Stay Home Profits Review

Stay Home Profits Review: My Honest Review

Affiliate Marketing has become an increasingly popular way of making money, especially because it enables people to earn massive amounts of income while also allowing them flexibility and a significant degree of control over their working hours. 

There are now many affiliate marketing programmes available in the market. Stay Home Profits is one such programme. The promotional video for this programme claims that you can earn $15 by simply posting a link online, which is a task that takes barely a minute or two. Apparently, you can make up to $225 through this method. 

If this sounds too good to be true, that is because it might just be. So, does this programme actually work or is it just another scam? Are the promises they make true or are they exaggerated claims? And, even if this programme is not a scam, is there a better way of earning money online through affiliate marketing?

If any of these questions are swimming through your mind after coming across the Stay Home Profits programme, then you have come to the right place!

These are precisely the questions I will try to answer in this honest, unbiased review of Stay Home Profits. 

So without further Ado, let’s begin!

Brief Summary

The Stay Home Profits programme does offer some training in the field of affiliate marketing, but this training is limited to a single method, i.e. posting affiliate links on websites or Social Media platforms.

As I explain in detail later on in this review, this method is not the most effective or efficient. It is highly unlikely that you would be able achieve the results that are promised by the promotional video through this method. 

This does not have to mean that you have to give up your dreams of earning money through affiliate marketing. Read till the end of this review to learn about my number one recommendation, which is the programme through which I personally learnt affiliate marketing. 

What is Stay Home Profits?

Stay Home Profits is a programme that is built for beginners and is meant to help them join the world of affiliate marketing.

Now, I have mentioned this term multiple times in the review already, but some of you must be wondering – what is affiliate marketing in the first place, and how does it work? 

Affiliate marketing is a completely legitimate and increasingly popular model of making money online. In fact it is one of my favourite ways of earning an income. 

Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based model of marketing in which a business rewards its affiliates for each customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts. 

In other words, the affiliate (i.e. you) has to promote others’ products and services in exchange for a commission on every sale he/she makes.

The way this works is that the affiliate gets a unique link from the product seller or the service provider (let’s say Amazon), which the affiliate uses to drive people to that merchant, and when someone buys something after clicking that link, the affiliate gets a commission.

There are several methods of doing affiliate marketing and Stay Home Profits is meant to train you in one of these methods. Stay Home Profits will provide you with a 21-step training programme, along with some tools and support that are supposed to help you make money online through copying and pasting links from big companies (like Amazon, ClickBank, and eBay) on different websites.

In the event that people come across these links, decide to make the purchase and use the links to visit companies’ websites and buy products, you will earn a commission. This is known as an affiliate commission. However, you will only earn anything if people actually make the purchase (so simply visiting the site will not be enough) and only if they do so using the link you have provided. 

Though affiliate marketing is my favorite way of making money online, the method taught by the Stay Home Profits programme does not work.  

How Does Stay Home Profits Work?


The Stay Home Profits model of affiliate marketing is as follows:  

You Have to Apply for Affiliate Programs of Big Online Marketplaces

This first step is necessary in order to get the tracking affiliate links that you will use to promote these companies’ products and get commissions if you bring them sales.

You then Receive Affiliate Links for The Products You Want to Promote

Once you get accepted by any of these programs, you will be able to get unique affiliate links for products or services that are sold on these websites.

In the second step, you will be able to choose the kind of products or services you want to promote and then you shall get the affiliate links of these products.

Submit The Links

The Stay Home Profits programme claims that they will provide you with a software known as the Link Blaster Tool. Through this software, you can instantaneously post your affiliate links to multiple websites at the same time. People will then see these links and they may choose to buy what you promote. All you need to do is submit your affiliate links in the software. 

That is all! The Stay Home Profits method requires you to just complete these three steps to earn the massive amount of money it promises to you.

They claim that every link takes you only up to 4 minutes to submit and it will generate $15 for you without you needing to do anything else. And if you post, let us say roughly 15 links in one hour, then you can potentially make $15X15= $225 for that one hour of work.

If you want to make even more money, then all you have to do is to work for a few more hours. 

Sounds extremely easy, does it not? Unfortunately, the truth is that this method is based on spamming people with links, which rarely works and it is very hard to earn a decent income through it.  

Naturally, you would now be wondering what the right way is. This brings us to the next section of this review. 

What is the Correct Way of Doing Affiliate Marketing? 

In my experience, the appropriate way to do affiliate marketing is to start your own blog or website (nowadays this is extremely simple and one doesn’t need technical knowledge or coding experience). On this platform, you start by answering some of the questions that people raise on Google and other search engines. Through your answers, you can recommend products or services which will solve their problems, help them achieve their goals, or improve their lives. 

Like in all other programmes, when people buy these products through your affiliate link, you will get a commission.

This is how you do affiliate marketing in the correct, effective, and efficient way, not the way that the Stay Home Profits programme teaches you. This is the method that I personally use as well. 

If you are interested in learning this method, then the alternative at the end of this Stay Home Profits review is something you should definitely go for. 

Inside the Stay Home Profits Programme

If you do join the Stay Home Profits program, then you are promised the following training and tools:

  • A 21-Step Stay Home Profits training course.
  • The Link Blaster Tool that is supposed to help you submit your links to thousands of websites.
  • Lifetime access to exclusive membership.
  • A database of the highest paying affiliate links which is updated regularly.
  • Some other resources that are supposed to help you make money through this method of copying and pasting links online

Stay Home Profits Price

The preliminary cost of joining the Stay Home Profits program is $47. However, there may be additional upgrades that will require you to pay extra. 

Even more importantly, the preliminary cost will not be enough to get you started. You will need to pay for web hosting and maybe some external tools.

Though they claim in their sales video that they will provide a 60-day money back guarantee, this offer is not mentioned anywhere on their website. The website also does not have any of the pages which are meant to provide important information, such as Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, and so on. 

Stay Home Profits Support

Even the Support page is missing from the website of Stay Home Profits. There is no tab or page for the support and it is unclear if you will get it through email, phone, or live chat.

However, in the sales video they tell you that there are some contact details available at all times inside the members’ area.

 What I Like about Stay Home Profits Program

  • Stay Home Profits teaches people about affiliate marketing, which is my favorite way of making money online. However, their method is flawed. 
  • They promise in the sales video that there is a 60-day money back guarantee, which is great. But unfortunately, this seems like a false promise, since this clause is not mentioned anywhere on the website itself. 

What I Don’t Like about Stay Home Profits

 The Spam Technique of Affiliate Marketing

As I have explained in more detail before in this review, the Stay Home Profits programme tells you to spam your affiliate links everywhere on the web. However, this method does not really work.

If you really want people to buy the products to promote, then you need to create helpful content that will explain the product to them. You need to convince your audience about the product – they need to know why they need it, what benefits they can derive from it, and why your product is the best out there. 

That is how you can make money online. This is the most effective and efficient way of doing it. 

On the other hand, spamming affiliate links everywhere doesn’t work at all. Firstly, people on many sites may not be in the mood to buy a product at all, which means they will just ignore your links. Secondly, if you keep spamming platforms like Facebook, Quora, Reddit, and others, you will get banned from these platforms very soon.

Lastly, and most importantly, the people who see these links might not know much about your product and without actually creating any helpful content, it is impossible to convince them of its benefits. 

You Do Not Build Authority & Brand Name with This Method

If you want your audience to trust you and your recommendations, then you need to build authority and trust.

That is the key to long-term success in the field of affiliate marketing.

This means that you need to create a helpful content that answers people’s questions.

This is a Re-hashed Programme

You must remember the story that Karen Daniels, the so-called ‘founder’ of the Stay Home Profits programme, narrates in the promotional video. I have heard almost the same story in the sales pitch of another, very similar programme called Home Cash Sites. I exposed this story in my review for that programme. 

They did change some details, though, along with the name of the founder of the program.

What this usually means is that this is the same program that is being promoted under different names, since people must have realised that the older programme does not work. 

Even the screenshots both programmes share are the same, which means that they are fake.

The Founder of Stay Home Profits, Karen Daniels, Does Not Exist 

The spokesperson in the sales video, who claims to be called Karen Daniels, calls herself the founder of Stay Home Profits program. What is more, she claims to be known as the number one consultant of posting links online!

As someone who has been in this industry for many years, I can tell you that this is a lie. I have never heard of her before this program.

This is probably just a pseudonym. 

The Have No Legitimate Proof of the Promised Results

While you might see some video testimonials by people claiming that they have made money with this program, there is no evidence for their results.

These testimonials can be easily obtained through hiring paid actors who would say whatever you tell them to say.

Unrealistic Claims of Making Money Fast & with Little Effort

The programme tells you that you can make money up to $225 a day working for 60 minutes only. 

However, the truth is that making money online takes time to learn and to get results. And as I have explained, spamming links everywhere does not work at all!

These claims are just used in order to encourage people who know nothing about making money online to join such a program and pay their money hoping for quick and easy money.

 Fake Scarcity

If you visit the website of the programme, they always tell you that this day is the last day of joining Stay Home Profits.

Remember that these claims are fake. If you visit the site the next day, you will receive the same message. Such tactics are used when the sellers know that the product or service is faulty and they want to invoke a sense of urgency so that you make an uninformed decision without consulting any unbiased reviews, like this one. 

Who Is Stay Home Profits for?

Stay Home Profits is for anyone who wants to be disappointed and waste their time and hard earned money by spamming affiliate links everywhere on the web without getting real results. 

Conclusion: Is Stay Home Profits Worth It? 

I will have to say that Stay Home Profits is not a scam because there is some training and tools that you get when you buy it, and they promise you a 60-day money back guarantee in the video (although not mentioned on the site itself).

However, there are many red flags about it, which is why I don’t encourage you to join this program. 

This is the final conclusion of this Stay Home Profits review.

However, do not get discouraged from learning affiliate marketing and making money with it, because it is the best way of making money online in my opinion, especially for beginners.

Better Alternative (My #1 Recommendation)

In today’s day and age, there are a ton of gurus selling scams promising you to make millions of dollars overnight without putting in any work and a lot of them are for making money online.

I have tried and reviewed a lot of these garbage programs on my website and in saying that I must admit there are still some programs which are actually worth it and are quite good.

Out of all the legit programs that I have personally seen, one of the best ones I always recommend to almost anyone starting out is Wealthy Affiliate. This is one of the best places to start as a beginner.

It is one of the most comprehensive training out there teaching you almost everything you need to get started making money online. Not only do they teach you everything, but they also provide you with almost all the tools you need. It’s like an all in one platform.

One thing I love about this is that there is really no limit to how much income you can earn and it’s quite simple, requires no experience to get started so anyone can do it.

Guys, I have tried many different legit business models including dropshipping, social media marketing, drop servicing and more!

And to be fair, I have actually lost a lot of money trying out guru courses, training, webinars and things just not working/making any money.

Trust me, while those other businesses are legit and do work, they are a lot more cash-intensive and harder than affiliate marketing.

This here is NOT to brag but, to show you a small chunk of what I make online with affiliate marketing just to show you proof that I have done it.

Earn Passive Income At Home Income ProofEarn Passive Income At Home Income Proof 2Earn Passive Income At Home Income Proof 2

Quite a few wealthy affiliate members actually earn over 5-figures per month! (That’s crazy, I am not there yet.)

Keep in mind that this is NOT a get rich quick scheme, you will NOT make money by just clicking a button.

This does require work like everything in life worth getting but, it’s worth it because eventually, you can not only work from the comfort of your home earning a full-time income but, start making passive income from this business.

If your looking to get started in a proper legitimate long term business you should definitely look into joining wealthy affiliate. It’s FREE to get started!

Read my comprehensive review on Wealthy Affiliate to basically see if it’s something you want to join or not.

And if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to let me know, I will be more than happy to help you out!

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