make money with the Wix Affiliate Program

Is it still possible to make money with the Wix Affiliate Program?

Have you been looking into affiliate marketing and trying to find the best programs for you to join? Well, Wix is definitely a choice that many people would love to ask about because it is a widely known platform by those looking into online business/websites.

If you have already seen the Wix Affiliate program and are just here for the review, then I have detailed everything about the program, whether it is legit, and if you can make money, in the article below. There are things you need to be aware of and also careful of when you join this program or any affiliate program in the future. Even if you haven’t heard about it but are interested now that you are here, read below to know more about this program.

If the Wix program does not suit your fancy, then just skip to the final section below where I will give you my personal recommendation and the method you should follow if you want to build a sustainable affiliate marketing business. 

Explaining the Wix Affiliate Marketing Program

Most of us have heard about or seen online about the Wix website and how it can help you build your website from scratch within minutes. They are a web hosting and website creation software tool. So the affiliate program is mainly about promoting this service to other people, who when they click on your link and purchase a subscription to the service, you will be paid a commission by Wix. You can earn up to $100 per new lead that you bring into the business. 

What is the Wix E-commerce Affilaite Program?

This is essentially the same as the normal affiliate program but is meant only for the promotion of e-commerce stores within the Wix system. You will be able to join the normal program as an affiliate and then get the option to promote e-commerce features to the relevant users. 

Then, what is the Wix Partner Program?

This is completely different from the affiliate program and acts as more of an agency/business basis than just a sole affiliate program. If you have a business that is able to create and fully manage websites for your own clients, then this program would be best for you.

You will be given a partner dashboard where you can manage all of your clients. You will build and manage their websites for them through Wix and they will pay their monthly retainer to you. On top of that, Wix will also give you a 20% commission for the 1, 2, or 3-year plans that they have available. 

Here, you will have variable commission rates rather than the flat $100 that you get for bringing in a new customer as an affiliate.

Explaining how the Wix Affiliate Program works

Creating an affiliate account

As with any other affiliate program, the first thing you need to do is create your affiliate account on their site, enter your details, and wait for the verification process to complete. They have a few requirements to become an affiliate such as having a functional website so it may take longer than the 1 or 2 days that are mentioned on the website. 

You can immediately start promoting once the verification is done

Once you are able to log into your account, you will be given your own unique affiliate link which you will need to keep track of your customers and sales that came from your leads. Using this link, you can now promote the service to others in a number of ways:

  • Start your own blog using a Wix website that talks about or teaches people about the use of websites, e-commerce stores, creation of landing pages, and so on. You can explain how this can all be done without having any prior technical knowledge, which is going to attract most new businesspeople. 
  • You can use email marketing methods to nurture and promote the Wix service. 
  • Start your own YouTube channel and create videos for it where you talk about the service, how it can be helpful, who it can be helpful for, and the like. You can show these with tutorials and videos which is great for engagement. 
  • You can start as an agency by offering to create and manage other people’s websites for them.
  • You can use online Q&A platforms or Social Media sites to talk about this service and answer questions that potential customers will have on these sites. If you offer value in your answers, more people are likely to click on your link.

Now, these are just some of the ways that you can do this and you are not limited to only following the methods used by most. In my opinion, the best method would be the creation of a blog/website to talk about the aspects of the Wix service. This is because you can write content on anything with the use of imagery and video, optimize the page to show up on search rankings, and your content will always be there on the internet. Even months in the future, based on your selected keywords, users will be able to find your blog and click on the link to purchase. This means you can keep making commissions months ahead of when you posted the article.

Doing paid ads and other forms of marketing where you have to keep paying for the traffic is not sustainable and it is quite expensive to run, especially as a beginner. Therefore, using a website to generate free and organic traffic is the most lucrative and sustainable method over time.

As I mentioned, you don’t need to know much about websites or anything about the technical side of running a website. Blogs are best to run on a content management system such as WordPress as they are meant for that, whereas, Wix is meant for showcasing information on products/services in a beautiful and interesting way. You can easily create a website on WordPress through a platform such as Wealthy Affiliate in a few minutes.

Just because this is my recommended method, does not mean that you won’t be able to make money using the other methods. You still can and if you are more comfortable with those, then you can go right ahead and try them out.

You will make your commission when your lead turns into a paying customer

After completing the above steps and doing active marketing to bring traffic to the website, you should start to see some payback for all your hard work. Your offer needs to be good and it needs to be presented in a favorable manner to convince people to click on your link and purchase the product. 

Every time they do, your account will receive a commission which is set at $100 for a Wix customer lead. Now, keep in mind that this does not mean you will receive your commission immediately. There is a short period in between to account for refunds which are around 30 days. Once this period has passed, the money will be transferred to you.

Some additional question and answers about the program

Let’s look at how else they will be helping you succeed as an affiliate marketer:

How good are the payouts?

Wix has a big claim to make. They say that the $100 commission that you receive for your verified leads is the biggest that has been paid by any website hosting software, ever. Of course, this is based on plain initial value as there are other affiliate programs that have tiers of payments. You will be able to get higher commissions per lead, the more leads you bring in.

Also, you need to note that a “lead” here does not mean any customer who clicks on your link and visits the Wix website. If they join as a free customer then you won’t get paid. They will need to purchase the premium subscription in order to get paid.

For the partner program, you get a 20% commission on any yearly plans that your customers purchase. This means that you can get a much better commission if you can sign them up for longer or if you keep getting them to purchase through your link for the upcoming years. Also, this is not taking into account the fee that you are charging them for the management of their website, and so you are looking at a hefty commission/profit this way.

How do they offer payouts?

When you log onto the website, you will see that they have a bunch of different payout methods listed on the site. I am not sure why, but when I created the account and logged in to check these methods, I was only given the wire transfer method. This may change depending on the location you are accessing from, but overall this can be quite frustrating for some people who have very specific payout methods they are looking for. Wire transfers are not meant for everybody.

Do they offer resources?

They have a clean UI that gives you the basic information you need about your ongoing business. They also have custom-made banners and other offers that have been created to help you promote the service at your convenience. You only need to copy and paste the code on your website and you’re good to go.

Is there a limit to the commissions?

The great news is that there isn’t any ceiling you can hit with commissions. You can make as much money as you want if you can bring in the same amount of paying customers.

Is the dashboard good?

As a novice affiliate marketer, you won’t have a ton of customer leads that you need to keep track of to determine your sales and upcoming yearly subscriptions. However, as you keep working you will have so many people on varying packages that it will be difficult to track alone. This is why the dashboard is important, as it captures all this data and has it ready for you on the screen. You can keep track of everything by just logging into your Wix dashboard.

Is there a cost to join the Wix program?

No, there is no cost to joining as compared to some other affiliate programs out there (these are the ones to watch out for!). If they have a buy-in cost, it is most likely a Multi-Level Marketing or Pyramid scheme program and you should run far far away.

There are some other costs that will come along as you run your affiliate business. After all, every business will have its running costs. This will come in the form of maintenance of your website, paying for premium tools you may want to use, plus other advertising expenses. 

If you want to save money and get all these tools, resources, and an amazing training series, then Wealthy Affiliate is the best choice for you. I will explain further in the final section of this article.

How long does your unique cookie duration last?

Cookie duration is the amount of time that the affiliate program will identify a user as uniquely yours when they click on your link. Here, the duration is a total of 30 days. This means that up to 30 days from when a visitor clicks on your affiliate link and visits the site, this user will remain under your account and any purchases made will count as commission for you. However, if they go past the 30 days and make a purchase on the Wix site, the commission will no longer apply to you.

What’s there to like about the Wix affiliate program?

  • Affiliate marketing is a really good business model for anyone looking to earn passive income
  • The commission rate is quite attractive and can be lucrative if marketed well.
  • The Wix website builder itself is quite easy to use and can be used by any newbie trying it out. This will help convince even those users who are not great with website details to purchase the Wix subscription. 
  • You can also convince users further by asking them to first use the free account that Wix has. This will give the users a feel for the system and let them know if they really want the premium membership or not. Using it for themselves would be a better persuader than just reading an article online.

What’s there to not like about the Wix Affiliate program?

Look, there is not much to talk about in terms of the basics of this program. It is pretty straightforward about what they have to offer. However, there are a few problems with this approach that will make it difficult for you to succeed as an affiliate marketer by just sticking with this one program. Here is a list of reasons why I don’t think this program is the best one for you.

There is no easy way to promote this to most online users

The thing about the internet today is the amount of information there is out there and how easy it is for people to look up something and get the answers in a matter of seconds. Therefore, any claim that you make can be double-checked and any features that you mentioned can be compared and matched against other software or tools. 

I agree that Wix is an intuitive tool to use and would be perfect for beginners and those who know nothing about websites or online business. The ease of the software is a selling point of its own. However, even platforms such as WordPress are not overly complicated to build a basic website on.

On top of that, Wix has a few limitations compared to software like WordPress which puts it on the wrong side of the scale. For example, SEO is not supported as well as on WordPress, or there is a limited number of changes you can make to the website when compared to the flexibility that WordPress offers.

Also, Wix is a very closed-off platform because you are not able to transfer your website from the Wix platform to any others on the market. This essentially means that you will be locked into the Wix system if you decide to go with this route. This can make people hesitant to join because even though Wix would be great as a starter website with amazing designs and a simple process, as the business grows and you want to expand, it will be more difficult with Wix.

This is why when people do additional research into Wix and find out these problems, they are less likely to go with the offer unless they purchase the offer immediately after clicking on your link and being sold by your marketing efforts.

The total number of complaints being made

As I mentioned, when people hear about the software or any new offers, they are highly likely to click away and do more research into them. This means that they are immediately going to check reviews and what other “real” users are saying about them. 

It is during this process that your marketing is going to go off the rails. People are going to come across the massive number of bad reviews that other people have left about the software on trusted review platforms such as Trustpilot. On Trustpilot alone, they have a score of 1.5/5 of which more than 1,700 users have given it a 1/5 review. 

These complaints come in the form of hidden charges, horrible support, issues with monthly billing, problems with the software itself, and so on. There are so many bad reviews on there that any new user is quickly going to change their mind about purchasing the software and will immediately look at other options, I know I would do the same thing too! All these reviews are very detrimental to your marketing efforts and will lead to very poor results.

More complaints being made by their own Affiliates

Bad reviews from customers of the software are not the only thing you have to look out for. There are also many bad reviews from past affiliates who joined the Wix affiliate program. The main problem that cropped up was when Wix decided to change the affiliate payment and commission structure without informing their affiliates about the changes or creating a new agreement with them. 

Many of these affiliates were supposedly duped out of thousands of dollars that they were supposed to receive based on the previous commission structure.  Let’s look at one example an old affiliate who had been bringing in many leads over the years had posted. The new change to the affiliate system caused all of his old links all over the internet to stop tracking new sales. This means that all his hard work spent building these links on online platforms was now just lost. He only realized this a bit later on and by then he had lost out on quite a large number of potential sales.

Others have also complained about how the support of the service is a complete joke. People who were trying to reach them were always turned away or given no answers to their questions, leading to massive causes of headaches and frustrations that made them completely give up on the service.

Even those who had subscription-based commissions coming in monthly or yearly were being cut out with these new changes to the commissions. A user had posted a review saying that the normal subscription model was changed to a one-time lead fee of $100 without informing him about the changes. This made him lose all those thousands of dollars he was earning from his subscribed customers as he was now only making $100 per customer compared to the recurring amounts he made each month.

All these issues seem like completely valid concerns and it is easy to see why many affiliates have left the service. If you put in all that hard work and effort into building your business, only to see it crumble because of changes made by the particular service, it is safe to say that anyone would be majorly frustrated by these changes. I for one would never go back to this service if this happened to me.

Let’s talk about that support

For all these issues that happened, there could have been some reason as to why these changes were made. And if there were, this should have been properly communicated to the affiliates and customers should be able to contact support and get any doubts cleared up.

However, Wix has made no effort to try and improve the communication issues that many people have with them. They have made all their customers and affiliates suffer, only to make it worse by having an even worse communication cycle. 

The way they have handled all these issues makes it seem like they think there is no other software that can replace them. A company like Apple may be able to do this and still make money as people would be unwilling to switch, but not an easily replaceable software like Wix.

The Payout methods are frustrating

I mentioned earlier that despite having many payout options listed on the website, they only showed me one method when I created my account. This is misleading and will be a massive pain point for those affiliates who operate from around the globe. If I was not in the States, I would definitely not use this affiliate program.

In Conclusion – Should you join this affiliate program?

As a whole, the Wix program is not some scam affiliate program like others that you would find on the internet. They are a legit software company that has been around for a long time. However, there are too many problems with the company and with this program that just can’t be ignored. Yes, they have a decent commission rate for beginners but then this rate would be useless if you are not able to convince many people to purchase the premium subscription of the Wix software. 

The reviews alone are a massive hindrance to the number of people you can convince to purchase through your link as a simple Google search is enough to reveal all the bad things about Wix and its software. Therefore, if you are planning on joining this program, I don’t think it is a good idea for you as a beginner. There is not much you can do about the reviews online, and I know for a fact that advanced affiliate marketers would not come near this program as an affiliate because they can see that the potential it has is very very low.

However, if you have your heart still set on being an affiliate marketer, then I have an awesome platform for you that you can use to learn all there is to know about affiliate marketing while also building it at the same time. Move on to the next section to find out.

My awesome alternative to the Wix Affiliate program you should be using

I have been an affiliate marketer for the better part of a decade and I can safely tell you that the Wix program is definitely not worth your time and energy. There is so much more to learn about affiliate marketing and honestly, you are only limiting your potential by being an affiliate to just one software. 

Before you start your affiliate marketing business, you need to learn the ins-and-outs about the industry as well as all the marketing strategies, traffic driving strategies, and more to help your business grow. Starting the business without the proper training is only going to make your journey so much harder as time goes on.

Therefore, the best thing to do would be to get top-notch training that can teach you everything you will need to know and also answer any upcoming questions you may have. And to help with this, I am going to introduce you to a platform that has this all to offer to you. 

This platform is called Wealthy Affiliate, and it is jam-packed with all the training and resources you will need to become a successful affiliate marketer. Here is what you get when you sign up for their membership:

  • A comprehensive step-by-step training of everything you need to know from start to finish. No matter what area of the affiliate journey you are stuck on or need to know more about, you can learn it all here.
  • A whole bunch of resources that you can use without having to pay additionally for external software. You will get a website builder which you can set up in under a minute even if you have had no prior experience with websites before. There are even tools such as the Jaaxy keyword research tool which you need to pay for, but it is offered free inside of the paid membership. This tool is great to find topics to write about in your blog.
  • Weekly webinars and Q&A sessions which are full of updated information, led by top experts.
  • High-quality web hosting and SSL certificates for up to 10 websites that you create inside the platform. You don’t have to pay additionally for these either.
  • Finally, an awesome helpful community of affiliate marketers who are extremely helpful towards anyone and will go out of their way to help you succeed. Many of them have been through exactly where you are beginning now, and so will relate to you in many ways.

The cost of joining this platform is less than $50 per month and there is even an annual membership if you wish to go with that option. But the best part is that you don’t even have to pay to access the platform if you don’t want to right now. They have a free account option that lets you access the platform and test out the features. They even throw in the first 10 lessons of the training for free so that you can learn a little, even from the free account. 

To join, you only need to enter your details, even your credit card information is not necessary. If you are serious about becoming an affiliate marketer, then I would 100% recommend that you try out this platform as it can really help you succeed as an affiliate marketer.

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