Shopifortunes‌ Review

Shopifortunes‌ Review

With the fast-growing technology and the advent of digital marketing, most people are looking for ways to set up their businesses online. And why not? Setting up an online business is far more convenient and scalable than operating a store. First of all, it doesn’t ask for large-scale investment. Next, it eliminates many hassles like leasing a property, employing, paying a huge staff, etc. You can expand your business to as many countries as you want, sitting in any corner of the world. 

And if you are someone who finds this idea useful and wants to start your own online store or business, Shopifortunes is a place that will come to your rescue. Those of you who already know about this program and want to see if it’s worth investing in, rest assured you’ve come to the right place.

This review will tell you all about the Shopifortunes program, who should invest in it, and why. We’ll also cover an alternative program that you can join if you think Shopifortunes is not for you.

About Shopifortunes

Shopifortunes is a program that trains people on how to begin an e-commerce website and set up a successful business without spending truckloads of money. It provides you step-by-step guidance on how to start your own Shopify business. Their course material includes thorough video lectures that will help you understand the necessary things such as building your brand, analyzing your market, and is super easy to follow.

They teach you useful tricks, hacks, and actionable plans for your business to grow without any difficulty. To get started with this program, you don’t need to have any technical knowledge. This program is based on the dropshipping business model. Basically, in dropshipping, you own an online business where you earn money by fulfilling your customers’ demands by connecting them with skilled people. You can offer various services at special prices to your customers, then hire people to complete that work at a lower cost and keep the profits for yourselves. 

Sounds cool, right!

This method is somewhat new but is rapidly being incorporated by many people to make money on the digital platform. 

Who is the Creator of This Program?

Before we tell you about what’s inside this program, let us see who is behind creating this revenue-building program.

Shopifortunes was created by Tim Rose- a passionate entrepreneur who is all for teaching people about financial freedom. He owns a vast network of online retailers and a wide range of coffee shops. He got the idea of starting Shopifortunes through a regular customer at his shop named Lucas. Lucas introduced Tim to the world of e-commerce, and fast forward today, Tim is training a broader audience on how they can start their own business successfully by opening an online store. 

Working Procedure of the Shopifortunes Program

The Shopifortunes program will teach you how you can properly analyze the market, pick products and services you want to offer to your customers and how you can then hire people or manufacturers to complete the work under your brand. 

The Shopifortunes program doesn’t focus on promoting or marketing your content through ads on social media platforms but focuses on other methods like:

  • Promotion through influencers

To make your products and services reach a broad audience, Shopifortunes suggests that you pay famous personalities to promote your services. Influencer marketing is being adopted by businesses day by day. It helps your products reach a wider audience without the need to spend a large amount of money, and it sounds more authentic than paid ads on websites like Google. 

  • MLM or Multilevel Marketing

MLM is a very simple concept in which you can pay an influencer to promote your services and request them to ask their followers further to do the same. This will create an exponential chain that will help your product reach a broader audience more rapidly.

Honestly, these methods are relatively cost-effective and require no technical knowledge. They may also help your business get started faster than other conventional methods like paying for ads on Google and Facebook. 

What’s Inside the Shopifortunes Program?

You’ll be provided access to a lot of features when you join the Shopifortunes program like:

The Shopifortunes training course

This course by Shopifortunes will teach you all about setting up your own online e-commerce store, analyzing the market, and selecting a product idea, how you can outsource your services and deliver them to your customers. They claim that doing all this will help you earn up to six figures with the help of a group of elite Shopify masterminds called The Syndicates. 

The Syndicates are people who have made it big in the world of e-commerce and are now here to help you through their success stories. Can it get any better than learning from the experts themselves?

Their training course is divided into six phases, where each of these phases focuses on teaching you about the different steps to start your business online. 

1st Phase: Define your product

This phase helps you understand the very basic thing you need to begin with your business, i.e., understanding your product. This requires appropriately researching about the market, understanding what you want to provide, and whether the client will buy it or not.

2nd Phase: Building your store and Branding it

The next step after you have chosen your product is to market it under your own name or brand. Having your own unique brand name is essential for your business to prosper and succeed. And that’s what you will learn in this phase.

3rd Phase: Getting into the Technicalities

In this phase called ‘Let’s Get Technical- A Guide to the Nitty-Gritty Details of Setting Up Shop,’ you will further dive into learning the technical details on how you can outsource your products and fixing the price range for it. They will teach you to set up a price that is reasonable for the customer yet profitable for you.

4th Phase: Learn about Marketing your Product

The next phase is called ‘Building Buzz & Tapping into Your Audience,’ which gives you some fantastic insight into the world of influencer marketing and using Multilevel Marketing to promote your brand’s product and services. This will save you the money otherwise spent on paid ads through Google or Facebook.

5th Phase: Ready, Set, Launch!

Under this phase, you will learn to deal with each and everything you will face after starting your business. These things will include dealing with customer complaints, processing payments, managing refunds, coordinating with your suppliers, etc. 

6th Phase: Syndicate Secrets

This is the last phase of this program, which promises to help your business reach new heights. After setting up your business, you’ll be continuously provided tips and tricks from the experts themselves on what mistakes to avoid and keep running your business smoothly. 


Besides getting access to the program, you will also be rewarded with some fantastic bonuses like:

Interaction with Syndicate Masterminds

This will help you get in touch with people who have made it big in the e-commerce world so that you can take advice from them and apply it to your own business.

Interviews with Influencers

Some exclusive interviews with well-known influencers will help you understand how to market your product on different platforms successfully. 

Ready-made marketing templates

You will be given some templates to help you with marketing your brand through e-mails or influencers. This will save a lot of your time that is wasted in designing templates.

A mini-course on how to use Social Media for Your Business

This mini-course will guide you on using social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc., wisely for your products’ effective marketing.

An extra Syndicate Membership

When you join Shopifortunes, apart from getting access to your own account, you will be provided complimentary access to one more Syndicate Membership. 

So, these were all the awesome perks you get if you join the Shopifortunes program. We know what you’re thinking.

All of this, at what price?

This is one of the critical questions whose answers make one program better than the other. So, let’s see what this program is priced at and if it’s worth it.

Pricing of the program

You can join the Shopifortunes program by paying $37, which is quite reasonable compared to other programs. 

The creators in the promotional videos may claim that there are no additional costs other than this, but it’s not so. After joining the program, you’ll have to pay extra money for the upsells in order to carry out your tasks non-disruptively. 

In addition to this, if you want to use Shopify, you’ll have to pay $29 per month. Before paying, you can try out their 14-day free trial to help you get familiar with the program. Some of the extra costs you may incur would also include paying an influencer to promote your brand and a small monetary investment to start fulfilling your orders. 

Therefore, when you decide to get into this business line with Shopifortunes, you should have some money saved (around $1,000) to cover all these expenses. 

Refund policy and customer support: The Shopifortunes program provides you a 60- day money-back guarantee. If you face any problems regarding your work, you can reach them by the ‘contact us’ section present on their website.

What’s good and bad about Shopifortunes?


  • The price to join this program is quite affordable, just $37.
  • Anyone can start their business with this program, be it someone without any prior knowledge.
  • The lesson plans are relatively easy to follow and genuine.
  • This program comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.
  • It teaches you new techniques like influencer marketing and multilevel marketing to help promote your products. These methods do not involve a lot of hassle with paid advertisements through Facebook or Google.


  • The program promises a lot more than it is capable of delivering. E-commerce is a field that requires quite some effort on your part if you want it to thrive. It is not a quick get rich scheme that will help you earn a huge profit in just a few days. To successfully run an e-commerce business, you need to handle many things like making sure the order is shipped correctly on time, maintaining the quality, etc. 
  • You’ll have to spend your money on many upsells so that your website runs smoothly. This is in contradiction to what the founder claims in the video, saying there are no additional costs.

Who should invest in this program?

Now that you know all about this program, what it has to offer, and at what cost, the next question one may ask, is this program for me?

Suppose you are someone who wants to own a business without any hefty investments and are comfortable with methods they employ like influencer marketing and multilevel marketing. In that case, you should check out this program for sure. 

However, multilevel marketing would not be a suitable method for some people, and for them, we have curated our top recommendation in the last section. So, make sure to check it out.

Conclusion: Is Shopifortunes the real deal or another scam?

Shopifortunes is definitely not a scam, so that you can rest assured. This program offers new features that will help you build a successful business. The program may promise more than it can deliver, and that comes across as a strategy to lure people to get enrolled in the program. However, one should always keep in mind that if you want a successful dropshipping business, it is essential that you put some effort into it. The program may provide you a platform and some great advice from their syndicates, but it is you who is going to determine the outcome of your investments. 

That was our review of Shopifortunes created by Tim Rose. We hope you found the review helpful, and if you are looking for an alternative to Shopifortunes, make sure to check out the next and last section of our article.

An alternative to the Shopifortunes program

Shopifortunes is definitely an excellent program for people who want to venture into e-commerce. It teaches you all aspects surrounding the dos and don’ts of running an online business. 

Shopifortunes employs two main methods for campaigning products: Influencer Marketing and Multilevel Marketing or MLM. While Influencer marketing is a great way to market your products, it can become limiting and Multilevel marketing is also not something that you can entirely depend upon to increase your sales. 

How about we tell you a program that incorporates both of these methods and more useful techniques to amplify the results.

Sounds good, no!

Created by Franklin Hatchett, this program is called eCom Elites, and it is an excellent alternative to Shopifortunes. 

The step-by-step training program will ensure that you learn each aspect of a dropshipping business and effectively scale your business to larger markets.

In addition to teaching you about free advertising, it also covers paid advertising, which involves various important subjects like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), advertising your content through Facebook and Instagram, marketing through e-mail, and lots more. 

To access all of these features and their all-inclusive training program in dropshipping, you need to make a one-time payment, which is quite nominal. This program is one of the best programs if you are seriously invested in incorporating dropshipping as your business model. 

We are sure you have gained many helpful insights about Shopifortunes through our review and also about its better alternative- eCom Elites. We hope it will help you make a smart choice and take your business to the pinnacle of success.

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