Keystone Investors Club Review

Keystone Investors Club Review

Welcome readers and budding entrepreneurs to our review of the Key Stone Investors Club. 

It is a program that tells you about a method from which you can make money online with huge profits without any prior knowledge. There are many programs out there to help you make money online by different methods but Iman Shaferi’s program tells you about a way you can secure yourself financially in case of the dollar collapse. 

In this extensive review, we will see what this program covers, how much does it cost and if it’s worth investing in or not? 

An Overview of the Keystone Investors Club

Created by Iman Shaferi, Key Stone Investors Club is a program that aims to train you in cryptocurrency trading and further making investments in gold to gain huge profits. The program claims that it uses proper scientific research instead of guess work to make sure shot predictions. 

Their training program will teach you how you can protect your finances in case of dollar collapse (as predicted by Iman Shaferi) and simultaneously make huge profits. The main focus point of their program that makes it different from others is that they emphasize on stability of gold over cash in the market. 

Their program might seem like it promises a lot but according to the results it surely is overstated. Trading and investment are not so easy as the program makes it look. 

In the Key Stone Investors Club program, you will get access to a membership program and series of courses that will train you to smartly trade cryptocurrencies by making well-researched predictions. Let us see how this will work. 

Working structure of the Keystone Investors Club

These are following steps that the Keystone Investors Club program teaches you under its training and membership program to make profits using cryptocurrency:

  • Identify the investing opportunities in the cryptocurrency market

Through proper research of the market you need to figure out which companies or projects are going to be successful in the near future. Knowing this, you can invest in those companies through cryptocurrency. This will help you to make profits in the future when market value of these companies rises.

  • Trade when the price is high

Keep a routine check on the market and when the prices rise you can sell your share and enjoy your profits.  

  • Invest in gold and repeat the process 

After you earn your profits by selling your shares, don’t spend them right away. Investing and trading is a continuous process if you are looking forward to running a successful business. 

Whatever profits you make after selling your shares in the market, you can invest some of that amount in gold and the rest of the amount again goes into the market. This process will enable you to make profits regularly.  

This was a brief outline of whatever you will be taught under the Keystone Investors Club program. In the next we will cover what features you’ll get access to when you join this program. 

What’s Inside The Keystone Investors Club Program?

Below are the major constituents of the Keystone Investors Club program:

  • Video Training Course

When you join the Keystones Investors Club program, you will get access to their training course that will cover the various factors you need to keep in mind to start your business. You will be trained to thoroughly analyze the cryptocurrency market and comprehend which companies are going to be profitable in the near future. Subsequent steps will involve saving and re-investing that cryptocurrency.  All of this will be covered in their training course. These training modules will be available in various formats like videos, Mp3 audio recordings or transcripts of the videos to make learning process flexible for you. 

  • Membership Program

The Keystones Investors Club provides you two types of membership programs to choose from:

  • An exclusive membership for that is limited to invited people only– The Gold Membership plan
  • The membership you avail when you pay to join the Keystones Investors Club- The Silver Membership plan. Through this plan you can get additional, personalized support from the Keystones Investors Club team to help you with analyzing the market and making well-informed decisions. 
  • The founder of the program Iman Shaferi also provides exclusive reports called the “Silver Platter Report” each month, to all the members. These reports are well-researched to provide updates on the financial market and achieving your financial goals. This is a great plus point as it saves the members a lot of time and is suitable for beginners who don’t know much about the cryptocurrency market or investing.  
  • Live Q&A Interactions

Through the live sessions, members can clear their doubts and queries regarding the cryptocurrency market from the Keystone Investors Club experts. 

  • Discussion Group

After joining this program, you can also get connected to the team and other members of the Keystone Investors Program on their Facebook group. Here you can have discussions and solve each other’s queries.  

  • Support for Keystone Investors Club Members

The members of this club are provided with personalized support to aid them with their problems and queries that may arise. Also, in addition to the Facebook group and Live sessions they will provide you access to their team through their Telegram channels.

What is the cost to become a member of this Program?

To join the Keystones Investors Club program, you need to make a payment of $997 upfront. Other option is to pay $566 in two installments in a span of one month. 

Also keep in mind that there will be some additional expenses like spending money to purchase cryptocurrencies.

Refund policy: If you are not satisfied with the services of this program you can get your money back within 60 days without any special conditions.  

Things We Like and Do Not Like about This Program


  • You will be provided special silver platter reports every month that are quite beneficial as they save you a lot of time and gets you all the tips & tricks of the financial world at one place. You wouldn’t have to worry about carrying out your own, extensive research as Iman and his team do that for you. 
  • They provide genuine 60-day money back guarantee without any terms and conditions which makes this program a bit less risky to invest your money.
  • The additional support that you get through the program through Facebook groups and live sessions is quite appreciable.
  • The good part about this program is that is suitable for anyone even those who don’t know anything about trading, investment, or cryptocurrencies. This course focuses to train you from scratch so that everyone can reap the benefits of this program.


  • Investment and trading in gold and cryptocurrency is not as simple as this program portrays it to be. This method involves high risks about which the founders don’t properly inform the audience. This may make this program come across as a scheme to lure people to make money.
  • In addition to that, the program is not so much favorite among the people as over time we have seen a high cancellation rate for this program.
  • In order to promote this program, there are many false and unrealistic testimonials that you will come across. These testimonials claim that anyone even a small child can make money using this method which is highly unlikely as this business line requires high amount of research work and awareness about the cryptocurrency market.
  • The price point of the program is also on the higher side and involves additional expenses which is not good news keeping in mind the risks involved.

Who Should Invest in This Program?

The keystone investors club program is a good choice for people who are brave enough to take the risks and spend their money in trading cryptocurrencies. For people who already have an insight about cryptocurrencies and trading, this program might work well to meet your demands.

As for absolute beginners, you might want to give it thought before you invest your money in this risky business.  

Final Verdict: Is this Program Worth Your Time and Money?

Fortunately, the Keystone Investors Club Program is totally a trustworthy, legitimate program. It promises to train you in trading and investing cryptocurrencies which it duly fulfills. This method is preferred by Iman Shaferi over other methods to make money online as it will keep your finances secured in case of a dollar collapse. Also, it provides a good ROI upon your investment. 

But what they don’t tell you is that it’s a risky business. You need to make very wise decisions in trading cryptocurrencies otherwise you can lose a lot of money. the cost of joining the program is not so affordable and that is why it doesn’t suit everyone. 

You should make a learned decision keeping in mind the budget and the risks involved in trading cryptocurrencies as the market is quite unpredictable. 

If you feel like this program is not suitable for you, move on to our next section to learn about a method that will help you make money online in an affordable and sustainable way. 

A More Genuine Alternative to the Key Stone Investors Program

The Keystone Investors Program may sound like a lot but it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Cryptocurrency trading is a risky business as we have mentioned above. But how about we tell you another method which is more affordable, more long-lasting and doesn’t require much investment?

This method is called Affiliate Marketing and is gaining massive popularity among online entrepreneurs. Under this method a person can work as an affiliate for a company. Working as an affiliate will involve promoting products or services of larger corporations and earning commissions for every sale that you bring. This provides a mutual benefit to both the company and the affiliate. The company can increase their revenue in a cost-effective method and the affiliate can establish his own business by working as an affiliate for many companies at once. 

And where can you learn all about affiliate marketing? 

There is an amazing platform called Wealthy Affiliate that provides budding online entrepreneurs step-by-step training in affiliate marketing. It provides you many additional benefits for a very nominal fee. These benefits include:

  • Access to all the important tools you may need to build your website from scratch.
  • A free trial to get a glimpse of what all you can do with the help of this program.
  • It allows you to collaborate with other affiliate training programs such as Uber, Amazon.
  • It has a community of over 2 million online entrepreneurs using the same method to make money, who can help you with anything you want.

All of this and much more.

We hope this article was helpful to you in understanding what is the best method for you to make money online.

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