How to Make Money From Lyft Without Driving

How to Make Money From Lyft Without Driving

Lyft inc. is a California based company offering vehicles for hire, motorized scooters, a bicycle sharing system, and food delivery. People can go on to work as drivers for money, offering rides to people.

Becoming a driver for money with Lyft may help you make a few bucks, but it requires a lot more to invest in doing that, for example, buying a car or renting a car. We understand that most people don’t have enough resources to buy or rent a car. Even if they have a car, they might not have the time to give rides to other people. 

But is Lyft just limited to that? Is there any other way you can go about making money with Lyft without having to give rides to strangers every day? Something that is less tiring, something that offers you more authority over your work.

Let me tell you the answer… yes!

There is another option for you to earn money with Lyft, which is more comfortable and won’t leave you tired and unsatisfied at the end of your day with what work you do. And to top it off, it costs you way less!

If you are interested in exploring options other than driving to make money through Lyft, then be with us!

The other option is – Become an Affiliate for Lyft. 

People often promote the products or services of other companies, and when someone buys or uses those products or services based on these recommendations, that person gets a commission. This practice is called Affiliate Marketing. 

You can recommend these products in various ways like social media, blogs, e-mail, etc.

So, you can choose to become an affiliate for Lyft. By becoming an affiliate, you’ll make money with Lyft without driving, owning, or renting a car. You’ll have to recommend new drivers and riders to get associated with Lyft, and when any person uses Lyft based on your affiliation, you will receive a commission. 

Sounds interesting, right?

Affiliate marketing is a booming business model and a billion-dollar industry. Even Lyft itself makes money through affiliate marketing by recommending its drivers to its customers. 

As an affiliate, you’ll be acting as a salesperson for Lyft. You bring in new people to get associated with Lyft, and in return, the company rewards you.

These commissions depend upon many factors like what type of customers you bring in, region your customers are located in, and time. These commissions tend to change according to time. Therefore, time is an essential factor.

This method of earning money is becoming quite prevalent in recent times as it allows people to earn faster without having to invest a lot of their time and money.

Why should I become an Affiliate?

Now that you’ve already got an idea about what exactly is affiliate marketing let us take a look at the various perks you get by becoming an affiliate and why it is a better option than giving rides to people.

Make easy money

The idea of earning passive income intrigues everyone, right? 

Everybody just wishes to do nothing or to put minimal effort and make money. That is what affiliate marketing enables you to do. For instance, if you decide to become an affiliate for Lyft, you’ll just have to make sure to bring in new people to the Lyft community. The more people you bring, the more money you’ll make. 

Become a business owner 

An affiliate’s work is not limited to a particular company, which means that an affiliate is not bound by the policies and regulations of a company like an employee. By becoming an affiliate for Lyft, you’ll also have the option to explore various other products and services to an affiliate, if you wish. This will boost your income and provide you with the expansion to other places as well.

Cost- effective

To start a business in affiliate marketing, you do not need to invest truckloads of money, unlike other companies, e.g., buying or renting a car to start driving for money with Lyft. You can begin by doing much less, like enrolling for an affiliate program and learn the basics without any nuisance.

Convenient and less tiring 

With affiliate marketing, you get the liberty to work at your place, set your own goals as well as the freedom to choose the product or service you wish to become an affiliate for. You can even walk out of the project if it’s not suitable for you, something that is not common in other businesses. It allows you to work from anywhere in the world and get connected to people or companies from all around.

On the other hand, if you decide to become a driver with Lyft, you’ll have the constant fear of getting kicked out, and every day, you’ll have to spend a significant portion of your day driving people from one place to another.

No worry about customer support

The job of an affiliate is to connect the seller and the customer. So, if a customer is unhappy with a particular seller’s services, they’ll directly have to deal with the seller. Therefore, an affiliate would not have to bother about satisfying the customers. 

Scope for expansion

Affiliate marketing is an extremely scalable business as the affiliate is not limited to work for a particular company. For instance, an affiliate for Lyft can also become an affiliate for other companies like Uber and Ola. This provides the person with a platform to expand his marketing business to wider horizons and get connected with more people and, of course, earn more money. However, jobs like driving for Lyft for money will limit your work to a particular place and do not provide you with the chance to work in many places at the same time. 

How do I start?

All these perks have surely got you a bit interested in this business. Now, for those of you are interested, many of you may have no idea where to begin.

In the coming points, we will tell you a few steps you can follow to get started. 

Pick a Platform  

To kickstart your career as an affiliate, you must decide which platform you would like to use to promote a particular company’s product or services. You can do this by various means by creating a blog, a YouTube channel, etc. Most of the affiliates prefer making a blog as it is relatively cheap.

You can make a blog on WordPress for starters as it requires minimal technical knowledge regarding creating a website. This website will provide a particular platform where you can add your affiliate links easily and recommend various products and services to the people.

Decide your Niche

You should know that blogging is a highly competitive area of work. This market is proliferating. Therefore, you must choose topics that will help you focus on a particular category of products or services. This will not only help you create a specific target audience but will also help you to rank better in search engines.

For instance, if you are deciding to become an affiliate for Lyft, your niche mainly consists of two categories of people that you need to focus on:

  • First, the riders- people who are looking for a safe and affordable ride from one city to another.
  • Second, the drivers- may include people in dire need of a job, full-time or part-time.

Make recommendations 

Now that you have your website and have decided your niche, you can start making recommendations to the people based on what they are most likely to look for on search engines.

Taking an example here, if you are an affiliate for Lyft and want to make recommendations to people, you should focus on what the people who fall in your niche are most likely to look for, like questions related to ‘best taxi services’ or ‘part-time jobs.’ This gives an idea of what people want to know. 

Your next step will involve preparing an article that includes a list of recommendations on that particular topic. In this case, you can curate an article for the best taxi services in the specific region and then make sure to include the company you want to endorse in that list. Also, you can include other services that you endorse, which fall in the same category.

To really grow your business in affiliate marketing, you must create quality content and recommendations on your blogs for people so they believe in what you sell.

Below we will tell you how you can learn and improve your affiliate marketing skills without spending massive amounts from your wallet.

Affiliate training programs 

If you are determined to make good money by becoming an affiliate and do not have the required skills to begin in the market, you can enroll in an affiliate training program. 

And the affiliate program that is one of the best in the current market is – Wealthy Affiliate. 

With an amazing community of 2 million members who have joined to begin their affiliate marketing business and unlimited resources to convert your ideas to reality, Wealthy Affiliate is definitely our favourite and top recommendation. 

This program is genuinely committed towards the welfare of its community, which is evident by the following highlights of its program:

  • A gradual approach in affiliate training helps to understand and build your skills step-by-step.
  • Easy-to-use tools for building and regulating your website from scratch with ease without having to worry about typing codes.
  • Live training programs every week to enhance your skills under the guidance of experts. 
  • It also provides you with the platform and research tools to make money with a wide range of affiliate programs like the Lyft Affiliate Program. 

All of these perks and many more are provided at a very minimal monthly fee in comparison to what it would cost you to purchase a car or rent it to earn money through driving for Lyft.

This program also comes with a free membership plan that provides you free access to the first level, which includes 10 lessons in affiliate marketing for you to get familiar with the program and then make an upgrade if you wish.


Affiliate marketing is a genuine business plan for anyone who wishes to earn money on their terms. Platforms like Lyft provide you with the opportunity to become an affiliate for them to earn money without having to make a copious amount of investments, unlike in the case if someone wishes to earn money by driving for them.

This was all about how you can make money without driving with Lyft. We hope this article has given you many helpful insights and cleared many doubts about Affiliate Marketing and how you can earn money without investing a lot of money.

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