The Operation Recession Takeover Review

The Operation Recession Takeover Review

Have you heard about the new program recently that claims to help you out of the oncoming recession and make you money in the new year? 

Of course, we don’t know for sure that a recession is going to hit, but it is always good to be prepared. Having said that, however, how legit is this program? Can it really help you? And just who is this person, Patric Chan, who is the creator of this program?

I will go through all this in the article below as I think it is important that everyone has as much information as possible before making a decision to pay and join the program. 

A Summary of the Program

The whole point of this program is to help make you money during a time that making money online or anywhere can be difficult. You will learn how to promote products that people need to them and focus on those that you know they can’t stay without purchasing or won’t stop purchasing.

In order to be successful with this, you are going to need to learn how ads work as well as other tools that you can use to help you grow and scale this type of business. This is what this program will take you through. 

What is this Operation Recession Takeover Program?

Well, now that you know what this program entails, this is what it consists of. It is a five-day training program that you will attend where Patric will take you through every step you will need to take to start your own business. He says that you will be able to start making money within 30 days of beginning the program. 

The basic principle uses affiliate marketing methods to promote what other people are selling to the people who need it/want it most. So every time you promote a product and a customer purchases it, you will be paid a commission (rate depending on the product and seller).

From that point, after working on it for a while, it will also delve into how you can grow the business and expand into other territories by using the dropshipping method. The training will show you how you can outsource these products and then directly sell them to customers who need them, which allows you to get a much better profit than you would with affiliate marketing alone.

What is the process behind this training?

Here is what the training will take you through and how you would go about starting your business:

  1. You will need to select a niche that you want to focus on. Once selected, you can decide on a business name and purchase a domain with that name for your website. 
  2. You will then need to use a tool to create your website to your liking and then set it up with the necessary tools inside such as lead capturing and email auto-responding.
  3. Next, you will need to do some research into your niche and find some products that are almost a necessity for your target audience. Then you will need to find this product on an affiliate network that is providing this product at a decent price point
  4. Now that you have your product, you need to optimize your site with it and then drive traffic to it using multiple promotion methods such as Google ads, Facebook ads, and so on. For every purchase made through your website, you will be paid a commission. 
  5. Once this is running, you can then grow your business by investing in and starting a dropshipping business, where you can sell the same product as a merchant and make more profits!

What makes this program better than other money-making programs out there?

If you take any other program, then the whole concept of the training – which is based on affiliate marketing, is the same. The way an affiliate business is run is quite cut and dry, and there is not much that you can do differently other than marketing methods.

Therefore, if this style of business is so common, what makes it different from other courses out there? I mean, Patric Chan himself has another affiliate marketing program called CB Passive Income Elite.

Well, the difference comes in the timing of the course and how relatable it is to the current world’s condition. This program is taking into account all that happened, forecasting how things will be a few months in the future, and using that to create a strategy that can work right now.

Affiliate marketing is also based on products/services. So, it is essential to choose the best ones that have the potential to sell. This is their criteria for selecting products:

  • They are essential to people who are in your niche
  • You are able to find a good deal for this product that is lower than the current market price
  • You should be able to sell the product at a price that is affordable to your niche

Let’s look at an example to understand this better. You may be in the “pets” niche and usually, you would want to go with items that are popular such as cat toys, cat beds, etc. However, during the pandemic and a time of recession, people are going to be less inclined to purchase items like this because they absolutely have no pressing need to purchase them at this time. 

It is more of a luxury than a necessity. 

However, if you were to focus on an area that is essential such as cat food or cat medicine, then this is something that owners will be interested in purchasing because it is something that they will absolutely need. This way, you can improve your chances of making sales because you know that there is a pressing need to buy these items for their pets. 

What do you get once you purchase the program?

When you finalized the payment, you will be given access to the inside members-only area where you can access all the information that they have for you. In general, there are two main areas:

1. The Five-Day Training Course

As mentioned before, this is where Patric will take you through the entire training and explain everything every step of the way. It is a full video series that you can revisit and watch anytime. Here is what will be included in the series:

  • Methods you can use to find the niche that is suitable to you
  • How to find yourself a business name and then purchasing a domain for it
  • Ways to create and optimize your website
  • Ways of finding the best products with the best deals
  • How to write compelling copy, create converting landing pages, and email conversions
  • Ways you can use the dropshipping method to improve your profits.

2. Multiple bonuses that you get with the program

So, as with most training programs, they will offer a set of bonuses for you if you decide to purchase the program. These are what you will get added with the training program if you purchase now:

3. The Facebook Traffic Training

Facebook Ads is a major part of this training and can really help you to gain loads of traffic to your website. This training will walk you through how best to run your Facebook ads, how to present it to people, how to get them to give you their contact details, and so on.

4. The Swipe Copy Secret 

Another part that you have to focus on as an affiliate marketer is writing good copy. You need to be able to interest and convince people to buy from you. This training will take you through how to write the most converting ads and emails.

5. The Drop Shipping cost calculator

Before you get involved with dropshipping, you need to know all the costs and risks you are going to undertake when you start. There will need to be some investment upfront and you need to understand how and when you will start to make profits. 

You can use this tool to help you understand these timelines, estimate how long it will take you to become profitable, and know all the numbers you will need to know before you actually get started. You don’t want to start working on it, only to realize that it is too expensive or will take too long to become profitable, to make it a sustainable business. 

How much do they charge for the program?

If you were to go to their website and check the normal price, it would come up to a one-time payment charge of $499. However, if you are to follow this promotion, and click on this link, you will get 90% off your order and bring the price down to a low $49.

Also, if this program interests you and you want more help with your business, they offer optional upgrades that you can add to your order. These upgrades come with pre-made templates, additional tools you can use, and more training content. You will save a lot of time setting up and managing your business with these extra items.

There are three different upgrade packages that they offer. Here are the prices for the upgrades:

1 – $197 payment made once

2 – $99 payment made once

3 – $388 payment made once

Now, this is just the cost of the training program. If you want to actually start the business, then here are some of the costs you are going to incur:

Purchasing your domain – Between $5 – 20/year

Web hosting services – $3 – $5/month paid for annually

Email automation software – $12 – $40/month

Facebook and other ads – Between $150 – $500 in total until you start to make profits

Is there a free download available?

I have seen many people asking around and trying to find a free version of this program. Let me tell you now that this doesn’t exist. Anything that you find online is unlicensed and published illegally, therefore, will not be the polished and updated program that it is. 

This program comes with a money-back guarantee, so you are not risking your money if you don’t like what the program offers.

What’s there to like about the program?

  • Affiliate marketing is a legit method of business and one that has brought many people success
  • You will get more training on becoming a dropshipper as well.
  • It focuses on current issues and how to take advantage of that
  • The cost is quite low with the promotion, which can almost make this a no-brainer purchase
  • There is a money-back guarantee so you know you won’t spend your money riskily
  • Patric Chan is well-known so you know the program can be trusted

What’s not to like about the program?

  • You will need to purchase and incorporate multiple tools to make this work. This can make the whole thing costly and too technical for some people who are new to online business.
  • A lot of the program is dependent on paid ads. Again this is not something that you can approach with no experience and it is a massive cost that you will need to take into account. There is no guarantee that your ads will even be able to convert in the first few months if you are new to the business. 

Who should purchase this program?

If you are someone who is willing to put in the time, effort, and investment needed to follow the program to the T, then this program is for you. It can be a little technical at times, but if you follow the training then you should be well on your way to creating a successful online business. 

How is the support function for this program?

As a new program, there are always going to be questions and concerns raised by people. Therefore, it is important that they have a team in place for support. As of now, there have not been many complaints about this, and the fact that Patric Chan is well-known and recognized might be a reason why it is so popular even though it is a new program. 

My verdict – Should you purchase this program or is it another scam?

I can definitely say 100% that this program is not a scam. For what you are paying for, you will be getting a legit training program with all the bonuses, upgrades, and more. Inside this training, you will also definitely find all the information that will help you to create a business during a recession and make money while doing so. 

You will learn sustainable skills such as Facebook ads management, affiliate marketing, and dropshipping which are all good skills to know about in the online world. Also, the fact that the program is extremely relevant to the time we are in now, as well as the 60-day money-back guarantee in place, you have nothing to lose and only more to gain.

Is there a substitute program that is better?

As I said, I think the above program is really good and can benefit some people, but it can also be difficult for others, especially those who don’t have a budget to constantly spend on paid ads.

Therefore, you will need to look into other venues of affiliate marketing that are cheaper but still sustainable in the long-term like I am doing. The program that I joined and changed the way I approached affiliate marketing was Wealthy Affiliate.

Take it from me, they have the best training about affiliate marketing where they explain everything from scratch to you in their video series. You can also get all the necessary tools that you will need, advice from veterans of the industry, support from an affiliate marketing community, and more.

They have a monthly membership that you can pay to join and continue using. However, if you want to try the platform out first, they also have a free account that you can use. Trust me, this is one program that can change your life.

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