Make Money Online by Copying and Pasting Links

Make Money Online by Copying and Pasting Links?

Did you know you could make some money online by using a technique of copying and pasting links? Maybe you saw a mention of it on a blog somewhere and you were curious as to how this works. I understand that it does sound like a scam or something a bored blogger may have written to increase link clicks. Cause how would you make money by doing something so simple?

Well, I am writing this to inform you that there is some truth to these claims and that it is not some unfounded internet myth created by a middle-aged man trying to dupe money-seeking teenagers.

This article will talk about if it is really possible to make money this way as well as a full-blown guide on how you can use this technique in the long-term to keep making money online. 

If this is something that you are interested in or you are just here to debunk your internet mysteries, read on to find out more!

Is this money-making technique legit?

Here’s a simple answer for those who decided to skip the long paragraph and skim the information – Yes it is possible but no it is not as easy as it sounds. 

There is a bit of a process that you have to follow and it does take some time and effort. If not, do you really think more people would not have joined in on this bandwagon to make some money quickly? Exactly, this market would become saturated so fast that this article would get outdated within a year from publishing.

Now onto the meat of the idea.

How is it possible to make money by using this technique?

We all know how to copy and paste links. To most of us, it is something we have grown up learning and we know how to do it just like we know how to boot up a computer. However, the kind of copy and paste I am talking about here is slightly different. You can’t just expect to find some random links, paste it on someone’s website or blog, and expect money to fall into your bank account. 

There is a process to follow and there is a reason why we do this. I will list down the way this works below:

  1. First, you have to choose a niche to work in. This could be anything that you’re interested in or working in. If you choose a market that is familiar to you, it will make this process easier for you.
  2. Then you will have to identify online forums and community question & answer platforms such as Quora and Reddit. Inside these forums, check the topics related to your niche and identify the type of questions that people are asking for and list down the questions you think you can answer. 
  3. Do the research and answer the questions that you noted down.
  4. Next, you have to find a website such as Clickbank where people advertise the products that they are selling to affiliate marketers. Here you can find products that solve the problems of some of the questions that people have been asking. Once you find the product, you can register to get your own affiliate link for that particular product.
  5. You can use this link now in the answer that you wrote down. Towards the end of your answer (ideally this answer should be quite comprehensive and actually provide value to the reader), you can subtly add in a sentence to introduce the affiliate link to the answer. For example, you can lead them into it by saying – “If this is something you are interested in, please check out *place affiliate link*)

Once your answer is reviewed and published, readers will be able to read your answer. When a person reads it, and the content that you have provided to them is sufficient, they may be happy with it and click on your link. If they purchase the product/service that you linked them to, you will be paid a commission for it!

Clickbank or whatever other marketplaces that you use will have their ways of tracking every unique link click. They will identify that this purchase was made through your account link and once confirmed they will credit the commission to your account. The way you get paid will be determined by the platform and the method you chose, which is usually a wire transfer or via Paypal.

Does the whole method make sense now and do you believe that you can make money online this way?

I’m sure you understand that this is a viable strategy and can be used to generate some income for you. You can’t just find some random product links and paste them on Q&A platforms and expect it to work. Nowadays, content is important and people are always looking for solutions to whatever problem they have. If you are able to satisfy their needs or provide some value in some way, they are more likely to trust your answer more and end up clicking on the link you provided.

You should also note that doing things like Facebook group posting where you spam the links to as many pages as possible also does not work. People will just not click on your link and you will only most likely be banned from the page after a while. You HAVE to provide value so that is where most of the time and effort to do this kind of work goes.

Of course, this type of work is nothing new. You may have done it before or at least heard about it – Affiliate marketing.

Now, one thing to keep in mind is that the above method is only for the short-term and can’t be used to generate money for a long time to come. Why is that? One reason is that these online forums use an algorithm that always updates to show the most recent and new content. The second reason is that new affiliates have the tendency to just go around spamming links everywhere without even attempting to provide useful content. Due to this reason, these forums take it upon themselves to ban affiliate links from their platforms so it is now much harder to place these links on these platforms without them being removed. 

So, how can I make money for the long-term?

Think about it this way. Wouldn’t it be easier to place your content and links in a place that you have total control over instead of depending on the platform that you are using?

Well, the best way to achieve this would be to start your own website or blog. And don’t fret, if you don’t have any experience, knowledge, or technical skills about these things there are tons of tools and resources out there that can help you with creating a blog and designing it beautifully within a very short period of time.

Here are the steps to using your own domain to make money with the above method:

  1. First, you find the niche that you are interested in and you then create and design a blog to match this niche and its elements. 
  2. You can do some research into ‘keywords’ and tools that help you identify the words that people use when typing on Google when searching for something related to your selected niche (Eg. Google Search Console). 
  3. Using these keywords, find the products that are most suitable to satisfy the needs of these people and work this product into the content you are creating. 
  4. Then you will need to look into the online marketplaces again and identify the best affiliate links to use and then use them subtly in your content again.
  5. Once the content is complete, you will have to optimize the content to the SEO-friendly and publish it while also putting some effort into optimizing your website to work well with Google’s standards. 
  6. Over time, once your site has been approved and is performing well, Google will start to show your content to users who are using the keywords you have optimized for. When they visit your blog, click on the affiliate link, and make a purchase you will get paid.

This method is going to take a while to start working and will not produce results as fast as the forum posting strategy but as time passes you will be getting free traffic to your page as it gets more popular. The other advantage is that your blog will not get outdated and pushed back to show new content, and so you will always be able to keep it on top by publishing new content every once in a while. 

This seems interesting, how can I start?

I know this can seem daunting right off the bat and I don’t blame you if think you need a lot of help to get going. For starters, here are the top things that you need to start:

  1. Training – A step-by-step style for every aspect of this affiliate method.
  2. Resources to start working such as the website that can run automatically
  3. Support from people who have been through the same journey you want to take

Don’t you worry, young padawan. I have come prepared to help you out with all of the above. What if I tell you that there is a place where you can get all 3 things mentioned above, in one place? Would you believe me?

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This is the best place to learn and apply your training as it also comes with a website builder and hosting tools which will allow you to focus more on creating content rather than building a website.

If you’re worried about the cost of the platform, you can still get a free membership and use some of their tools to get started today! So what are you waiting for? Click here to join their program now and get started on your affiliate marketing journey!

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