Simple WiFi Profits Review

Simple WiFi Profits Review

If you have checked out Simple WiFi’s website, you would have come across their promise of helping you make $10,000 per month. The reward sounds so appealing, but what is in the program? Is the program legitimate? What are the costs you will have to incur to join this program? Will you be able to cater to the needs of the role? Are there better alternatives in the industry? 

We know there is a storm of questions approaching your mind, and to help you make the right decision, we have reviewed the program. In this article, you will find a point-by-point description of the program, and by the end of it, you will seek answers to all the questions mentioned above. 

Please stick with us to the end of the article because we will reveal an exciting alternative to you. We promise you, this alternative is going to open new doors to mint more money online. 

Summary of the Program 

Name: Simple WiFi Profits 


Legitimate: Yes 

Patrons: Andrew and Chris 

Simple WiFi Profits is a genuine program that uses affiliate marketing to generate income. However, they follow only a fixed methodology, that is, through paid Facebook advertisements. Simple WiFi Profits will guide you on promoting weight loss programs to prospective customers and earning commissions. 

Even though the program is legitimate, it is quite expensive and unaffordable to most people. Also, it is very restrictive because it targets only specific programs in the weight loss niche. It can get saturating if many people join the same program and promote the same advertisements. Soon Facebook will be cluttered with these ads, and nobody will want to opt for the programs any longer. It essentially means that you will not be able to earn money at that stage. 

Introduction to Simple WiFi Profits 

Simple WiFi Profits provides training services in the field of affiliate marketing through Facebook advertisements. You will learn how to promote different weight loss programs such as diet plans, fitness plans and recipes. If the customer purchases these programs through your unique affiliate link, then you will earn a commission. 

The working mechanism of Simple WiFi Profits 

There are four steps you have to follow as directed by Simple WiFi Profits: 

Identify and discover the problem which people face

You will find a vast assortment of problems such as debt, hair fall, or unemployment. Simple WiFi focuses on the problem of excessive weight gain. They have decided to take up this problem because many people suffer from obesity and unwanted fat, and they are keen on losing it. This niche is sustainable because people would be on a wild-goose chase to find practical solutions to reduce weight even in the future.

Provide a practical and robust solution

There are comprehensive solutions for every problem, and you should pick and choose the most effective and powerful ones because people expect quick results. The possible solutions are diet routine, exercise, and consuming healthy food to tackle weight gain. 

Another factor you have to consider is how programs can provide a solution to the clients. It could be through tutorials, videos, guides, membership programs, live sessions or ebooks. The solution can be in one form or a mix of different forms. 

The most relieving part is that you don’t have to develop the solution yourself. Most of the people promoting these training programs wouldn’t even have much clue about the field. You have to discover the existing programs and contact the brands. The brands should be willing to provide commissions for the sales you generate. 

Target the prospective customers 

There are multiple strategies followed for customer acquisition, but Simple WiFi Profits uses Facebook ads alone. They are using Facebook as the prime medium because of its vast reach and the audience’s diversity. You can connect with many different types of people globally and promote products or programs. 

Facebook’s algorithm is designed to connect your business to people who urgently need your services. You will encounter people on Facebook looking for resultant solutions to lose weight. Design beautiful, eye-catching eyes to pop-up before your potential customers. Once they show interest in your product or program, guide them to purchase it. 

Earn bountiful commissions and expand your business 

After you have engaged with the proposed clients in telling them about the different programs and the offers, some of them will be interested in purchasing the programs. Once they complete the purchase formally, you will receive a commission. The value of commission is variable, and you can even receive a hefty cut of 75%. 

In some cases, if the clients opt for monthly memberships, then you will get a commission every month till they stay. Once you start earning from the commissions, you can invest this money in more advertisements to attract new customers. 

What makes the Simple WiFi Profits system unique from others? 

The significant difference between the Simple WiFi Profits system and other affiliate marketing programs focuses on one particular niche and one specific platform to target the audience. The other industry programs teach you how to start affiliate marketing, but they aren’t restricted to one particular niche. Their training is broad, and you will learn how to promote products belonging to different categories like beauty, digital resources, cooking, finance and many more. 

Although the weight loss industry has a vast scope, you have to be careful with the content you are using for Facebook advertisements. If it is found that the content isn’t authentic, has bogus claims, and doesn’t provide accurate results, Facebook will most likely take down your account. 

An advantage of driving sales through Facebook is that once you get a certain number of sales, the AI software of Facebook will show your advertisement to similar audiences who are more likely to engage with the ad. 

Details of the Training Program 

This segment will tell you all the things you will receive from the training program once you join as an official member. 

Step-by-Step Training 

The comprehensive video training will cover all the details of a Facebook ad campaign from scratch. You will learn how to design your campaign creatively, interlink it with the solution you are promoting, target the people looking for the solution, and expand your business after you start making a significant number of sales. 

Done-For-You Tools and Products 

While done-for-you tools are great because Simple WiFi Profits had tested them before and obtained optimal solutions, you are not learning anything significant from these. It is because everything is presented to you beforehand, and you have to use it. It will comprise the programs which have given high conversion rates before enabling you to make more money. 

You will also get access to the database of ad fliers that have positively impacted the audience. Using these ad files will help reduce your advertising expenses. It will also preserve you time since you don’t have to sit and design the ad creatives again. 

How to target the right audience 

Facebook has so many diverse users, and it is pretty easy to get lost on the platform if you don’t have a strategy. Furthermore, you must understand that you waste money and time if you aren’t targeting the right audience. 

Chris and Andrew will guide you on the type of audience you should target and how to go about it. It will ensure that people are legitimately buying the program you have promoted and not wasting money on unproductive campaigns. 


There are several other perks of joining the Simple WiFi Profit’s training program, and we are stoked to tell you all about it in this section. 

  • $1,220,680 Made-For-You Campaign: Chris and Andrew have used this campaign previously and earned an enormous amount of money. Other than the founders, students also have achieved massive success with the aid of this campaign. As a bonus, you will get admittance to all the details of the campaign. Simple WiFi Profits will cover every little aspect from ad creatives, targeted audience, and promotional offers.
  • Train Virtual Assistants to work for you: It is one of the most enthralling and helpful bonuses of Simple WiFi Profits. You will get comprehensive modules to train others. The prime purpose of this is to reduce your workload. Post the training, and you can hire people in virtual assistants’ capacity to help you with the tasks. It will also help you strengthen your business and increase your sales, but you will have to incur the income costs. 
  • Entry to the VIP Commission Club: The founders of Simple WiFi Profits will directly contact the program/product owners to help you get a higher commission rate. Essentially, you will get more than what the usual affiliates earn. 
  • Whooping Commissions: Chris and Andrew will articulate how to make bountiful commissions for as high as $1,000 behind every sale. 

Pricing and Up-sells 

You have to choose between a single instalment and a three-fold instalment. The one-time payment will require you to pay $1,497. For the three month instalment, you will have to pay $577 each month.  

Additional expenses like ad campaigns are not covered in this. Once your business takes off, these costs will be covered by the profits. You will have to invest additionally in digital tools when you are starting. 

Up-sells are an option, and Simple WiFi Profits have two choices for you. One is the Inner Circle Coaching, and the other one is the Simple WiFi Profits Platinum Package. 

Please make a note of the fact that Simple WiFi Profits does not offer any discounts on the price.

Free Download

Multiple people are looking for a free download of Simple WiFi Profits, but it is not available. Even if it was available, it is not ethical to download it. Also, there is no point in downloading it because you still won’t get access to the done-for-you material, additional resources, and tutorials, which is good for nothing. 

You should drop the idea of starting affiliate marketing with Simple WiFi Profits if it is out of your affordability. However, you don’t have to give up on affiliate marketing altogether because we will share a much cheaper and sustainable alternative towards the end of this article. 

Guarantee Terms and Important Policies 

The program’s founders have promised that you will achieve your goals within forty-five days after successfully implementing all the strategies taught during the training. If you don’t, then they will train you till you reach the optimal results. 

Even after this, if you cannot make money, they will provide you with a 100% refund. However, you will have to prove to Simple WiFi Profits that you have implemented all the actions told by them and have gone through the entire training module. Additionally, if you have made some money, then you don’t qualify for a refund because they won’t consider if the amount was profitable or not. 

We advise you to try this training program if you are alright with not getting a refund in case of failure. Also, you have to be very consistent throughout the program to start making money. Please make a note of the fact that the upsells are non-refundable.

Pros and Cons

Carefully read of pros and cons to decide if Simple WiFi Profits is worth your time and money. 


The following are the advantages of joining Simple WiFi Profits:

  • Affiliate marketing is a brilliant way of minting money digitally. 
  • Your business can expand by leaps and bounds if you use Facebook ads diligently. 
  • Done-for-you tools are always helpful for a beginner because they can give you a headstart and reduce pressure. 
  • The weight loss industry has a massive scope and is evergreen. 
  • You have the option to opt for three monthly payments if you aren’t able to pay the total amount in one go. 
  • Simple WiFi Profits also has a free webinar, which is quite resourceful. 


The following are the disadvantages of joining Simple WiFi Profits:

  • The training program is a little pricey and not necessarily affordable for everyone. 
  • Since you are promoting products related to the health and fitness industry, you should be sure that they are safe to use and provide the desired outcome. If Facebook finds your claims are faux, then they will ban the advertisement. 
  • There is a colossal chance that Facebook is saturated with similar ads if everyone joins Simple WiFi Profits. Affiliate marketing works best when there is diversity in the products you promote, but you don’t have many options to advertise. 

Simple WiFi Profits Support 

Since the program is relatively new, there is no data on the efficiency of the support system. However, there are many testimonials of students who have achieved their goals with Simple WiFi Profits. They have also promised that the support system is available 24×7. Additionally, you will also be a part of an exclusive Facebook group to connect with the founders and other members. 

The founders guarantee that they will update the tutorials with the latest trends and conduct weekly and monthly webinars. The digital industry is dynamic, and it is essential to keep up to get paramount results. 

An Alternative to Simple WiFi Profits 

After thoroughly analyzing multiple programs, we have discovered that Wealthy Affiliates is a more affordable, beginner-friendly and sustainable platform to learn affiliate marketing. 

Investing in advertisements will be challenging for beginners, and when you can acquire clients organically, why waste money on ads? At Wealthy Affiliates, your affiliate marketing business will grow by leaps and bounds, and you will continue to learn new things every day. 

We have jotted down all the things you will learn with Wealthy Affiliates:

  • You will know the A-Z of affiliate marketing using multiple platforms. They will cover the concept of paid advertisements and equip you with the skills to acquire clients from organic sources like search engines, which is easier for beginners.
  • Wealthy Affiliates will teach you how to do affiliate marketing for a vast assortment of niches. It essentially means that they will not focus on the weight loss industry and expand to cooking, writing, music and much more. 
  • You don’t have to incite additional expenses for premium hosting, holding up to ten websites. Wealthy Affiliates will cover it from the training fees. 
  • Wealthy Affiliates will teach and give you access to many useful tools to perform keyword research and find better opportunities in your niche. For instance, when you are starting, competing with keywords that have a high search volume will be hard. It is best to resort to long-tail keywords so that you get an excellent organic readership. You will learn all of these teensy but crucial tips here. 
  • The community at Wealthy Affiliates is colossal, and you can form unique connections with like-minded people who will serve you at every action of your venture.

Students develop trust in Wealthy Affiliates because they are given insight before they spend money. Wealthy Affiliates offers you a free starter membership wherein you can watch ten video lectures for free. If you find the training useful, you can upgrade to the premium membership to watch all the fifty unique and well-curated videos. 

Opting for the premium membership isn’t going to be a burden on your pocket at all since the annual membership fees are less than one of the three instalments at Simple WiFi Profits. The premium membership at Wealthy Affiliates requires you to pay $495 for an annual membership. If you opt for monthly payment, you will have to pay $49 per month. 

If you join the premium membership within a week of taking up the starter membership, then you will get an additional discount of 60% on the first month. 


Simple WiFi Profits is legitimate, but you will have to invest a lot of money in the training program and advertisements. The program doesn’t vouch for sustainability. In contrast, Wealthy Affiliates provides you with a much more comprehensive training program at an affordable rate, and you can build a sustainable business post the training. Our preeminent choice would be Wealthy affiliates, but you have to take the decision. We hope this article demonstrates to be useful to you when you are taking the final leap. 

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