Quiz Funnel Masterclass Review

Quiz Funnel Masterclass Review

For any business to grow successfully, it is crucial that they are consistently engaging with their audience. This helps your audience to understand your brand better and get connected to it.  The engagement factor plays a vital role, especially when you are looking for ways to make money online with digital marketing.

Many of the companies these days struggle with creating an impactful online presence. Ryan Levesque has come up with a program named The Quiz Funnel Masterclass to help you with this. We are sure many of you have already heard of this program and read reviews claiming numerous things. 

This program is undoubtedly placed among the top-tier when it comes to growing your online business, but there are still many questions you need to ask:

Is this program useful for the long-run or just another one of those programs that claim more than what they deliver?

Is this program the right choice for me? And if not, what is the right platform for me?

All of these questions and many more, we’ll be answering in our review of The Quiz Funnel Masterclass. So, let’s begin.

About Quiz Funnel Masterclass

The Quiz Funnel Masterclass is a training program created by Ryan Levesque under his company named The ASK Method Company. They provide a platform to engage your audience by training you to create quiz funnels. 

The purpose of these quiz funnels is to invite your audience to understand how you can attend to their needs. They help you properly understand what your customer wants, and with the help of these quizzes or assessments, you can categorize them into different sections. It becomes more comfortable for you to recommend or market your products specified to a particular category of customers. This ensures the formation of optimized sales funnels and increases the automatization of the whole marketing process. 

There are many benefits of using this method to grow your business as, unlike other methods, it enables you to connect with your audience on a grass-root level. Their 6-week online training program will help you transform your business to produce exceptional results. Their methods help your business to acquire more qualified leads that have a higher conversion rate.  

The program will provide you with a thorough training program, Q&A sessions, quiz funnel software, ready-made templates, and much more. 

Ryan Levesque: Who is he?

This man is not a newbie when it comes to digital marketing. A writer of multiple national bestsellers which have guided budding entrepreneurs throughout, Ryan is a dedicated online marketer. His company -The ASK Company is one of the top-tier educational companies in the United States. 

Adding many feathers to his hat, Ryan has been featured in the top business platforms like the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Forbes, etc. He and his team have helped many entrepreneurs to gain sky-rocketing traffic using their ASK and Quiz funnel methods.  

Quiz Funnel Masterclass: How Does This Program Work?

The Quiz Funnel Methodology helps brands to approach their customers uniquely by focusing on the things their customers are interested in. When you join this program, you’ll be trained to create quizzes for your audience so that you can easily categorize them. And for each category of people, you’ll have a customized web page that addresses their concerns specifically. These webpages may differ according to the niche you work in. They can offer specific hacks, tell them about a particular program, or advise them on buying a certain product.

This method is highly efficient as it targets the people through their psychological mindset. When you market your products through such quizzes, your website comes across as more informative and engaging. People often wonder what the quiz results would be, and they attempt these quizzes to satiate their curiosity. And that’s how the engagement of your website speeds up. 

When you follow this method to market your products, you gain more qualified leads as people are provided with customized results. Your content doesn’t look like a sales pitch, unlike other websites. This helps your brand to attain long-term customers as they feel their needs are addressed specifically. 

The Quiz Funnel method has many benefits as it ensures increased engagements, exceptional conversion rate, and cost-effective leads to help your brand reach a broader and better audience. 

A look Inside the Shopifortunes Program

You’ll be able to enjoy the following features when you join The Quiz Funnel Program:

Quiz Funnel Training Course 

The 6-week training program under the Quiz Funnel Masterclass comprises of the following modules:

I-Week: Your Quiz Hook

This module will teach you all the necessary steps that you should follow to gain qualified leads with high conversion rates. To achieve this, you need to have an idea behind your quiz and a catchy name to go with it that will attract genuine buyers. 

In simpler terms, you’ll be taught step-by-step how to create an attractive website and quizzes to make your brand different from others in the same niche. 

II-Week: Offers for Your Quiz 

In this module, you’ll learn how to create offers that attract prospective buyers with agility. These offers will be attractive enough to help your leads get converted into buyers within a short period of taking the quiz. 

You will learn many other things like what you should do when you are selling different types of products and services; you are working as an affiliate for a company, or if you are only looking for ways to grow your e-mail list with the help of these quizzes. All of this and much more will be covered in this module.

III-Week: Questions for Your Quiz

In the third module, you will learn the strategies to create the best questions for your clients. These questions are an essential part of determining whether the audience is interested in your brand. 

IV-Week: Pages for Your Quiz

This module will cover all the pages you need to set up to get started with your Quiz Funnel.

Whenever any person attempts a quiz on your website, they’ll be directed to a customized page according to their requirements.

Through this module, you’ll learn to establish your landing page’s proper structure to attract more people and increase your conversion rate. You will also learn how to create an interactive quiz lead capture page, an outcome page to help people understand your marketing process’s next steps. 

V-Week: Post-Quiz Follow-up

Throughout this module, Ryan guides you on what to do after you receive the quiz responses. Your quiz acts as a marketing tool for your website, and it helps you keep track of your leads in the form of e-mails. It teaches you how to divide your customers into various segments based on their responses and move them into different e-mail lists. All of their methodologies will rapidly transform your leads into genuine customers.

VI-Week: Optimization and Further Expansion

Now that you’ve been taught every aspect of the Quiz Funnel Masterclass, what’s next? 

In the last module of the training course, you’ll be taught tips and tricks to take your business to the next level. Out of the many things, you will be trained to grow your business in the market exponentially, what things to change if you are unable to get the desired results, and so on. 

This training program is quite helpful if you seriously want to own a well-established and evolving business. In addition to this training program, Ryan also offers some more unique features to enhance your working skills. 

Live Interactions 

Under the Quiz Masterclass, you’ll get the chance to get your questions answered in interactive live Q&A sessions every week.

Ready-made Templates, Diagrams, and Checklists

To make your work easier and agile, the Quiz Funnel Masterclass also provides you with designed templates, diagrams, and adequately arranged checklists for your website.

Quiz Swipe File

This Quiz Swipe File is the ultimate addition to the list of perks you get with the Quiz Funnel Masterclass. These are the collection of examples of over ten years to prevent you from making dumb mistakes and help you learn from the best-growing businesses. 

Access to Private Facebook Groups

To your added support, the Quiz Funnel Masterclass also provides you access to a Facebook group, a community of experts, and budding entrepreneurs that help you get any help you may need regarding your website.


In this program, you’ll get access to some exclusive bonuses, which we are going to discuss below:


This bonus is called the “Bucket 2.0 Enterprise Software,” which is designed solely to increase your quiz funnel’s efficiency. This software took almost 18 months to be developed, is powered with the second-gen Bucket.io® Quiz Funnel Technology. This technology utilizes robust and powerful Artificial Intelligence to help you rapidly transform your leads into paying customers. 

With this bonus’s help, Ryan enables you to access this software for $99 per month instead of the actual $200. The first-gen version of this software was highly successful, with over 3 million users benefiting from it.

These are the various things you’ll be able to access through this program:

  • An interface that helps you test the entire quiz funnel features at a single platform through the drag and drop method. This Bucket Canvas feature lets you get an idea of what your website will look like using templates. 
  • A collection of templates that facilitate high conversion rates helps you examine the performance of different quiz funnels. 
  • This bonus also helps you design all your custom pages with its page builder’s help.
  • Also, everything you create within this software, any data you collect can be easily transferred and integrated with other platforms. 
  • A dashboard that helps you keep track of your analytics like your conversion rates and so on.


This bonus is related to Ryan’s secret of generating the bulk of quality traffic on websites. This bonus is called secret traffic training. Ryan will tell you how to drive low-cost traffic on your website through various internet platforms like Instagram, Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.


This bonus is called the “Business in a box” training to help you get started with the business and ultimately make you understand how to properly research a market to have a competitive advantage over others. 


This limited bonus is like a done-for-you Quiz Funnel system where the ASK Method team takes your data and content and builds you an amazing Quiz Funnel website using their software. 


In case of any problem or query, you can contact the Quiz Funnel team through their Facebook group and live sessions. They are also available through phone calls and e-mail mentioned on the ASK Method website. 

What will the Quiz Funnel Masterclass cost you?

Now let us come to one of the most important aspects of this review. What does this program cost?

A higher price can be a problem for many people, and that is why it is important to properly inspect the price point of a program as many programs have hidden up-sells that a person can’t figure out until he has joined the program. 

So, let us see what you need to pay to get started with this program.

You can join the Quiz Funnel Masterclass by paying in two ways:

You can either choose to pay $1,999 as a one-time payment in addition to $99 as recurring charges. Or you can spend three installments of $799 each with the $99 regular charge. 

In addition to all these charges, you’ll have to pay for extra expenses regarding your domain name, shopping cart, etc. 

Also, you won’t be getting a free trial with this program; instead, you can get some insights about the program through Ryan Levesque’s free webinar.

Refund policy: There’s a 14-day refund policy that comes with this program, which is applicable only when you have enough proof that you could not achieve any results even after following everything they taught you in Module 1.  

The Good and The Bad About the Quiz Funnel Masterclass Program?

After such an in-depth discussion of the Quiz Funnel program, we’re sure you are quite impressed by what this program offers.  This program provides many things to genuinely train people, such as:

  • The highly customized templates and checklists to make your work easier by a lot.
  • In-depth training course to help you grasp every aspect of this method.
  • The program also comes with a lot of additional support through live interactions and Facebook groups, which is not common in other training programs. 

Although there are not many things to dislike about this program, one may still hesitate to go for this program due to its price-point. Plus, you don’t get a free trial, which is a big drawback. 

Who should go for the Quiz Funnel Masterclass Program?

According to Ryan, the following type of businesses can be significantly benefitted from the Quiz Funnel Method:

  • Beginners who are looking for ways to start their business and generate a large number of leads.
  • People who are looking for efficient ways to market digital products.
  • If you are someone who is working as an affiliate for a company.
  • Small scale businesses who want to expand their network.
  • If you are running a company which focuses on giving training, consultations, etc. 
  • eCommerce businesses 

and many more.


It is quite evident that the Quiz Funnel Masterclass is an amazing place for budding entrepreneurs and businesses to get started.  From generation of quality leads to increasing revenue, it helps you enhance many aspects of your business. 

This was our in-depth, unbiased, and honest review of the Quiz Funnel Masterclass by Ryan Levesque. 

Although the program may offer many perks, it may not be affordable for everyone out there. We have brought you an affordable and fantastic alternative in our last section of the article to solve this problem.

Are you looking for somewhere other than this program? Check out our top recommendation.

Wealthy Affiliate is our top recommendation in programs to help you make money online and a great alternative to the Quiz Funnel program. With this program’s help, any person can learn to build their business step-by-step at an affordable cost.

This program is based on the affiliate marketing model, one of the fastest-growing business models in the current digital market and used by many big companies like Uber, Expedia, etc. Wealthy Affiliate provides you access to all the necessary tools you may require to research keywords and web hosting. 

Also, you get a free trial with this program, which will provide access to the first few lessons and this program’s tools. You can upgrade to the premium membership in exchange for a reasonable fee after being satisfied with their services.

We hope you found this article helpful and will help you make an informed decision based on your requirements.

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