Is Wealthy Affiliate Legit

Is Wealthy Affiliate Legit and Should I Join Them? (2021)

I know that they are so many different training programs and series out there that claim to be the real deal. They talk about everything they can provide for you and what you can learn from them. But, the reality is that for the most part, these are all either scams or programs with hardly any value to you for the money you have paid.

Most of these training programs available will make big promises to you about making money online. About how easy it is to apply their methods and see the dollars coming into your wallet with a few hours of work a day or by listening to their productivity podcasts. And the truth is, none of these will actually work. There is no magic recipe or secret button that you have to push in order to start making money. You need to put proper practices and hard work into what you are doing to achieve something. 

As such, with the existence of these programs all over the internet, it is hardly surprising that most people will be second-guessing anything that they see these days. They have been around long enough that people are starting to wake up and realize that these cannot be trusted. Therefore, it is not surprising that when you hear about a platform like Wealthy Affiliate which offers you so much in return for their small monthly membership costs, you will also get suspicious about it and want to know more before you pay for the service.

This is a good thing. It is always recommended that you find as much information about a program before you invest in it. I have gone through everything about Wealthy Affiliate, what it is, and what it can do for you. Stay tuned and read through the whole article to get my review on the platform and know if it is a legit company or just another scam.

Who should join this program

There is a certain type of person who would benefit the most from this program. If you are someone who likes to do multiple things at once and keep bouncing between these many variations of making money online, then this platform would probably not be good for you.

However, if you are someone who is able to sit down, focus, and put some time and energy into building a sustainable business, then this program is for you. As I mentioned, there is no easy way to make money online. You need to do the work beforehand and this could mean making no profit right from the beginning. However, if you stick by it and follow the rules of affiliate marketing, then you can start to see results over time.

Why you should join Wealthy Affiliate

The magic button

If you have been on social media recently then you would have definitely come across a sponsored ad about someone showing off his huge mansion or car, talking about what he did to get to where he is. They will appeal to you by talking about how the working industry is set against you and that by following their method/training you will also be able to achieve what they achieved. All you need is a few minutes in a day, a laptop, and following a few rules. 

If you do this, then you can start earning over $10,000/week. Well, that’s their promise anyway. But the thing is, most of these programs out there offer very little to you in terms of value, their ‘methods’ don’t work or are a one-off situation that won’t work for anyone else, and they are definitely not worth the money you spend on it.

Most of these people know which pain points to hit, what to say to capture your attention and they have the correct sales funnels in place to entice you to spend money on them. Their targets are those people who are struggling to make money online and don’t know the first thing about starting an online business. These false promises are the reason that everyone is so wary about these programs now as they deliver what they promise. The results are rarely even close to what they advertise.

In reality, there is no magic button that can make all of this appear for you. That is the truth, and that is what you will find in Wealthy Affiliate. No one on that platform will tell you that your biggest dreams can be achieved in mere minutes. The platform is there to give you the facts and show you that consistent effort is needed in order to build something up. 

The best part is that you don’t have to leave your house and go around hiring people to start a business. With a laptop, you can do it all from home and build a successful business. Gone are the days when you have to rent out an office, hire people, and work from there every day to build the business. 

With an online business, you can even leave it running for the full 24 hours in a day without you having to work throughout. Once you have everything set up with the tools that Wealthy Affiliate gives you, it will run in the background and keep making you money even in your sleep. If done right, you don’t even need to hire anyone to manage your website for you.

A comprehensive training program

Wealthy Affiliate offers a full training program on everything to do with website building and affiliate marketing. This training is perfect for beginners and may even have a thing or two to teach experienced marketers. 

You can get this training program and all the other invaluable tools that they offer for the small price of $49 per month. Most training programs and series out there will charge you a minimum of $90 to get the program and once you purchase this, you will usually be bombarded with other offers they have that they are trying to upsell to you. 

Here are some tools offered by Wealthy Affiliate in the premium membership:

  • Web hosting for up to 10 websites. This includes improving site speed, an SSL certificate, and more. This is a premium feature that will really speed up your site and getting this separately would cost you a minimum further $10/month.
  • Keyword research tool for finding new topics to write about
  • Over 1 million royalty-free images for your blogs 
  • A website builder to build your website easily without knowing too much technical info

If you take these tools and try to get them from outside Wealthy Affiliate, then you will be paying at least $40/month just to keep these tools running for your website. I have not mentioned all the tools in the list above, you can find more information by visiting their website. They also give you the guarantee that any new tools that they put out will also be available to you for no extra charge. 

If you wish to, you can even opt for the annual package which costs $495 for the year. This means that you will get two months off paying when compared to your normal monthly price.

Webinars with only learning content

On top of the training program there are also live webinars that happen every week. Jay Niell, someone who knows a lot about the affiliate marketing world, will host a webinar where he will talk about different topics in the affiliate marketing world. This is not only limited to affiliate marketing though but also includes similar topics such as website management and internet marketing.

These are not your usual webinar programs with a sales pitch at the end or a promotion. It is solely made for content’s sake and there is a lot of content that they give out during these webinars. If you have any questions, he will even answer them live at the end of the webinar. 

Most webinars these days are difficult to watch because you know what is coming at the end, which is a sales pitch. Through the whole video, they will be hinting at this new program or new training that they have done which is going to help you. And therefore, you know that this webinar was made for the sole purpose of selling that training program.

Founders you can actually look up

There is a trend with most training programs and the like these days. Most of them use a fake name and act as the founder of the program. If you go through one of these scams, there will be some information about the founder on the website itself, but if you go and look it up, you will not get any results. They do this because they don’t want the blowback from people when the product doesn’t work for them.

In Wealthy Affiliate’s case, the two co-founders, Carson and Kyle, are always available on the platform and you can Google them and find them online. These guys have been running the show for quite some time now and there have been no major complaints thus far. Wouldn’t you rather believe in a company that has a real face behind it?

Updates, updates

Most training programs out there tend to not update their content to match the new trends at that time. They are sold as a one-off package and you’re stuck with what you get. But with this platform, just like how you will get access to any new tools, they will also keep updating the training program with any potential new rules, regulations and trends are happening in the modern time. 

Premium web hosting

In order to have a fast website, you need to have good hosting. A slow website means more people are going to click away and you could lose so many potential sales. On the other hand, premium hosting can be expensive to pay on a monthly basis on a good server.

If you have a membership with Wealthy Affiliate, you will get your own website hosting for free. This is not some cheap website hosting service that they provide either. They have teams who are constantly monitoring these servers, managing the server and also a support team who will handle all your inquiries. If you have problems with your hosting, they will usually respond to you within the hour. 

Here are a list of things Wealthy Affiliate will give you for your website:

  • Multiple servers so your website doesn’t go down if a server fails.
  • You can host up to 10 websites and not just 1
  • Strong security measures such as spam and hacking protection
  • Backup of your websites every day
  • You will get an SSL certificate free which would cost you yearly to renew
  • A custom email domain with any number of email accounts you can create

No lame showing of expensive lifestyles

At Wealthy Affiliate, you won’t find people who will show you videos of their lifestyle and how they are spending their money. There will be no promotion material telling you that you can achieve all this by just joining the platform. Wealthy Affiliates is all about brass tacks and getting down to business.

It is made up of a group of people who care about affiliate marketing and growing businesses, not showing off. The founders are also honest about everything and how hard it can be to start a business. Do you want the honest truth or to be fed lies that won’t amount to anything?

All the testimonials are real

When you get on the platform, you will find many different successes and testimonials that people who have joined Wealthy Affiliate have put out. These people have followed everything the platform has to teach them and applied it to their businesses. They are now seeing success and because of that, they want to support the platform and tell others about how good it really is.

There is no underhanded work here where people are asked to give good reviews in return for a discount (this actually happens) or hire people to make fake testimonials and place it on the site. These are real people on the platform who are active on it everyday. If you want to, you can even speak to them through the platform to know more. 

Been operating for well over 1 and half decades

Have you ever heard of a scam website that has been around for more than 15 years? No? Yeah, neither have I. And that’s because scam’s can’t last that that long before they are exposed or people just stop buying. 

Wealthy Affiliate has been operating for this long and all that has happened is that they have grown their community to over 1.5 million people. And all these people are still on the platform and support it, so that must mean that this website is not a scam right?

Everyday this platform keeps growing and it is showing no signs of slowing down. Because it is actually providing value to people and giving them a legitimate way of making money, people are sticking to it and staying with them. 

Offers a free membership

Another good part about their platform is that you don’t have to start paying immediately for the membership before you fully commit to them. They also have a free membership package for those people who are on the fence and want to see what the platform is like. Of course, this doesn’t come with all the tools included but you will get a lot even through the free membership. They even throw in the first 10 lessons in the training program for free so you can learn something through that as well.

No further promotions

As I mentioned earlier, the sales funnel of most training programs out there is to first hook you in with the initial offer and once you make a decision, they will start hitting you with more and more upsells about other trainings/similar products that they have. 

These will keep popping up throughout your training program and you will have them almost shoved down your throat with their intensity. This is because most of these programs will make most of their money from these other purchases that you make. That is their real money maker. 

With Wealthy Affiliate however, the monthly payment that you make for the premium membership is the only money you will have to spend on the platform. Heck, you don’t even need to spend money on other tools you will need because everything is already provided in the platform.

What’s the conclusion?

I think over the past section, I have made it completely clear that Wealthy Affiliates is different from the rest of the training programs out there. They are legitimate, are out to help you and are definitely not a scam!

It is not just some program out there with a simple solution. It will give you the hard truth as well as the training and tools to overcome those truths, put what you learned into practice, and start seeing results over time. You can only become a successful affiliate marketer if you put your time and effort into building something rather than waste your time doing wasteful things like listening to ‘productivity sounds’ (Yes, this is an actual training program that is being sold out there).

If you are a go-getter, who has the time to spend and the passion to infuse into building a real business, then I would seriously consider Wealthy Affiliate as your only affiliate platform to go for. I haven’t found any other platform out there that provides the same value or does the same things as they do. 

They have spent more than a decade perfecting their craft and it shows. They have a lot to offer you as you would have read in the previous section. But, you won’t know the true potential until you take the leap and join the program. Once you see it for yourself, even if it is just the free membership, I believe that you will be hooked because of the potential you will see on the site.

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