LeadsHunter Review

LeadsHunter Review

For businesses to grow in such vast online competition, lead generation is one of the most important factors that come to play. It is one of the significant aspects of affiliate marketing, which involves bringing in new customers to a company by getting them interested in their products and services. Attracting customers through blogs, advertisements, and social media, then converting them into a lead through unique offers, indeed requires a lot of work.

Many programs in the market claim to help you in generating a large number of leads. Often, many of these programs generate a large number of leads, but they do not end up getting converted into sales. All your investment in such programs then gets wasted. It is important that you effectively convert your leads into sales, and to do that, your leads should be of high quality.

LeadsHunter is one of the most widely recognized programs that help businesses to generate quality leads. It offers many exciting things to help you generate more customers and is one of the leading programs to train in lead generation. But is this program really worth your money? Or should you opt for an alternative?

We will answer these questions and lots more in this review of LeadsHunter. 

So, continue reading to know all about this program and find out if it’s meant for you.

About LeadsHunter

Created by Fred Lam, LeadsHunter is a program that trains people to generate quality leads for various businesses and also provides expert lead generation services to multiple companies. 

It is a place for entrepreneurs looking for a place that can help their business by generating high-quality leads for them in exchange for money. Besides that, it also helps those looking for a platform where they can display their lead generating skills by working for various companies and earning money in return. 

They aim to provide practical solutions to help your business grow by eliminating unnecessary spending on ads and providing the appropriate skills that many companies and agencies lack.

Let us see what you have to do to join this program.

How does LeadsHunter operate?

LeadsHunter trains you to generate leads that are guaranteed to be converted into sales by effectively planning and strategizing. They connect businesses with certified Lead Generation Specialists to effectively execute ad campaigns, and the business owner can focus on their work without worrying about these things. Your only job will be to convert these leads into your customers through the quality of your services. 

They follow an approach called the SPEAR approach to generate leads for your business. This includes:

S: Strategize

This step involves thoroughly identifying customers who can be highly benefited from your services.

P: Plan

In this step, the team devises an advertising plan to connect the customer with your business. It involves highlighting the things that help the customer understand what type of services you provide and how it can be useful.

E: Execute

Then a good advertising campaign is executed to attract the customer and build their trust in your company.

A: Analyse

After execution, the collected data is appropriately analyzed to filter out high-quality leads with a higher prospect to get converted into sales.

R: Repeat

All of this process is then repeated again and again to generate high-quality leads from time to time seamlessly.

After you join the LeadsHunter program, you will be taught a certification course on generating leads by posting ads on Facebook and running successful campaigns. You can then earn a profit from the leads you generate for your clients. 

By becoming a part of the LeadsHunter program, you will be able to conduct your business smoothly as you do not have to worry about creating a website, collecting an e-mail list, or attending to customers. You can join this line of work without any technical knowledge and access whatever you need on the LeadsHunter platform itself.

One-Time Subscription fee

You can join the LeadsHunter program in exchange for a fee of $1,997, and this program does not come with a free trial. 

This subscription fee is to be paid one-time and is non-refundable. However, you can use the 3-day cancellation policy wherein you will receive the full amount in the refund. 

What do you get if you join LeadsHunter?

This section will tell you everything that you will get if you join the LeadsHunter program.


For those of you who are eager to learn about how much money they can make with LeadsHunter, let me tell you. Your income through lead generation clearly depends upon your performance and the market you work in. 

The more leads you can generate in a day, the more money you will earn.

Also, you are allowed to work with multiple clients simultaneously, which increases your prospect of earnings depending upon the size of your clientele. 


The LeadsHunter program will provide you full access to the Dropship Leads Academy to enlighten you with all necessary strategies to help you choose your clients and make lead generation through Facebook ads cost-effective. 

Under this program, you will get access to a vast, certified directory of various businesses curated by LeadsHunter to help you earn more connections easily. 


Under this program you can avail bonuses like:

  1. The fast action bonus-1 can help you get a personalized experience inside the LeadsHunter global community.
  2. The fast action bonus-2 allows you to work as a licensed Leads Tunnel agent. By becoming a licensed agent, you can earn commissions by working for Leads Tunnel.
  3. Also, you can avail a one-time bonus, which is an offer limited to some students. If you are lucky to get this offer, then LeadsHunter will provide you with a readymade Facebook lead campaign to continue your business hassle-free.

Access to software

You can get 1-year free access to the LeadsTunnel software if you join the LeadsHunter program. This software is designed to keep track of your ongoing campaigns and alerts you whenever any leads are generated.

It is also possible to use this software separately. You can purchase its monthly plan at $27, or you can get free access for 1-year if you join the LeadsHunter program. 

Certification Course

You can become a certified LeadsHunter by completing a 7-week LeadsHunter certification course, which will train you in all aspects of lead generation, such as creating successful ad campaigns on Facebook, and how you can expand your business further. 

If you get certified, you will be provided access to a secret list of businesses you can work with. And clients can also hire you directly to work for them based on your profile. 


To help with your problems, you can get in touch with the LeadsHunter team through their e-mail. Also, you can take help from other LeadsHunter community members.  

What’s good and bad about LeadsHunter?

The LeadsHunter program is quite impressive in providing quality services to its clients. There are many things that we like about this program, such as:

  • It provides 1-year free access to its LeadsTunnel software, which is quite beneficial for beginners.
  • It allows you to access its huge, certified directory of clients, which will save you a lot of time otherwise wasted in looking for potential customers.
  • Under this program, you can access everything in one place. You can start your work at once without the necessity of creating a personalized website or creating a mailing list.

Despite all these great things to like about LeadsHunter, there are a few things that put us off, such as:

  • You won’t be promised a free trial or refund when you join this program.
  • As compared to many similar good programs in the market, it is quite costly and not affordable for everyone. 

Who should join this program?

As we have mentioned in the previous section, this program is priced at the higher end. However, LeadsHunter is a great place to learn about lead generation and for those who want to generate more sales in their business. You should check it out if you are willing to spend the amount keeping in mind that there is no refund whatsoever. 


LeadsHunter is a well-recognized program where you can learn one of the most fundamental aspects of growing your business- lead generation. It helps you learn about lead generation and is a one stop place where you can access everything that you need to run a successful ad campaign and generate highly profitable leads. 

A few drawbacks come with this program, such as it doesn’t provide you any free-trial or any refund after joining. When you look at the price of joining, it’s not such a good deal either. However, we would definitely recommend this program for the value it offers to your work. 

And if you are looking for an alternative that can answer all your queries and is not so heavy on your pocket, then read our last section for sure.

Where to go if you don’t want to join LeadsHunter: Our top recommendation

If you are very eager to learn about leads generation and can’t afford to pay for LeadsHunter, do not worry. We have an amazing recommendation for you.

A platform that will teach you about lead generation and different aspects of affiliate marketing. Also, unlike LeadsHunter, this program is quite budget-friendly. 

This program is called Wealthy Affiliate, and believe us, it is one of the most popular affiliate training programs out there and also our top recommendation.

This program provides access to all the tools you need to generate high-quality leads and keep track of them without spending extra bucks for creating ads. Under this program, you can learn everything about affiliate marketing from the experts themselves and scale your business to new heights. Before making any hasty decisions, you can try out their free trial and decide to upgrade after being satisfied with their services. 

Both LeadsHunter and Wealthy Affiliate are very well recognized in the field of affiliate marketing. After reading this article, we are sure you would make a wise decision depending upon your budget and requirements.

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