Simple Guide to Rank Higher in Google Search

Simple Guide to Rank Higher in Google Search

Google is like the Encyclopaedia of knowledge. There will not be one person who doesn’t do a Google search on a regular basis. To anything you want to find an answer to Google holds the key. Gone are the days when we would have to look up to our elders for teachers for answers to all questions.  Now if you have a question,  search Google to find the answer. 

However, if you are a content creator and a website owner, the one thing to worry about is how to rank higher up in Google search. This is one of the most frequently asked questions in online marketing and in Search Engine Optimization.  However, I feel Search Engine Optimization is the slowest way to make your website rank higher on Google search. Well, there are a number of factors responsible for the result in the Google search. 

Usually, it takes around 6 to 9 months for any content or any website to rank number 1 on Google SERP. Moreover, what matters is the quality of the content and the intent of the search.  If your content is precise and to the point teetering sufficient information about the search,  then the scope is high that your content will end up ranking higher on Google SERP.

There are some easy steps to make sure that your content right higher during a search.

  1. Find the keywords or phrases for which your website is ranking higher already.
  2. Next, you will have to find the page on Google and confirm its ranking
  3. Now you can improve the content of the page for the search words emphasizing it more for making better relevance.
  4.  Once you are done with these steps check if it works.

Some important factors The Google considers one checking the relevancy of search can be categorized under three basic heads-

  1. Relevancy of the website and its contents.  This is to check how can you prevent the content on your website from being searched on Google?
  2. Authority and trust-  this is to make sure that yours is the website that is a trusted source for the searched information.  Thousands of sites are on Google with millions of contents, but not all irrelevant, and do not inform the audience in a trustworthy manner.
  3. Quality of the content-  this is to check that the content on your website is well researched,  easily readable, and can be apprehended by the reader.  This is to make sure that the reader has the best experience on Google search.

Once you start publishing content it might take a while to optimize the content for the search engines.  However, this is a continuous process and you have to keep upgrading and updating your website and its contents to make sure that maintains its relevance. 

Here I shall give you some general guidelines To improve the speed ranking factor of your site-

1. How old is the site- 

Needless to say trustworthy and usually rank higher than its competitors.  Also, the sites that are most visited and are more interactive with the readers have a better chance of ranking higher.  This can be understood effortlessly as we might find that this plays a crucial role. If it hadn’t been so, then anyone could have created a new site every day and that could have started ranking higher on Google search.  If the contents of the site are not authenticated, then Google runs a risk of falling out of the trust as users of Google search engine would be disappointed not 2 be able to find what they are looking for.

This is a  good step that Google follows,  and without this control, scammers would create new sites every day with false promises and untrue contents and scam the readers. 

2. Backlinks are the key

Google checks the trustworthiness of a site,  by defining how it is interlinked to other trusted sites.  If the contents of your site are frequently related and link to other content on other sites,  then this shows the content of your site holds value for readers.

You have to understand that the backlinks to the content of your sites are created naturally over time and not something that can be purchased. Natural backlinks are the best and prove the authenticity of the content of your site. 

The only thing that you have to keep in mind is to create quality content that is high on facts and answers the questions of the readers.

3. Make sure to publish  frequently

The more you write for your website and the more frequently you publish articles on your website, the more the chances that your website will be trusted in its niche.  

This is something that you have to follow in the beginning days of a website.  Ideally, you should be writing about 10 to 30 articles over a span of 1 to 2 months when your website is in the Infant stage. 

Write niche specific content that is suitable for your website and not just some irrelevant content. If you are not doing this the right way, then the ranking of your website may plummet as well.

Once your website gains more traffic and people start liking your website you can reduce the number of published articles.

3. Structure and content of the website

It is an agreed fact that each website should be built for a specific niche.  If your website has a mix of many topics, then Google is unlikely to trust your website for your expertise on a particular subject. 

To achieve The authenticity of your website make sure that you post related content for a particular niche.  For example,  if your website has travel blogs as well as how to repair a laptop, it is most likely that Google will not consider your website as authentic as the topic of the contents are too diverse. 

So if you want to create content on a diverse subject, then it is suggested that you create different websites for the different content matters. Specialized websites are always trusted and does well during a search in terms of ranking.

4. Navigation on the website

 The more your website brings in traffic, the higher up you go in Google search ranking.  It is also a measure of how deeply visitors are navigating through your website for value-added content. 

Especially in the case of websites for blogs, the more the visitors engage with the website and leave comments, the better it is for the website in terms of ranking.  For example, if the visitors leave comments on your website and you respond to these comments,  as the owner of the website,  it’s understood that the website is fully taken care of.  The more you make your website interactive the more it will come up during searches.

Work on your website every single day. Remember you have competition and they are not sitting idle. If you have to break the competition, then you have to proactively keep improving your website for better search results. 

5. Speed of loading of the website

Have you ever tried navigating to a website and staring at a blank screen because the website just won’t load?  You possibly will wait for another couple of seconds for the page to load after that will move onto a different website.

Google has officially announced that the speed at which the landing page of a website opens is one of the criteria for its ranking.  As it is critical to give the users a hassle-free experience to navigate to a particular website of their choice, creators of the website should make sure that the website loads as fast as possible.

 For the same reason at the time of purchasing a web hosting service,  make sure that the service provider ensures that your website loads fast. 

It might help you with some plugins to increase the speed of loading the website landing page.  You can also optimize your website to make sure that images on the website does it consume the internet bandwidth which will result in faster loading of the landing page.

6. Websites optimized for mobiles

Over the past decade, the use of mobile for internet search has increased drastically.  Cheap internet packages and mobile plans made it convenient for mobile phone users to surf the net on the go. 

This is one of the reasons that Google decided that the ranking of a website page will be related to how correctly and efficiently a particular website open Sun shows up on the mobile phone.

So make sure that your website looks as good on phone as on the desktops this will be one of the criteria of your website ranking via Google search. 

7. Ensure the security of your website

We all have come across websites that show that they are not trusted with the help of a triangle and exclamation mark icon.  This symbolizes that the website is not secure and maybe virus ridden. Of course, no user would like to go and visit such a website that screams of danger. 

To make your website look secure please add an SSL certification to your website. This could be provided by your hosting provider for some additional charge. However, some service providers provide these services for free.

Now since you are aware of the criteria responsible for ranking a website during a search,  it’s time to focus on the contents of the website. Taking care of the quality of the content on the website is equally important as good content establishes the value of a page on a given website.

To get the contents its due share of importance,  we have to follow some steps mentioned here.

8. Choose the right keywords

The basis of every Google search is the keywords that the user types to search for.  There are numerous keywords that could be used in your content,  nevertheless, some of these keywords are very competitive in nature and are used in lots of other websites.  When such is the case, your website and thereby its content faces tough competition from other websites of that particular niche. 

 To avoid this competition it is advisable to go for key phrases rather than keywords.  Since the combination of the words in the key phrases could be many,  this in turn reduces the competition as not many websites will have the correct combination of the keywords in the exact order. 

Though I have to agree that this is not the most effective way of selecting keywords,  however having key phrases in your content instead of keywords still has the probability of driving traffic to your website.

These key phrases are often called “low-hanging fruit” or “long-tail keywords”. One advantage of having long-tail keywords in your content is that such key phrases have more commercial value attached to it and is more effective in converting a visitor to your website to a customer.

If you are not sure which keywords and key phrases to select for your content,  you can also take the help of the paid tools.  These tools will give you suggestions for keywords and key phrases that rank more than a hundred in the monthly search ranking and in less than 50 competitive websites. You also have to make sure that the keyword quality indicator stage is great – as that means that the selection of this particular keyword in your content will increase the chances of getting a higher ranking during a search.

9. Show quality content on your website

For creating quality content you do not have to be a pro.  There are a few things that you have to keep in mind while writing for your website.  Firstly,  the content of the article should be relevant to the keywords that are being used.  If your content answers all the questions that are related to a particular keyword search,  then it means that you are writing good quality content.  The content should be written in simple language that can be read and understood by all. 

The content should be spread across so that it doesn’t look cluttered and is presentable with related images and videos.  It also helps to have the readability quotient of your content as more than 70 words for every hundred words. This means that your content is easy to read and comprehend.

You should also make sure that the contents look good on mobile.  When readers relate to your content, they will make sure to read through the entire article, and the more time they spend on your website the more will it increase the authenticity? 

10. Use of keyword in the title of the page

You must have noticed Batman Google shows the search results it comes in the form of the main title accompanied by a meta title.  The main title shows the relevancy of the keyword to a particular page of the website,  where is the meta title adds a description to the main title.

But how will you tell Google what keywords are you targeting for your website page? For this purpose, use the keywords in multiple places on a particular page of a website to indicate to Google that you are targeting that specific keyword for your website. Make sure you do not use the keywords out of context just to Lambda in the search results.  If your keywords are off would be used and used multiple times just to increase the density that readers will very soon move away from the content.

However, while selecting the main title and meta title for a particular content of your website make sure that you keep them crisp and short.

11. Linking the pages of your website

 Every website has multiple pages having loads of content.  However, if you decide to write something new and find that it relates to some other content in the previous pages go ahead and link it.  The more there is relatability among the pages of a website, the more it helps to establish the structure of the website. 

Establishing more linkages helps in optimizing the  SEO content for your website. When Google sees that there are more people visiting your websites and spending more time here they will push the rank of your website higher.

Adding external links to your website

If you have created your content that has a reference to the contents of another website,  it won’t hurt to establish a link to that website. This  will provide the reader a chance to go through more relatable content.  If the reader is impressed with the quality of the content on your website he is bound to visit again. 

Another benefit of establishing external links to your website is that if your website is linked to more authoritative pages,  it increases the authenticity of your website and the contents in it.

Moreover, if your content is good, then someone may share the content of your website and that in turn will result in more views. Your content may also get linked with content that is posted by someone else. Usually, website owners, link their contents internally and also with older contents. 

Make your website more interactive

No one would like to browse through a dull-looking website. To make the website attractive and eye-catching for readers,  it is recommended to add images and videos to keep the visitors engaged on your website.  Make your website more interactive by creating provisions for posting reviews,  questions, and posting suggestions on your website. 

 Make sure you reply to the queries posted on the website. 

Your interaction with your readers will definitely increase the ranking of your website in Google SERP.

You can also add graphics, statistical data, flowcharts and other pictorial representation to your website. The reason for using these are to provide better user satisfaction. Add dynamic things like a running statement, an animation or even a story line to make your website impressive and interactive.

How to use Google Analytics to improve your Google ranking.

You might already have heard of Google Analytics but do you know that  you can use Google Analytics to help up with your rank in Google search? Here’s a quick guide to go through the process quickly.

The queries report

If you are almost ranking in Google search for some keywords of key phrases,  then the Google Analytics queries report which shed light on the same.

Go to Acquisition>search control>queries

This report will show you all the keywords that you have been searched for and the number of times you have appeared in the Google search. This report will also give you the number of times your pages have been visited for these keywords and key phrases and also how high you rank for the use of these phrases.

Ranking report

You can sort the ranking of the keywords and key phrases that you are using in your content from average to great and low.  You may choose to select the keywords as average and great performing keywords as per the competition that you want to take on.

For easy access to this report, your filtered sorted queries report as a shortcut. This will make it easier the next time you want to access it.

Be thorough with the report

When while browsing through the report you might point out some strange keywords and key phrases that the report includes. Do not worry about these as all searches do come up with such irrelevant keywords and key phrases. You may also find the mention of a brand name time and again,  ignore these two.

What you have to search for are the other keywords and key phrases that forms part of the search.  Now, these are the words that you have to focus on. You will find some buyer related words comes in the form of question marks and dollar signs. 

The one with a question mark means that the reader is unaware of the solution to a particular problem.  The one with the dollar signs means that the reader is searching for a particular solution to his problem. This may also involve spending some money to get the solution to his problem like buying software,  booking an appointment with the doctor, and so on.

Your report might also give hints to where you are going wrong. Take note of these factors and improve upon them. Since the key to better ranking can only be through quality content, keep on revising the content to keep relevance.

Confirm your rating

You should be able to confirm your rankings on Google by searching for the phrases. You may see that your target of being average or great might not coincide as per the report. There could be many reasons for such discrepancy-

  • Your search may be personalized for you.
  • Multiple pages of your website might come up during the search
  • Your website might have been searched for an image 
  • The duration of the search exceed the duration of the report under consideration

Placement of the keywords and key phrases in your search result

Now the next step is to find out where exactly on a page has the key phrases been searched for.  If the keywords or the key phrases do not form part of the main title, the body of the text,  or in the header then it might be a case of accidental search.  Now you know where exactly you can refine your content to highlight the accurate phrase.

SEO is the key to long-term success and you have to make sure that you optimize your content frequently so that they keep on landing on the early pages of Google. Add the keywords and key phrases as many times as possible while keeping relevance to the context,  at least once in the main battle,  at least three times in the body of the continent at least one times in the wrap-up summary.


To wrap up here is a summary to creating websites and web content that rank high on Google search index.

  • Match your content to the search reason
  • Write high-quality content
  • Work on improving your on-site SEO
  • Reduce your Bounce rate
  • Add LSI links to your page
  • Link your page to other sites for other pages
  • Monitor the performance of your SEO
  • Use internal linking on your website
  • Check the search ranking of your website from time to time

If you follow these simple steps, with little hard work and dedication you should be able to produce quality content and create a website, that Google finds authentic and drive the traffic to your website. 

Another aspect to keep in mind is that makes your website suitable for viewing through mobile. A lot of time a particular very well laid out on desktop but does not give the required result on mobile. If such things happen, then you may lose on the ranking. Take care of these simple things and your website should be raving to go in no time.

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