VideoSeeder Review

VideoSeeder Review: My Honest Review

If you’re here, it’s because you are now in need of a video syndication tool to upload your video or you’re just curious about the topic. Either way, I’ve got you! Below I will go through everything about VideoSeeder, it’s pros and cons, as well as whether it is a worthy investment for you to make in 2021. 

What is Video Syndication?

For those of you who don’t know, video syndication is the process of taking the videos that you have created and then using software to upload the videos to multiple places without having to do it manually. This process will make your life so much easier as you will not have to put a lot of time and effort into uploading this one by one to each platform. 

What is VideoSeeder?

As mentioned before, to do the above process you will need a platform through which to upload the videos and make it share the videos to all the sites such as social media sites and blog sites you have pre-mentioned. This is where VideoSeeder comes in as it is a software that will help you automate this process. 

It is still a new platform and there is still time before we can decide if this platform is one of the best, however, it will definitely help you finish your work faster and the names behind the creation of this software are well-known in the software industry. Read on for a more detailed explanation of the software below. 

How will VideoSeeder work for you?

Here are the top things that VideoSeeder will work to accomplish for you and you can just sit back and relax:

First, having to create your video and upload it on every video platform available – Facebook, Vimeo, YouTube, etc.

Secondly, publishing your video link on other platforms that are meant for sharing such as Twitter, Tumblr, Quora, and Reddit.

Third, it can create video articles that are then shared on platforms that are mostly blogs like Medium and Blogger.

Will VideoSeeder be useful for you?

VideoSeeder will help to maximize the potential of video views that you can reach with your newly created video. You have spent so much time and effort on the video, so it would be a waste not to show it to as many people as possible. 

The objective of a video is to create engagement, promote the video content, and potentially bring in new clients (if you’re creating the video for business). You can accomplish all of this at a much easier pace if you are able to focus more of your effort on creating high-quality videos rather than waste your time slowly uploading each video onto these platforms. VideoSeeder is integrated with a lot of useful platforms and uploading every single one of your videos on all of these sites will surely boost your views much higher.

How does this software work?

Here I will go through the steps on how to upload the videos through VideoSeeder once you have created your videos. 

  1. First, you will have to purchase and install the software on your workstation. You will then need to log on to it and go into the section where you can choose which hosting platforms you want to upload your videos to. This will include everything from social media sites to all the other sharing sites that are available to you. Here you will need to log in to each of these (you will need to create an account for the ones you don’t have). This is done only once as VideoSeeder will need access to these accounts in the future to upload.
  2. Then you will need to go into settings and configure it to match exactly what you need to be done every time you use the software. Eg. If you want some time to pass between when you upload the video and when it is shared, this can be configured too so that you are always aware of when a video is going to go out.
  3. Once this is complete, you can begin your initial campaign. First, you will need to choose the video that you are going to work with and then decide on which video uploading platform you are going to be uploading it on. Every video will also need a title tag, link, and meta description (which is a basic description of what the video is about) that you will need to add to it before it can be uploaded.
  4. After this is done, you will then have to choose which of the accounts that you had pre-set you are going to be using to upload to. You can choose to always upload every video to all the platforms you are using or just stick to a few that you think are relevant to that video. This part will depend on how you want to play it. 
  5. Finally, once you have completed all of the above steps you can run the campaign. The software will now take over and complete the task that it was given. This will all happen automatically and it will let you know once the process is complete. 

What makes VideoSeeder better than the rest of the tools out there?

There is one feature that sets VideoSeeder apart from the rest and that is that when uploading the videos onto the platforms, VideoSeeder is the only one that will use your own IP (Internet Protocol) address to upload the video. The other software tends to use their own IP address or the IP address that is closest to the app itself.

So how is this better for me?

Think of it this way, you are not the only person who is going to be using this software. There may be lots of others who are also using it to upload their videos to these platforms. So everyone who uses these other video syndication apps will be uploading onto these platforms through the same IP address that you will be using. 

If the other people who are using the app end up being spammy and causing a violation on those sites, then that site may end up blocking the app’s IP address altogether meaning that every video that comes from that IP will be charged as spam and so you will not receive the best benefits of uploading to that platform. 

On the other hand with VideoSeeder, you will be using the IP address that is on your workstation and so you don’t have to worry about external influences that can affect your video’s viewing performance. You won’t ever have this problem of getting your IP blocked (unless you prove to be spammy yourself) as the platforms will see that you are uploading by following their guidelines. 

One other major difference is that most video syndication apps will only upload on to platforms that are meant to upload videos. So they will not upload on sharing and blogging sites as they are not technically video-driven platforms. VideoSeeder will do both of these for you and therefore, you have a massive advantage as you can upload your video link to more places and thus improve your reach even more.

What does the VideoSeeder package come with?

Here are the things you will receive when you purchase the package:

The main software – VideoSeeder Elite

This is what it comes with:

  • Automate your video uploading
  • Get up to 100 uploads every day
  • Promote to over 15 platforms
  • Connect 30 uploading platforms
  • One licensed PC
  • Get access to the full settings and menus
  • Does not run on a server but on your PC’s background
  • Has a tool to create spun content for each platform
  • Highly user-friendly UI

Commercial Rights

You don’t have to worry about getting new licenses if you are a business that promotes other businesses’ videos. You will receive full commercial rights to the software and are free to do business with it however you please. 

YouTube Traffic Mastery

You will also receive training that will help you to maximize the potential traffic you can gain through YouTube. This will show you how you can get much greater results and many more views by following their methods. If you purchase this program through this page it is given free of charge, but it will come at a cost later on. 

A Keyword Research Tool

A tool called Traffic Jeet which is used to find relevant keywords will also be included in the package. This is another software that was created by the same creator of VideoSeeder. It is a stand-alone software and so is usually sold separately, but again if you purchase this through this page, you will get it for free. 

This tool can help you find relevant keywords that are based on your video content and target market, and you can use these keywords in your videos to improve their ranks and to make sure that your video shows up when people type on search engines.

What are VideoSeeder’s prices?

You can get all of the above-mentioned items only through this article for a discounted price of $37. The usual price for this package will come up to $67.

This price comes with a 30-day guarantee and so you have even less risk to try the software out. In case you like this software and want to try more, there are a few other upsells that they have as well.

VideoSeeder Pro comes with unlimited sharing accounts, ready-made landing pages, 3 licenses, and so on. This will cost you $47. 

VideoSeeder Agency is the package where you can get the rights to resell the VideoSeeder pro package to other businesses as if it is your own. This is priced at $97.

Channel Authority Builder is a training program that is meant to help you improve the ‘authority’ of your account on YouTube by following the methodologies provided in the training. This will cost you a further $47.

Why I think VideoSeeder is a good software

  • This is one of the only software that allows you to have 15 platforms to upload on without purchasing the pro version. 
  • The overall cost for what you are getting is quite low and will be justified once you put the software to use. Also, if you get it through this article, you get a bunch of other extras for free that will make it worth your money even more. 
  • Using your own IP to post is a massive advantage that other software doesn’t have and that alone could make this software a worthwhile purchase.
  • You can trust the software as its creator is an experienced and well-known individual who has created much other successful software before this.

What are the cons of this software?

There isn’t much that I found bad about this software at all. The only one was that the software is not able to run on all operating systems but Microsoft alone. It doesn’t support anything like Mac or Linux which are also popular operating systems. In order to use it, you will need to download an emulator such as Crossover onto your Mac.

Do they offer support?

According to the VideoSeeder website, they do offer premium support through 24/7 live chat support, a one-day response guarantee, and a live assistance program where their agents will get on a call with you and help you with any issues you have with the system through Anydesk or Teamviewer.

In Conclusion

I would whole-heartedly recommend this software to anyone who is in need of it. The price is 100% worth the service that you get from them and if you need to bring in more additional software and training to help you, they have those too at decent prices. 

If you use videos to boost your website or business, then this is the best software for you and you can get this at a discounted rate by following the link below. 


Don’t have a business yet?

As this article discussed, this software can only be used by those who already have a business or website that they are trying to promote. However, if you’re someone who doesn’t have either of these things and are still looking to make some money online, then I have an awesome resource for you that can help you out. 

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