this is that there is really no limit to how much income you can earn and it’s quite simple, requires no experience to get started so anyone can do it.

Guys, I have tried many different legit business models including dropshipping, social media marketing, drop servicing and more!

And to be fair, I have actually lost a lot of money trying out guru courses, training, webinars and things just not working/making any money.

Trust me, while those other businesses are legit and do work, they are a lot more cash-intensive and harder than affiliate marketing.

This here is NOT to brag but, to show you a small chunk of what I make online with affiliate marketing just to show you proof that I have done it.

Earn Passive Income At Home Income ProofEarn Passive Income At Home Income Proof 2Earn Passive Income At Home Income Proof 2

Quite a few wealthy affiliate members actually earn over 5-figures per month! (That’s crazy, I am not there yet.)

Keep in mind that this is NOT a get rich quick scheme, you will NOT make money by just clicking a button.

This does require work like everything in life worth getting but, it’s worth it because eventually, you can not only work from the comfort of your home earning a full-time income but, start making passive income from this business.

If your looking to get started in a proper legitimate long term business you should definitely look into joining wealthy affiliate. It’s FREE to get started!

Read my comprehensive review on Wealthy Affiliate to basically see if it’s something you want to join or not.

And if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to let me know, I will be more than happy to help you out!

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