Savage Affiliates Vs Commission Hero

Savage Affiliates Vs Commission Hero

There are multiple training courses available right now in the market for those who are looking for online business opportunities. In this case, we are talking about affiliate marketing training courses and how you can make money using this method this year. 

In this article, I am going to go through both of this software and help you get an understanding of which one of them would be better suited for you. You can think of this as a genuine article catered towards identifying which one of them is better. I am not looking to persuade you to click on my affiliate link, but rather to get the information you require first. Whether or not you click on my link afterward is totally up to you. That is how affiliate marketing should be done.

The comparison

Alright, so to compare the two, what I am going to do is break down a few points and see how each of the courses matches up against each other. This way, for each of my sections you can see which course fits the criteria. At the end of this, you can know for sure, which of the two courses are better. 

1 – The course structure and training materials

Let’s start with Commission Hero. This is a general breakdown of how their course is run:

  • An introduction course
  • Getting started with an affiliate platform
  • Selecting the right offers
  • Researching that perfect advert image
  • Creating your first landing page
  • Setting up your Facebook page
  • Setting up Google Analytics and getting Facebook Pixel
  • Setting up Pixel to start tracking campaigns
  • Growing your business over the base stage
  • The Ninja Tactic

Now, let’s look at the Savage Affiliates course structure for their “Super Package”:

  • An introduction to Affiliate Marketing
  • Products to promote
  • Creating your websites
  • Setting up email campaigns and sales funnels
  • Using Clickbank for Affiliate marketing
  • Using Clickfunnels for Affiliate marketing
  • Using Clickfunnels for Affiliate marketing (Part 2)
  • Training on Google, traffic, and SEO
  • Training to get free traffic
  • Training to use paid traffic methods
  • How to do website hosting and launch jacking
  • Additional gifts in the program

For Savage Affiliates, this is their best package. If you opt for their Standard Package, then you will not receive the 2nd part of “Using Clickfunnels for Affiliate marketing”, “How to do website hosting and launch jacking”, as well as the pre-made landing page templates they have created.

2 – How good is their variety of offers you could potentially promote?

This section is about how well each of these programs teaches you about finding affiliate products to promote and which networks they teach you about. This way, you can know if they are actually offering value or are just pulling information off the internet.

These are the top affiliate marketplaces that Commission Hero talks about:

  • Clickbank – Mainly focuses on digital products and courses
  • MaxWeb – Has Cost Per Acquisition affiliate links
  • A4D – Has Cost Per Acquisition affiliate links
  • Softwareprojects – Many SAAS and digital products

Cost Per Acquisition offers are a little different from normal affiliate products. These businesses will pay you for a particular action such as bringing in a new user to their website. This way, you will be paid regardless of whether or not they make a purchase, depending on the website you are affiliated with.

Savage Affiliates does not focus on these types of offers at all. However, they do have a bigger selection of networks and sites for you to work with:

  • Clickbank
  • SAAS products
  • Amazon physical products
  • Low-cost Amazon products
  • New courses and programs

When you compare the two, Savage Affiliates talks about more offers and products than Commission Hero does. 

3 – How well do they explain traffic and help improve traffic levels to your website?

As an affiliate marketer, you need to know the best ways to bring traffic to your offer so that you have more chances of converting sales. Let’s look at how well these two programs will in this area.

With Commission Hero, the most important method you will be taught is about Facebook Ads. You will learn how to use these ads to persuade people to click on the link and go to your assigned landing page. Here a story will be told about how this product will be useful to the customer and from there a link to the actual product itself. You will learn about setting up the campaign, tracking all the conversions, optimizing the ads to convert better, and then how much this can be scaled to start bringing in more profits.

However, you have to keep in mind that there are limitations to this approach. When it comes to online business, there is no one-size-fits-all method that you can use for all the products and niches you want to target. By focusing on just one method rather than using a bunch of them, you are limiting your scope of people to reach, as well as the fact that these ads may not work in some industries. 

Ads can also be a fickle thing to deal with as small slip-ups can cause your ad account to be banned and you will need to start over again with a new account. Finally, this is an expensive approach to getting leads. Depending on the niche, you could easily be spending over $500 a month testing out and running these campaigns. This method is not meant for beginners as there is a bit of a learning curve that you will have to learn while spending large amounts of your own money.

With Savage Affiliate, however, they are not limiting you to a single method of gaining traffic. They will teach you a number of methods you can use that depend on your skills, the budget you have, as well as which industry or product you are trying to promote. You need to fix your strategies based on the product you’re selling. It may not be worth doing paid ads for small cost items that have only a tiny profit margin. You will be losing money right from the start.

Here are some of the ways that you will learn with their program:

  • Using FB Ads
  • Going viral on Instagram without ads
  • Using Google paid ads
  • Building a website for your offer
  • Creating email sequences
  • Creating videos on YouTube and doing paid promotions
  • Using forums and Q&A sites

When you are learning each of these methods, they will also teach you how to optimize each campaign and scale it to the point where you are getting the most out of it. With this level of training, this section will again go to Savage Affiliate.

4 – Do they offer many tools and resources to use?

Next, we’ll take a look at how well these programs offer you done-for-you templates and other tools to help you along your affiliate journey. These may come in the form of previously successful campaigns that the owners launched or certain ad structures that worked great.

Both Commission Hero and Savage Affiliate are good in these aspects. They have shown special offers, templates, and advert images that they used to run which worked for them. You are able to view and download these templates. You can then edit them to match your brand/business and launch these campaigns as your own.

However, these would usually involve an additional tool that you would have to use. For example, if you want to copy one of their landing pages, you need to use the tool they were using at the time, such as ClickFunnels. The problem with this is, the tools can be quite pricey to use, with ClickFunnels coming close to $100 per month.

These are available to make your process easier for you. You don’t have to do them, but they can help speed up your affiliate business.

5 – Is the training well-detailed and comprehensive enough?

We talked earlier about traffic methods and how good Savage Affiliates were with how many methods they taught you. I think the same holds true throughout the whole course. There is a lot more detail and explanations in the Savage Affiliates program, almost on the same level as another powerhouse affiliate marketing learning platform called Wealthy Affiliates.

You are given a lot more options instead of being a one-trick pony. You will also find more tutorials and other training materials in excess for Savage Affiliates compared to Commission Hero. As such, I think it is only fair to say that this round goes to Savage Affiliates.

6 – Who are the coaches/founders of the courses?

Here are the two names of the two founders:

Commission Hero – Robby Blanchard

Savage Affiliates – Franklin Hatchett

These guys are known in the online marketing world and have been around in the industry for a long time. They have made their millions using the methods that they are teaching. Therefore, you know that they are people who you can trust are not just out to grab your money and offer no value. Their reputations are on the line. 

If there is one thing that I don’t particularly like about both of these guys, it is to do with their constant promotions of other courses. When you subscribe to their emails, you will often get emails that promote really expensive courses that are done by their fellow course owners. I know for sure that they will be paid a commission for every sale that comes through their email links, and some of these courses can go upwards of $2,000. Not all of them are useful information/courses either. They are mostly gimmicky with some helpful tips in there.

They sometimes tend to promote good and useful tools as well which is great, but you need to be educated enough about the online world to catch the good from the bad. For example, when ClickFunnels is promoted I know not to get caught up in that tool or its courses because it is extremely expensive and you can find other similar software for a much cheaper price. However, this is something that is promoted quite often. 

On the flip side though, they are both great people and business owners, and they have a lot to offer you in terms of information.

7 – Will the charges break your bank?

When you compare the two programs, there is a clear difference between the two prices. The one that is more expensive is the Commission Hero program which costs $997 if you pay in one payment, or $597 for each time if you pay in two. 

Now, that is very expensive for anyone. And if you are a newbie especially, this going to be very expensive as it will add towards your overall cost. Add that to the fact that this course teaches you mostly about using Facebook Ads for generating leads, you’re easily looking at an investment of $1500 right off the bat. 

In my opinion, the other program Savage Affiliates offers way more value and at a lower price – $297. This pricing is for their highest package called the Super Package which includes everything that their course has to offer. Even if that is too expensive for you, you can get the Starter package which costs $197. You only miss out on a few topics which I have mentioned above in section 1. 

Compared to Commission Hero, that is a steep drop in price, and at the same time, you are getting a lot more value with the traffic methods and other affiliate marketing strategies that they teach. Savage Affiliates also has a 30-day refund policy in place that is based on certain conditions. In order to get that refund, you will need to show them proof that you followed the course, tried out what they had to teach, but still failed in the end. 

Commission Hero also has a refund policy in place, but you can’t request for a refund until a year has passed since you purchased the course. As soon as the first year is complete, you have seven days to request for a refund. If you miss this, you will not receive your refund. And even those who apply within this time are not always eligible to get that refund. Who would you say is the clear winner here?

8 – How much do you have to spend additionally to follow their methods?

If you are trying to make money online, you know that there is always going to be extra spending going into it before you can start to make money. The same holds true here, you will need to spend more money than what you do on the program itself to start building your business. Here are some of the costs associated with each program that is recommended to you inside of the program.

Commission Hero will charge you the first $997 and then suggest these costs:

  • Using a landing page creator software for the campaigns – ClickFunnels. This will cost you around $97 for their starter package or you could build your own page yourself if you have the knowledge and experience. A WordPress website would cost less than $70 every year which includes your website hosting cost as well as your yearly domain name registration. 
  • You will need money to pay for the testing and launching of your Facebook Ads. There is a lot of trial and error here until you are able to find the perfect audience for your product. Be prepared to even go up to $1000 depending on the industry that you are in.
  • You will also need to pay freelancers to do your design or writing work for you. We are all not great at everything we do. Therefore, if you need to enlist the help for both of these or even just one, then you will need to pay them for it every time you run a campaign too.

Then let’s look at Savage Affiliates. You will need to pay the $297 costs and then:

  • You will need to create a website that you can do under $70 per year. They teach a lot of website and SEO marketing, so you will be using organic methods a lot more. There are also other free tools and traffic areas such as  YouTube which costs $0 to set up and do.
  • You will need to use email automation software which is going to cost you around $15/month.
  • Then you have a choice between either using free tools or paid ones to get the jobs done faster. You will need keyword research tools such as Jaaxy which has a freemium model, landing page builders, and even other paid methods such as Google ads. The cost here will add up depending on which strategies you choose to use.

The thing about Savage Affiliates is that it teaches you so many methods that you are not bogged down and forced to follow just one method which is going to cost you a lot of money. You have a lot of freedom to try methods that cost next to nothing and can still bring you results over time. 

When compared to Savage Affiliates, I can only think of one other platform that offers more value than they do. This is Wealthy Affiliate, and that’s because they have free bonuses that they offer such as a free SSL certificate and a top keyword research tool, and they focus mainly on free organic traffic through SEO and website means.

9 – Do they provide enough support?

As far as I have seen, both founders of the programs have stated that they will provide constant support to all their customers through their Facebook groups and email lists. This is the case with most training courses, and you can ask questions and interact with other people similar to you as well.

However, in my personal opinion, I think that Hatchett is more focused on providing a much better service than Blanchard is. He seems more dedicated towards his work and teaching, and I think the fact that his course costs way less but still offers a lot more value is a testament to that fact.

10 – Who will benefit most from the course – A beginner or an advanced marketer?

After comparing the above factors, it is easy to see that there is a massive difference between the two courses in this regard. Commission Hero focuses a lot on Facebook Ads which is going to cost money and you need to have good experience to make it start working. Therefore, it is definitely a course that is more geared towards advanced users.

Savage Affiliates on the other hand is great for both newbies and advances marketers. They have a lot more to offer in terms of things you can do to start out with affiliate marketing, as well as more advanced strategies later on that can help everyone. The advanced users especially should be interested in knowing how to scale their current affiliate marketing business. 

So at the end, which of the two courses are better for you?

In conclusion – Which course is better suited to you?

Now you should have a comprehensive understanding of what each course can offer you and what you have to pay to get that information. To be honest, most of the final selection here will come down to pricing. 

If you are more on a budget or are just starting out with affiliate marketing, then paying close to $1000 is a huge ask. In this case, since you need to learn more about this whole online strategy as well, I would say that Savage Affiliates is a better choice for you. You can learn a lot more than one method of traffic-driving and it will not burn a hole through your wallet. 

On the other hand, if you have a decent enough budget to spend on ads and are willing to scale your business after being in the market for a while, then Commission Hero may be for you.

In my opinion, I think Savage Affiliates is the way to go for an overall affiliate marketer because this course includes a section on Facebook ads too. However, if you want to go deep into ads and only focus on that, then, by all means, go ahead with Commission Hero!

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