Siteground Affiliate Program Review

Siteground Affiliate Program Review

Are you looking for a smart and effortless way to make your money? Are you aware that you can earn your money just by sitting in front of your device just by promoting web hosting services?

Well, who will lose such an opportunity by sitting at your desk and just making money through clicks! SiteGround Affiliate program provides and stands to be that opportunity who the ingenious looks in. But there is always a pullback in your head, a doubt which keeps poking! You keep stressing that it will be really worth investing? Will the platform pay me enough by promoting it?

The review below is for you to take it easy. The entire review focuses on SiteGround Affiliate program and discusses everything that an individual must know before joining it and trusting it. Keeping the entire truth in front of you, I will provide you with all the program elements. Also even if you find it not worth investing and still have an interest in promoting web hosting services, I will provide you with other names and details about various affiliate programs that you can research and join in.

What Is the Siteground Affiliate Program?

 SiteGround Affiliate program, founded by Ivo Tzenov is a free affiliate program where one who has knowledge about affiliate marketing can work to make his money. The way is very easy. You just have to promote their web hosting services through your own affiliate link. Bring in customers who will purchase on their website and you will earn commission through it.

The commission rate can vary to a great extend from $50 to $100 or sometimes even more. With ratings 95/100, SiteGround Affiliate Program, also known as referral program is one of the most preferred affiliate programs in the web hosting industry and can be thus termed as a legitimate platform. You can have a visit at its website- and take a tour at its system.

Mechanism of the program:

To use the program, you have to follow a few number of steps which are quite easy to go with.

1. Create your account on the SiteGround Affiliate program

Signing up on the program is quite easy and the process is way similar to many other affiliate programs. You have to fill in your general information which may include name, address, contact number, email address.

Adding to this, you have to provide your business information like PayPal email, your websites. Also, you have to mention the ways through which you will be promoting the program.

2. Getting Affiliate link

This might take a span of few days as the admin take time to review your account and send a confirmation of your successful login and approval of your account. After all this attempt, an affiliate link is sent out to you that you can use for promoting.

3. Promoting and how to promote?

After your successful generation of affiliate link, you can begin with your way for promoting of the web hosting services. The promotion can be done through various means and there are many techniques for grasping paying customers. The most common and efficient way of promoting are listed below-

  • Email marketing is a common strategy you can use to get your network on the program and get customers.
  • You can create websites using your unique (affiliate link) in order to host plan and get your customers through it.
  • If your own website is in accordance with your Siteground account, you can use it for advertisement for getting customers through banners, etc.
  • Writing blogs or reviews on creating websites, providing information about various web hosting deals, guiding about migration of websites through host, and providing your own affiliate link will help you get more reach. You can add any pictorial source for making the blogs more engaging and increasing your reach to a greater extent by appearing on the Google search engine.

This technique is considered one of the best and efficient technique. It has ability to cultivate genuine customers which may last for long. By providing information and knowledge about how to build their own websites may even lead to many more budding clients. Even a person with no website creation and content writing skills may land up in creating worthy blogs by taking various affiliate marketing courses, using different affiliate tools , various research tools , helplines and support, and premium support. Detail information regarding it can be found in the review further.

  • You can use various audience engaging digital platforms like Youtube and upload your video tutorials sharing content regarding creating websites on SiteGround for carrying out various activities.
  • Also by staying active on various doubt sessions or questionnaire forums, you can reach out to people and help solving their queries about website creating. You may get a chance to share your affiliate link to them while the sessions.

4. Earning commission through your referrals

After you have done with following all the steps successfully, you are ready to get your pay cheque!   You receive your commission each time when your referrals visit the websites and purchase some packages from the sites. It maybe through any of the techniques you used for promoting the websites.

The payment will be released weekly and all of your commissions are carried till 30 days. The payment will be delivered through PayPal account which information you provided at the beginning while making your SiteGround Affiliate program account.

By successfully ending with all the steps you have turned yourself as a successful affiliate marketer. This may seem a little complicated at the beginning, but after allotting the necessary time, you will find this quite convenient to go with and  super comfortable to earn money at your table!

Salient features of SiteGround Affiliate Program:

There are some elements which you must know in detail about the SiteGround Affiliate Program before you dive into it! I have tried to impart all of them in a very brief and precise manner. They are listed below-

1. Commission in SiteGround Affiliate Program

 Each time you bring a referral you are paid with a commission. The structure is quite similar like A2 Hosting Affiliate Commission unlike it pays more than SiteGround. The entire structure is for a duration of a month.

The commission structure is as follows-

  • 1-5 referrals will earn you a commission of $50 for each.
  • 6-10 referrals will earn you a commission of $75 for each.
  • 11-20 referrals will earn you a commission of $100 for each.
  • If you succeed to bring referrals more than 20, you can bid for your specific commission on SiteGround.

Hence, from the structure it can be observed that more engagement and participation by promoting the websites will lead to more commission in hand. Thus ones activeness is expected for a better gain by putting little more efforts.

2. Payment Gateways in SiteGround Affiliate Program

Many programs uses different gateways for payment like UPI, debit card, credit card, cheque, and bank transfer. But the SiteGround Affiliate program allows payment only through single gateway. PayPal is the only way of carrying out payments in SiteGround.

3. Sources of Marketing in SiteGround

It is all in promoting and how you promote – which will land you a good commission each time. To increase your audience and thereby your customers SiteGround provide you with ample resources. There is a lot of content and materials available on the site. You can refer to it by just going to your affiliate dashboards and using it for becoming a better affiliate marketer.

There is a lot more for advertisement purpose like the creative posters and effective banners which will help you get a better reach by providing interesting sources. For your campaigns, there is options for tracking link which will help you yield better.

4. Payoff in SiteGround Affiliate

 Let me tell you that SiteGround stands as one of the best platform due to its conducive approach for payoff. SiteGround doesn’t put a borderline for the weekly payoff withdrawal. It carries the affiliate commission only for 30 days and releases through weekly pay out.

5. Cookie Duration in SiteGround Affiliate

The cookie duration for many programs is quite less. On the other hand SiteGround Affiliate has its duration of about 60 days which again makes it more reliable than many more programs on run. Thus even if your customer opens your affiliate link today and purchases it on the last day of the duration provided that is after 59 days , you will avail the commission which you are supposed to get on it.

6. Free Hosting for one month for SiteGround Affiliate users

One of the most salient feature of SiteGround Affiliate is to provide its user with one month of free web hosting service. The user can have its benefits without paying a single penny. You can take advantage of this by having videos, screen recordings, screenshots for your content for blogs, videos or any other form which you can share it to your audience and encourage them to try it by themselves by having their own account on SiteGround.

7. Customized Landing Page for active users

There is one extra cherry on top for users who actively promote the website. They have a benefit of owning a landing page customized especially for them where they can march their referrals to. This might impart a great impact and thus increase your engagement and chances for more network.

8. Charges in SiteGround Affiliate program

In order to join the SiteGround affiliate program there is no payment needed at all. SiteGround doesn’t charge for users to open their account on their platform. But as mentioned earlier in the review, for promoting through blogs, videos or by creating websites you need different resources and content material. It can be anything like courses for affiliate marketing, advance research tool, etc. which you need to pay the required fees to take benefits of this resources. A user having an interest for growing business through affiliate marketing can invest in this resources. There are many more platforms like Wealthy Affiliate who provide free membership for such resources. But still even if the platform charge you for it, you can save your money earned through commissions and avail it for this resources.

Pros of SiteGround Affiliate program

SiteGround Affiliate program has marked its bench as one of the leading web hosting affiliate program in these years. SiteGround Affiliate program has proved itself to be remarkable with its excellent service value. These are reasons why one can rely on SiteGround without having a second thought-

1. Different product for distinct people

There are many categories of products available and SiteGround succeeds to have many of them available on their websites. There is lot variety which includes WP hosting, dedicated hosting, VPS, cloud hosting, shared hosting, WooCommerce and many more plans available. Different people will have different choices and thus a different set of plan for them. Keeping this thought into consideration, SiteGround gives the freedom to choose what suits the best for them and thus increase its market. While even the affiliate marketer gets an advantage to grasp more customers as there are variety of plans available.

2. SiteGround prioritize their customers!

  SiteGround has always kept their customers as their king in their business. They have always been the best in their service and thus are always rewarded by satisfied customers. The review bar on many sites like the TrustPilot is always high with positive comments for Siteground services and support. At its pretty much expected that happy customers will drive in for more customers to try their service. This makes as great asset to the affiliate marketers as they can show their clients the prior services of Siteground to their customers and how they won’t regret joining the club as they will be benefited by having the best in their pockets.

3. Excellent sources for learning in SiteGround

SiteGround along with great service also ensures that the SiteGround affiliates upgrade themselves with resourceful content. They provide their users with materials and resources from which they can learn more about affiliate marketing. Also for promoting there are various creative posters and banners available which the SiteGround affiliates can use to increase their reach. SiteGround also have an option for tracking sales which helps the SiteGround affiliates to enhance their campaigns. All of these resources are available on the websites under the dashboard.

4. Perfect designing of the commission structure

The commission structure of the SiteGround program is well balanced with commercial benefits for everyone. It is everything about your work and positively correlated with your commissions which you are going to earn. SiteGround thus stands way better than many other affiliate programs which provide only a specific commission irrespective of your referral scores that you bring.

5. Long Cookie Duration

We can say that due to the perfect cookie duration of 60 days led by the SiteGround program, the affiliate marketers have a prestige of getting more number of customers as they have longer days in hand.

6. Zero threshold program

SiteGround has kept its policies such that the affiliates have the benefits of zero threshold on their weekly payoff. This is another feature which makes SiteGround count as the best affiliate program than any other affiliate program in the market. SiteGround has also seen that it kept the withhold duration for their affiliate marketer the shortest of about 30 days.

7. Leverage of free hosting

SiteGround provides its affiliates with free hosting services which validates for about one month.

Their affiliates can take benefits of it and bring in more customers to try their services by promoting them. It can also be considered as the only affiliate program providing such service to their affiliate.

Cons of SiteGround Affiliate program

The one and only drawbacks of SiteGround is that it allows payment through PayPal gateway only. There are still many people who do not prefer PayPal or they do not carry transactions through it. This makes the customers rethink to join in as they have to create their PayPal account in order to get their commissions.

For rest all the other things SiteGround Affiliate Program has never been left back and has always kept themselves up to the date.

Who should join this program?

SiteGround Affiliate program has great services like web hosting, cloud hosting, VPS, WooCommerce, etc. It is a program designed for affiliate marketers having different interest which can earn money through it. People interested in web hosting, e-commerce, WordPress, and web development can choose to join the program. SiteGround has always delivered excellent services has have made its place top in the list of its customers by satisfying their requirements. With a proper execution of its commission and strategies for the affiliate marketer’s payoff it makes itself a trustable source to rely on. SiteGround has always kept it services budget friendly and still up to the mark. Hence SiteGround deserves to withstand the position in the list of the top web hosting services program and thus should definitely be in your list in the future.

Other affiliate programs you can try

As I said earlier, SiteGround has always been recommended as one of the top affiliate program in the list. But there are still many more affiliate programs that have the same purpose and provide good services. You can definitely try them if all your requirements aren’t satisfied through SiteGround program. I have tried to list few of the leading affiliate programs which have gained much more popularity.

1. A2 Hosting Affiliate Program

A2 Hosting has gained its position in the market for its different products and services. The list include a great variety having cloud hosting, and shared hosting. They have made a good name for their excellent support and services. A2 hosting affiliate program is a trust worthy and reliable program in the list.

2. Shopify Affiliate program

Shopify Affiliate program is well- known for its content and resources which they provide to their affiliates to enhance themselves as a great affiliate marketer. The customer reviews are always positive with special mention about their program support. They see to it that they don’t fail to deliver quality products to their customers. People who have an interest in growing their own e-commerce stores should surely try Shopify affiliate program. It is assured that they will have great prevalence earning money through it.

3. Wealthy Affiliate program

Wealthy Affiliate program is platform of finding resources and materials for becoming a great affiliate marketer. It motive is not becoming a web hosting services platform but providing service to the affiliates on various programs by providing the best affiliate program research tool, training sessions, and keywords application. Often Wealthy affiliate program provides web hosting services to mostly WordPress. It has served them with premium technicality and has provided the premium members with free SSL certificates. They have conducted the hosting for them for around 25 websites. Thus an affiliate marketer can get customers here who are mainly interested for having web hosting services for WordPress. They can promote them to customers who are more desirous to get free SSL certificates. Apart from all this, Wealthy affiliate program has a great support team which are always ready to serve their customers.

There can be many more programs which can provide good services in different components. I have provided some of the top programs which have received huge engagement in the market till date. But after all it totally depends upon an individual need and what all he is looking for the platform to serve him.

Is SiteGround really worthy?

I have till now covered everything about the SiteGround Affiliate program. From the entire review, you can come to a conclusion that SiteGround has so far provided the best services in every terms. SiteGround is really worthy and a trustable program an affiliate marketer is in search for. Its satisfied customers review, compact structure for commissions, payoff, affordable services and resourceful dashboard makes it one of the best legit web hosting service platform an affiliate marketer needs.


After all this, I would like to tell you that even if you invest  in all the resources and materials, you took all the trainings, have benefits of research tools and have every source in your pocket you may lack behind in the competition. The market is not about only resources but also your skills that you develop as an affiliate marketer. Your business will totally grow on how efficiently you use the tools in your dashboard, how properly you select your technique for promoting and how much you upgrade yourself with every training session.

Wealthy Affiliate program provides with all these resources which an affiliate needs to stay updates in this market.

Wealthy Affiliate Program are best in its-

  • Proper training courses with detailed explanation in steps
  • The keyword research tool and affiliate research tool
  • Live webinars for affiliates which are held every week.
  • Excellent support team and up to mark web hosting service.
  • Tracking tools which will help you in your sales.
  • A very large community of more than 2 million subscriber which you can be part of and seek help whenever in need.
  • Affordable cost for training sessions than any other programs.

You can avail the benefits of the program as it provides free starter membership from which you can have their training sessions, access to their different tools without even choosing the premium plan. Also I have presented a short review on the Wealthy Affiliate Program which you can read if you have an interest knowing more about it.

Thank you for reading and I give you my best wishes for your affiliate marketing journey.

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