How Does Make Money

How Does Make Money?

When it comes to the hotel and travel industry, is a big name. Founded in 1991, this company now has over 85 websites and is tied up with over 325 thousand hotels in around 19 thousand locations. It allows people to make online reservations in hotels from its website or through its telephone call centers. 

But the fact is, they don’t own any houses or hotels and are still making more than millions of dollars every year. 

How do they do that? Any magic trick? Is it even legal?

Many of you may ask these questions, and don’t worry; we’ve got you covered.

In this article, we’ll tell you all about how makes money and how you can use that method to start your own business.

What is’s money-making formula? follows no magic trick or formula to earn money. It makes money based on a straightforward and legitimate business model called affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is a method used by companies to increase their sales. They allow other people to promote their company’s products and services, and for every new customer that the other person or affiliate brings in, the company rewards him.

In a similar fashion, connects tourists to nearby hotels through their website. And when any reservation is made through the website, receive a commission.

This practice of making money is quite popular among large companies and can also be incorporated by people who are looking for a quicker yet honest way to make money.

Let us see who can go for affiliate marketing.

Can anyone do affiliate marketing like

The answer is a big YES!!!

People can decide to become an affiliate regardless of whether they have any technical knowledge or not. And the best thing is, you don’t have to make any hefty investments to get started. You will just have to learn some necessary affiliate marketing skills and bring in new customers through your blogs, YouTube channels, or any other platform you choose.

This business line is gaining massive popularity as it allows you to work from anywhere in the world, and the scope of expansion is also very high.

If you become an affiliate for a particular company, it won’t limit your work to that specific company. You can choose to endorse as many products or services as you want simultaneously. 

And if you are dedicated enough to provide good quality content and recommendations to your audience, you can see good income flowing in within half a year or so.

How about becoming an affiliate for

Yes, you heard that right!!

You can also become an affiliate for and make money online. To do this, you’ll have to get associated with the affiliate program.

After you get connected with them, you’ll be provided with affiliate links that you can put on your website to promote

And whenever a person uses to make a reservation using your affiliate links, you will receive a commission. These commissions are subjected to change according to the type of referrals, the season, and the location the person is in. 

So, if you are really interested in pursuing affiliate marketing and haven’t got a clue about how you should start, then read on!!

How to start your business with affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing may sound like everyone’s cup of tea, but it does not mean that to earn money by being an affiliate, you don’t have work to do. Every successful affiliate pays a lot of attention to his audience and what type of content they want. 

For anyone who wants to start a business as an affiliate should keep the following points in mind.

Select a group of people

When you are starting your business in affiliate marketing, you have to decide your audience. If you don’t have a specific target audience, it reduces the chance for your content to reach a more focused group of people. 

Once you have a particular group of people to focus on, it helps you curate better content. For instance, you have decided that you want to be an affiliate for in that case, your niche will include tourists who are looking for a place to stay nearby. There you go!

Now all you have to do is create your website surrounding their needs.

Pick a platform to promote various services.

Affiliates may use various platforms to promote products and services. They can use YouTube, WordPress, Instagram, or any other medium. 

The most popular among all of them is blogging. The use of blogs for affiliate marketing is on the rise due to its convenience and also because it brings in more sales than any other platform. 

Now that you have picked a platform let’s see what you need to do next.

Make content for your audience.

To grow your website, you’ll have to make great content for your audience. It should look like you are there to answer their needs, not to sell a product. You can go that extra mile to even share your real experiences with that product or service. This will help your audience to get connected with you.

These are the few steps that you can follow to start your journey as an affiliate. Being an affiliate will not only change your lifestyle, but it will also help you associate with a lot of new people and brands. 

Now for those you are wondering about where to learn about affiliate marketing, we’ve something for you.

Where to learn about affiliate marketing?

To answer your query about where you can learn some basics of affiliate marketing, we have got a fantastic recommendation for you.

Wealthy Affiliate is an affiliate marketing program that will answer all your needs. It is a place that will help you enhance your affiliate marketing skills with expert training classes every week.

Also, they provide you access to all the professional tools that you may need to build the perfect website for you. More than 2 million people have trusted this program and are successful affiliates today. 

This program also provides you access to a free trial to give you a glimpse of all their tools and lessons, and you can access all the premium features by upgrading at a very affordable price.

If you are really looking for a genuine program to learn about affiliate marketing and building your website, Wealthy Affiliate is one of our top recommendations.


Services such as have established a successful business through affiliate marketing. Affiliate Marketing is a thriving business model to earn passive income. You just need to follow the few steps mentioned above to get started as an affiliate. It is an extremely convenient and flexible method to earn money. In addition to that, it helps you make more money in less time than other jobs. You can also learn about affiliate marketing with the help of some fantastic platforms like Wealthy Affiliate that pay special attention to your requirements.

We hope this article has helped you understand the business model of and how you can also incorporate it in the right way and make some decent money online.

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