Overnight Freedom Review

Overnight Freedom Review: My Honest Review

Name of the product: Overnight Freedom

Website- https://overnightfreedomjv.com/

Founders: Rob Jones, Gerry Cramer, and Sean Khang

Legit/Scam- Legit

Price- $ 2497 or $997 for 3 months

Are you tired of the 9-5 academy? Do you want to quit your boring day job and do something exciting? The creators of Overnight Freedom promises you to free yourself from the rut of the day jobs and create wealth by choosing something that brings in passive income while you can choose your working hours in a day. 

Have you ever thought of online marketing and the scope it has in today’s scenario? Now, when most people buy products online, stores that are selling the products online are in maximum vogue. No one wants to go out in markets and search for stuff and spend hours shopping when everything is available at the click of their fingers.

Affiliate marketing is the concept that makes use of online markets and promotes products to make sales. While the products sell, the affiliate marketers get the commission and other perks. 

About the Product:

Launched in 2019, Overnight freedom is an exclusive training program that is meant for people who want to make their career in affiliate marketing. The highlight of this program is that it focuses on making money by promoting digital and physical products against high commissions. The method used for this type of affiliate marketing is especially through social media ads mainly Facebook and YouTube. The overnight freedom program is not like any other training program but offers incredible deals for its users and can make a lot of money from the exclusive deals. 

So, the curse is going to provide you with the knowledge and the tools to create a funnel. A good online funnel should be able to give you good results out of the program. What more, many people have used these funnels to become successful as an affiliate marketer.

You must be wondering is it worth the money enrolling in this program? To get the answer to this question, read on.

About the creators

The overnight freedom program has been created by Gerry Cramer and Rob Jones. It is a live program rolled out over 8 weeks and has 8 modules. Gerry Cramer is a top ClickBank super affiliate, and he started with doing search engine optimization. Later when he came to know about affiliate marketing then there was no looking back for him.

His partner and co-creator of the overnight freedom program Rob Jones is also a top-notch affiliate marketer and an expert in this field.

The creators are expert internet marketers and have helped thousands of people to reach their aspirations of becoming successful marketing affiliates. Since they have first-hand knowledge about affiliate marketing and how to make a boost in the sale of a product just by promoting it right; they have put in all their learnings into this program. 

Once you enroll in this program, rest assured that you will be taken step by step through the stages of affiliate marketing and how to build a product so that it catches the attention of buyers and return huge sales turnover.

Gerry Cramer and Rob Jones give you stories of successful students who have an exponential boost to their income just by following few simple tricks, after all, sales entirely depend on the mindset of the people who view the ads.

What does the program include?

The Overnight Freedom Program is a combination of business resources and software tools. The main quality of an affiliate marketer is to be able to draw huge traffic to any particular website and this program targets exactly that. Once driving traffic becomes possible, the affiliate promotes the products of a manufacturer and receives a commission against any sale made.

The types of products that affiliate marketers sell may range from digital products to physical products as well as services.

The 8 modules of the program cover the following topics

  • Setting up your Facebook marketing funnel
  • Designing a suitable advertisement
  • Setting up your presale page
  • Fitting in all the previous stages to make a final product
  • Split testing, tracking, and scaling
  • Create your account and add the payment details
  • Advanced strategies, hacks, and tips
  • Strategizing better for successful sales

Webinars are conducted from time to time to guide the users on new techniques on the market. Moreover, all kinds of support, though calls, emails and customer care is available to guide the users whenever they face any challenge.  

Apart from the support, you will also get proven templates to create ads as well as know in detail, the process to start your ad campaign. Images and continents for your ads are also provided through the program. 

But, what you have to keep in mind is that you cannot have the same concept for all the products. Every product is a niche product and required a separate marketing strategy for generating sales. So, there are many variables and you have to weave them together to get the desired result.

Once you start your ad campaign, the next step for you is to decide when to scale up your campaign. 

What will you get with the membership?

With a full paid membership, you will get the following resources and tools to make you reach  your dream destination in the field of affiliate marketing

  • Pre-training video- this video which is about 2 hours long will be provided to the students to watch the member page and get inspired.
  • Live training courses- these include live seminars that enable you to under sad the concept of online marketing and also give you the practical tips to sustain in this industry
  • Software -the program includes two software, one that generates ads and the other that helps create content sites. This software helps you to create content that complies with the rules and regulations of social media sites. In many cases, it happens that your Ad account may get banned or suspended as the ads might not be in compliance. Here this program helps you generate compliant ads and content.
  • Weekly cash prizes- if you have just started out then a little incentive might help you a long way to take care of yourself till you master the art of affiliate marketing and start earning money.
  • Commission-while undergoing the program you are also eligible for a commission in case you make sales.
  • Community- you will become a part of the affiliate marketer community that helps you connect to entrepreneurs and affiliates with whom you can connect for a better understanding of the job.

What is a powerful traffic source?

There are numerous online marketing sites but not all are popular. The reason for the popularity of these sites is that they attract large traffic and generate numerous views. Without the same, no online business can thrive. 

Overnight Freedom focuses on Google display and Facebook ads since they are most commonly used and give the best results. It might seem effortless to create a Facebook page or a YouTube channel, but when it comes to business it is not all that simple. With overnight freedom, you will get the strategies to use these platforms to generate business for you.

The program also promises to review all your plans before exercising them to make sure that they are foolproof.

What’s unique about the program

Overnight Freedom claims that unlike any other marketing affiliate program, it has many features included in the program that makes it exclusive. Some reasons are listed below-

  • The students are being taught about two compelling and regularly used paid traffic resources- Facebook and YouTube Ads. You might have come across Facebook ads many times in a day and sometimes we do click on a link or so, and when we do that we land on pages describing and promoting products and services. So, here interested viewers get converted into paying customers.

Overnight Freedom uses this power of social media to market its products.

  • The vendors that are impaneled on the platform of Overnight Freedom have been negotiated sales against high commissions that are exclusive to the platform.

Many offers are made available to the affiliates that make them earn lots of money apart from the commissions.

  • This program is meant for people from all walks of life including students, homemakers, and retired personnel. Anyone who can devote some time dedicated in a day can start a career in affiliate marketing with Overnight Freedom
  • Overnight Freedom is very lavish in making lucrative offers to its users every day, week, and month to attract more people towards the platform.
  • The sales targets are minimal and the compared commissions are substantial. This is the reason why even students prefer to work on this platform.
  • The most beneficial thing that comes with the program is the software tool. This software generates ad concepts on its own based on the logic behind the previous ads on Facebook and YouTube. 

The student no longer has to write his ads. Once your ads start making some sales, segregate the ads that are making more sales ad the ones that are not being effective. Now, you can scale up the ads that are being successful on social media platforms and get rid of the ads that aren’t creating any traffic.

Another important feature of this training program is that although the ads are meant to drive traffic to your presales page or your website; you have to create a presales page that is promising and informative so that the customer immediately relates to the products.

The overnight freedom program vouches to cater to all these aspects of learning and make a complete affiliate out of an amateur.

Overnight Freedom Bonuses

As you enroll in the Overnight Freedom program you will entitle yourself to the following bonus points

  • You will be able to join an Overnight Freedom exclusive group on Facebook
  • You will be able to meet the creators of the Program through special sessions where Gerry Cramer and Rob Jones will teach you about the hacks of funnel generation
  • You will be able to clarify yourself through live Q&A sessions
  • You will be able to attend live weekly classes where you can meet your peers and generate as well as share ideas
  • You will have access to the landing pages created by Gerry Cramer and Rob Jones. These pages are tried and tested for generating leads and bringing an influx of money.
  • You will learn how to increase your credit score and be more convincing
  • You will get the same funnel that Gerry uses to earn 5 figures every day. This funnel can be your roadway to success too.
  • You get the presell page template that Gerry Cramer and Rob Jones uses to become the top affiliate with ClickBank. What you have to do is simply copy the templates and customize them as per your product needs.
  • You get the swipe files that contains the high converting ads. You can use these ad templates to become the most successful marketing affiliate from the day you start.
  • You can access the checklist and the swipe file which are actually the secrets to the success of the creators of the program.
  • Your work can get evaluated by the Overnight Freedom team and you do not have to worry about creating the not so effective ads and content.

Four ways to make money by this program

An affiliate marketer can make money through the following ways-

  • High commissions on Low ticket digital products- here the student learns to earn high commission by selling low-priced products online.
  • Monthly recurring sales generate monthly recurring commissions- there are many products and subscriptions that generate recurring sales. These recurring sales generate continuous income for the affiliate marketers, through a one-time effort.
  • The high percentage commission on the sale of digital and physical products- here the students are taught about CPA advertising and how to earn more commission on digital and physical products online.
  • High Commissions on high ticket products- needless to say, that high-priced products definitely yield a high percentage of commission.

The advantage of using social platforms like Facebook and YouTube has many advantages like-

  • Based on the profile of the person using these applications, a trend can be analyzed in terms of buying products. An algorithmic tool may even be able to tell the interests and hobbies of the person, locations, travel places, and so on
  • Since YouTube and Facebook are the two most widely used app, there is a ready-made database of billions of people who forms the target group.
  • The Ads involve data analytical techniques that draw a trend of the searches made by the users of the app. Based on this trend Ads are flaunted to the users even if the user is not searching for the product
  • Cheap clicks of Facebook and YouTube

However, you have to pay first to get to generate the ads on a social media platform and drive traffic. You can use Google Ads and Instagram ads as well as SEO ads to rank higher on the search engine.

The above methods are taught in the Overnight program mastering which will make the affiliate technically aware of the choice of products of a particular user.

All said and done, this program will definitely teach the nuances of online marketing, however, one has to put in the effort and the hard work to be successful. You start with small steps and as you uncover the nitty-gritty you can start strategizing for success.

Pricing plans:

Initially, a one-time fee of the amount of $2,497 needs to be deposited for joining the program, it can also be divided into a sum of $997 over 3 months. The most interesting thing is that there’s also a conditional 30-day money-back guarantee in case you attended the whole course and properly applied what is in it and didn’t get positive results. 

One setback would be you still need to pay for the ads by yourself until you become profitable, which means that you need another $1,000-$2,000 as a start in addition to the cost of the Overnight Freedom training program. And maybe, you will need to pay for external tools and web hosting.

This program does not offer any discounts and there are no download versions available for this program. If you get to see anything like this, then know that it is a scam.

Who is this program for?

Overnight Freedom is for the marketing affiliates and also for the manufacturers of the products.

Marketing affiliates- this program is designed to facilitate people who want to think out of the box and make money. Are you stuck in the 9-5 rut? If you are and you want to get out of this stress, then, possibly this program is for you. By being a marketing affiliate you have the lenience to work your hours and make your schedule.

You don’t have to report to a boss and nobody asks you to explain yourself. You are your boss and this factor makes this work so lucrative. Here you get to put the creative genius at work.

Another important aspect that an affiliate is expected on this platform is that he has a website of his own where he can drive huge traffic. After that, he can start promoting the products to make his earnings.

Product creators– there are many small-scale manufacturers who want to showcase their products but do not have the ways and means to do so. Building a website is easy but, drawing traffic towards the same is not so. This is the part where marketing affiliates come into play.

This is a win-win situation for both the marketing affiliate as the former gets to sell his products generally on a large scale and the latter gets a commission on sales of the product just by promoting it. 

Who should not enroll

Though the overnight Freedom program targets all types of audiences, however, I would not suggest this program for those who may find this not so affordable. This being the fact that the success of this program depends on many factors and may take different duration of time to show the desired results.

The additional fact being, you will also have to invest in the ads and paid traffic initially. So at the forefront, there is some substantial investment. However, if you sync with the program, then that will bring awesome results for you. Considering that there could be some wait time till you make your first sale, be prudent while investing in the program.

Is your investment safe?

It is very natural to contemplate whether the investment you are making in terms of enrolling in this course is right or not? Well, it makes complete sense to think twice since everyone has not succeeded in this profession. But you need not worry about that, since Overnight Freedom provides a 30-day money-back guarantee for all those who have not been able to achieve success through this program.

I can say this that the creators of this program are masterminds in the field of affiliate marketing and have reached the zenith in this field. They have tried and tested ways to make you successful as an affiliate marketer. They have included their instincts and their strategies that have helped them go big. Moreover, they offer personal assistance to the strugglers in identifying where they are going wrong and helping them rectify those with correct marketing plans. So, if you are thinking to make it big in the field of affiliate marketing then this could be a good investment.

 Good things about the product:

  • This program is not only for marketing affiliates but also for product creators.
  • Marketing affiliates have to promote the products on their websites
  • The perks and benefits are higher as the platform offer higher commissions against sales and additional cash prizes and weekly offers for top performers.
  • The course is suitable for amateurs as well as expert marketing affiliates
  • Payment options are available for the course fees
  • Different options for making payments like Credit Card, e=wallets, etc.
  • The course gives you various options to drive paid traffic and also generate ads based on the requirement of the target audience
  • 100% money-back guarantee for those who got no help from the course even after following all the instructions. This is the best part as you can claim your money back if you feel that this program is not for you.

The program could have been better in terms of

The programs promise that anyone who enrolls will be able to earn around $10K per month while devoting around 30 minutes of their time every day. Well, I am not sure how that works, but there are many testimonials of people who have claimed to earn as much and more after completion of this program.

For what it offers, the program is priced on the higher side considering the fact that it is also meant for freshers who are about to start their career as an affiliate marketer. There are many alternative programs available on the market for affiliate marketers which are priced much lower.

The student undergoing this program will also have to pay money for the ads initially. That accounts for a substantial investment considering the fact that this investment may not give the required results for all.

Frequently asked questions

  • What is Overnight Freedom?

Overnight Freedom is an affiliate marketing training program that trains its students on how to set up a successful business in affiliate marketing by creating funnels through social media Ads and driving paid traffic to their presales page.

  • What does the Overnight Freedom Program teach you?

This program teaches you about Facebook marketing funnel, how to make perfect paid ads, ways to set up an impressive presell page, how to track, do split testing and scaling, how to cover business assets like credit cards and Ad accounts, advanced strategies and tips for being a business affiliate, and the secrets and inside tips to be hugely successful as the creators of this program.

Here you will get to learn all about affiliate marketing and will also be provided with the ready-made templates and ad contents that have been tried and tested. This is also to make sure that whatever you flash on social media is as per the compliance norms.

  • What is the price of the program?

The enrollment cost is once and is $2497 which can also be paid in three months’ time for $997 each.

  • What is the refund policy?

Overnight Freedom offers 30 days money-back guarantee

  • Is Overnight Freedom scam or Legit?

Overnight Freedom is a legit program and offers success in affiliate marketing.

  • What kind of support is offered in the program?

The Overnight Freedom supports its students through live chat, emails, and over calls. Frequent seminars are also organized to brief the students on the ongoing trends and practices of the industry.

  • What is the Overnight Freedom membership area?

Once you enroll in the course you will get login credentials to the Overnight Freedom membership area. This place is the storehouse of everything “affiliate marketing” and provides you all the essential templates and content for the business.


The overnight Freedom is unlike any other program teaching how to become an affiliate marketer but also does the hand holding by providing maximum support. As a student of Overnight Freedom, by just making 4 sales a week you should be able to earn $100,000 in a year. Now that is an excellent amount for anybody who wants to start their career or get some additional income.

The salient features of the course and the six twists make the course takes the program to a higher level. So, if you want to venture into the field of online marketing, then you might as well consider enrolling in this program.

One spoiler alert, if you think that by enrolling in this course you will become rich overnight, then that is not going to happen. You have to wait for your first sale and then repeat the process. Until then, you have to figure out ways and means to reach out to people with your reviews of the products that induce sales. So, you might have to wait a while till the big figures start showing up.

Better Alternative (My #1 Recommendation)

In today’s day and age, there are a ton of gurus selling scams promising you to make millions of dollars overnight without putting in any work and a lot of them are for making money online.

I have tried and reviewed a lot of these garbage programs on my website and in saying that I must admit there are still some programs which are actually worth it and are quite good.

Out of all the legit programs that I have personally seen, one of the best ones I always recommend to almost anyone starting out is Wealthy Affiliate. This is one of the best places to start as a beginner.

It is one of the most comprehensive training out there teaching you almost everything you need to get started making money online. Not only do they teach you everything, but they also provide you with almost all the tools you need. It’s like an all in one platform.

One thing I love about this is that there is really no limit to how much income you can earn and it’s quite simple, requires no experience to get started so anyone can do it.

Guys, I have tried many different legit business models including dropshipping, social media marketing, drop servicing and more!

And to be fair, I have actually lost a lot of money trying out guru courses, training, webinars and things just not working/making any money.

Trust me, while those other businesses are legit and do work, they are a lot more cash-intensive and harder than affiliate marketing.

This here is NOT to brag but, to show you a small chunk of what I make online with affiliate marketing just to show you proof that I have done it.

Earn Passive Income At Home Income ProofEarn Passive Income At Home Income Proof 2Earn Passive Income At Home Income Proof 2

Quite a few wealthy affiliate members actually earn over 5-figures per month! (That’s crazy, I am not there yet.)

Keep in mind that this is NOT a get rich quick scheme, you will NOT make money by just clicking a button.

This does require work like everything in life worth getting but, it’s worth it because eventually, you can not only work from the comfort of your home earning a full-time income but, start making passive income from this business.

If your looking to get started in a proper legitimate long term business you should definitely look into joining wealthy affiliate. It’s FREE to get started!

Read my comprehensive review on Wealthy Affiliate to basically see if it’s something you want to join or not.

And if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to let me know, I will be more than happy to help you out!

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