Top Free Methods to Improve your Blog Traffic

Free Methods to Improve your Blog Traffic

Do you own a blog website and want to bring in new traffic to it every month? Are you finding that this process is difficult and you aren’t seeing much success as of late?

I know a lot of bloggers who simply gave up because they tried the one method that they learned and applied it consistently but were still not getting results. A lot of them got tired of writing new content every week that just wasn’t converting and not many people were reading. I understand that it can get frustrating, putting all those hours into writing content that people should enjoy or make use of but almost never do. 

Well, I am here today to get you out of this rut that you are stuck in. It happens to all of us. No matter what we do, there does come a point where everything seems hopeless because nothing you do works. In the article below, I have detailed some methods that you can try for yourself to boost your website’s traffic. 

These methods are free for the most part so that you don’t have to dig into your wallets and fork up some cash to pay for them every month. Ideally, organic traffic coming in is the best way for you to monetize your blog.

The top free methods to increase website traffic 

Do SEO Correctly!

Many people have told me that they have given up hope on SEO working for them because they have tried it many times and followed the same strategy but nothing happens. And that’s true. If you find incorrect information and apply outdated strategies, then yes, it will never work for you. 

If you actually have been writing quality content and posting on a regular basis, then I am sure that the mistake lies in the way you are doing SEO on your site. When you got on to learning SEO and applying it, you would have learned that organic traffic, which is generated through SEO means, is the best and most lucrative method you can use. There is no cost involved like there is with paid ads. 

However, you need to put in some effort to get it started, and then it will take quite a bit of time before you see any results (this could be months, as it depends on a lot of factors). Also, the industry has become very competitive as of late and so new websites will find it even harder to enter the SEO stratosphere and become successful straight away. 

This is why you need to incorporate more unconventional strategies into the mix as everyone else will be doing the same things that you see online. So if you were to follow the same recipe, where would your website stand when faced against big businesses with people and resources on their hands? Exactly, and this is why a lot of blogs tend to not see an improvement in traffic over time. 

One unorthodox method is the use of long-tail keywords when you’re writing your blogs. These keywords are basically longer variations of root keywords with more added words that make the search more specific. Due to this, they have a smaller search volume as they are not as common, but the offside is that they are not as competitive as the root keywords. 


Root Keyword – Lose weight

Long-tail Keyword – How to lose weight fast in 12 weeks

The keyword “lose weight” is more general and so will be very competitive as there are multiple uses for that keyword and many websites will be targeting the same. Whereas, the long-tail keyword is more focused and so it will be easier to rank because fewer websites will be using that specific keyword. 

Another thing to note is that with a root keyword because it is so general, you may get more traffic to your site but that does not necessarily mean that you are getting relevant traffic and a lot of it will just click away. But, with the long-tail keyword, the intent of the searcher is clear and so you know that the people who click on that and come to your site are actually interested in what you have to say or offer.

Now that you know about long-tail keywords, you may be wondering how you can find them and use them. Well, there are many paid and free keyword researching tools available online that you can use. However, not all of them are great and so you should only stick with those that are recommended by experts. 

For the most accurate data, the best choice would be Google’s keyword planner as they pull all the data directly from Google’s servers. Any other tool out there will never be as accurate because they cannot get their data from Google’s server. Google’s keyword planner tool is totally free and can be used to find the search volume of keywords. However, it fails in one aspect and that is providing us with the competition and search difficulty data which is really important for SEO purposes.

As such, for my purposes, I tend to use the paid too – Jaaxy. This software also comes with a free version but you are limited to only 30 searches per month and you lose out on a lot of the added functionality that comes with the paid version. You can get all the necessary information that you need through this tool and it is a real life-saver at times. However, as I mentioned, the data here is not always accurate and can be wrong at certain times. But, this will be the case with any 3rd party tool except for Google.

Once you have identified your keywords, the next step is to follow the normal blog procedure and write quality content using these keywords. If you want to learn more about this and how you can use new methods to improve your blog’s performance, then you can check out Wealthy Affiliate which is a platform that is great for learning all of this in more detail.

Community portals like Reddit

You can use these forums to make yourself known. These are community-driven websites and so you will find Reddit threads on almost any topics. The mistake that a lot of people tend to make is that they just use Reddit to post their links and then disappear with no other work done.

This is not going to work because:

  1. Reddit will remove your link if it is not relevant and so your link will not stay long
  2. People are not going to click a link that they do not trust
  3. These links will do nothing for SEO because Google stopped identifying these backlinks as ranking factors.

Therefore, you need to create a profile and be online on Reddit, interacting with other people, and promoting your blog effectively. If you just go around posting links, no one is going to click it and you will be banned quite quickly.

You need to identify the topic threads that relate to your blog and then go in there and do some research. Find the questions and threads where you can be helpful with your blog or by coming up with some new answers that you know. By first being helpful and providing value, you can get people to trust you. You can then include a link to the blog, which has a higher chance of being clicked now. 

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should be placing these links in every answer that you put out. You need to be highly selective about where to place the links and it should only be at the places where it is most necessary.

Start promoting on a video platform 

In terms of engagement, video is the best attention grabber out there. You will almost always see more engagement on a video than you would on an average blog. People are more willing to listen to something on a video.

Platforms like YouTube have a huge community on them in many different niches. Next to Google, it is the 2nd biggest search engine in the world, beating Bing and others. On top of that, it is also a contender for the biggest social media platforms out there too. 

Most of the bloggers out there also use video platforms like YouTube to promote their websites. They understand that it has the potential to garner more attention, so they use it as a means of bringing in some new traffic. Posting on something like YouTube means appealing to their 2 Billion high community, which is a resource you don’t want to miss. 

The next thing you have to consider when posting is the type of videos you are going to post. It needs to be content that appeals to people and makes them want to watch it. Making useful and relevant content for your niche where you educate them about things should be your go to. You should first provide value to them in the video and then promote your blog by linking it to what you’re talking about. 

You can place the link in the description area of your video or even showcase it briefly on the video itself (if it is easy to remember). Doing this will really help to put some eyes on your brand and bring some awareness to your blog. Even if what you post now doesn’t bring immediate results, it still can in the long-run because these videos don’t disappear.

Manage content on Pinterest

Just like YouTube, Pinterest is a social media channel plus search engine that is more focused on visuals. Instead of videos, this platform uses high quality imagery for their posts. For the most part it is used to browse through various entertainment niches and also a place where people go for recommendations on things to buy.

There are many niches inside of Pinterest, but it will really depend on what niche your blog is when choosing Pinterest. There are certain markets that just don’t work here. However, there are certain ones like Design that will have a massive engagement on this platform. 

With Pinterest, you need to put more focus on making photos that not only look really good but convey helpful information as well. Using things like infographics and lists, you can create content that focuses on giving some value to the reader. Each Pinterest post will be embedded with a link back to your blog that fits most with the post you put out. 

However, you have to keep the platform’s guidelines in mind. They don’t prefer posts having links all the time as they want to keep their site visitors on Pinterest most of the time. Therefore, if you post too often with links, they may limit the number of people who see it. A good strategy would be to first focus on building your Pinterest profile with helpful content and then once you have a good following, you can start promoting your links. 

You should also note that Pinterest posts can also be seen on search results. So you can optimize each of your posts so that they have a chance to show up for a particular keyword. You can tag each post with a keyword and a description.

Linkedin could work

Depending on your niche, Linkedin could also be a potential source of traffic for you. It will be most useful in a niche that is filled with professionals or experts as they are the most active on the Linkedin platform. For eg: Blogging about SEO trends could be a niche that you can target on Linkedin as there will be many SEO experts/trainees who will be on the platform. SEO is a vastly changing industry so they will be interested in learning more if your content can keep up to those standards.

Since this content is geared towards pros, you want to make useful and relevant content as you need to get their attention and keep it there. Using more content that you know will appeal to businessmen and professionals, you can really see some success through Linkedin.

Linkedin also has a nice feature that allows you to create an article on the platform itself without just having to paste a blog link. You can write the article on there and link your blog from the text in that article. This will make the post last way longer on the timeline than a normal post and it also makes it easily shareable on the platform itself. 

The best thing you could do with it is create a teaser of the blog you want to promote to capture their interest and then send them directly to the blog. Once people are captured by something, they will usually follow it through to get more details. 

Answer questions on forums

Forums are made up of communities of people who share specific interests, and ask and answer questions inside of these specific interests. Therefore, you will find almost any niche inside of these platforms where people ask varying questions relating to that niche. 

This offers a good chance for you to go on these platforms, find the relevant niches and then identify the questions that people ask that you are able to answer about your blog’s niche. If you are able to answer them and provide value, then they will learn to trust your answers and your profile. 

And this is the point where many fail. They go on these platforms and just go around posting links and small tidbits of information about the niche. They are not taking the time to get to know the community and build a profile and they are not providing any value. People will not trust you enough to click on the link if they don’t know you. 

Your main focus initially should be to try and help as many people as possible without drowning them with link after link. First build your trustworthiness and once that is done, you can start adding links to your answers.

A strategy you can try to sneakily leave your blog link in the post without making it overly obvious is to create a digital signature with your name and the website as an anchor text underneath. This way it doesn’t look like you’re always trying to promote your brand. 

Forums on the internet tend to live and die off pretty fast. Therefore, to be sure that your post will be seen, you need to check on the last activity on the forum before posting. There may be some that have been dead for a few months and you would just be wasting your time. 

Email Marketing Campaigns

In all my time of doing this type of work, I have found that many people simply skip over one of the most useful and free methods of gaining traffic – emails. Especially if you’re a blogger, emails are a great way of keeping in touch with your readers and gently reminding them about your blogs. 

It is such an underrated method of marketing, yet after all these years, it is still going strong even amongst the new marketing methods that have sprung up in modern business. Email is not something of the past and can be used to great lengths to promote items. 

Since you already have a website, it should be easy for you to have gathered an email list as you can create a pop-up or offer some small bit of gated content to gather these emails. People who come on to your site and actually fill out the pop-up show that they are at least somewhat interested in the content you put out. Therefore, you can nurture them to keep coming back to your blog by putting these lists into drip campaigns that send them your content automatically based on interests, actions, etc. 

You should also keep automated emails in place using a software for your everyday activities so that you don’t have to spend time on them. This could be for new subscribers with a list of your more popular blogs or for those who haven’t visited your site in a while. 

Instead of sending them back to your blog, if you are an affiliate, you are able to even promote those products inside of your email itself if you are able to write up content on the email body that is relevant. There is a lot you can do with email lists and you can get creative with these as there is no risk of your content being taken off the platform like with other social media channels and the like.

What is you may ask? It is a freemium tool that you can use to target visitors who come to your blog site. It is that little notification that pops up when you visit a website stating “Will you allow *website* to send notifications*. 

If the user were to click allow, you will be able to send them a notification every time you upload a new piece of interesting content. This way, even if that person leaves your blog, they will always be reminded of the blog’s existence and may one day come back to the blog. Let’s face it, humans tend to forget a lot of things and so a gentle reminder once in a while will work great to bring them back. 

Use Tweets Not Posts 

Twitter is a thriving platform that is being used by many people and it is still relevant enough that you can build a decent following and brand on it. This will take up a lot of time as you need to be providing value a lot of the time and it will take time to build a good following on twitter. 

Also, twitter uses the hashtag function that acts as a search filter for twitter’s posts. If you tag a post with a hashtag, then someone who searches for that hashtag will be able to see your post. Therefore, if you are able to keep posting tweets and use the correct hashtags, you can actually reach a wide audience (more than your current following) as people really do tend to use the search filter options on twitter. 

You can even make use of this hashtag search option to find inspiration for your next content piece. By searching for tweets with relevant hashtags, you can find current events and news that are transpiring and then create content based on that. This style of writing will not last long however, so you should make sure to create useful but short bits of content. The hype for these topics tend to fall quite quickly, so you have to make use of the small bursts of traffic during that time. It would be great to capture email addresses and other small campaigns as well. 

Will these methods really boost my traffic?

Depending on your website and the niche you’re in, at least some of these methods will work for you. I cannot say for certain that any or all of these methods will bring you success as that will solely depend on you. However, I know that I have tried these methods myself and found success through most of them. 

Since this is a free form of gaining traffic, don’t expect it to work immediately as with all things free, it will take some time and effort to start showing results. Don’t try to do all the methods detailed above. Read through them again and choose a couple that you seem most comfortable with and focus on them. 

In the end, my recommendation is that you stick with SEO. It is the number one method for growing your website automatically but it will have to be nurtured in order to be successful. Use some of the other methods to supplement the SEO while it is working it’s magic. 

Also, make sure to use some of the tools that I mentioned as they are the ones that I use personally and they help greatly in making your life easier when following the methods. Even though a tool like Jaaxy needs to be paid for, I think it is worth the investment for what it provides.

Where can I learn more?

Throughout the article, you would have noticed that I mentioned a platform called Wealthy Affiliates a couple of times. This is the platform that taught me about website building and affiliate marketing.

It includes a comprehensive training program about building and running a website, as well as about blogs and affiliate marketing. I think there is a lot to learn from what the training goes through. 

On top of that, if you are a new blogger then you can also benefit from the website builder and free premium hosting that they offer to all of their members. You won’t have to worry about the technicals of running a website and can just focus on getting your content right. There is also a keyword tool that is given with the membership which means you wouldn’t have to spend on another one. 

The platform is paid for, but I think that it is worth the payment. If you are hesitant and want to try it out before purchasing, then there is also a free membership available. You won’t have access to all the tools but you can still go through the platform and it’s amazing community of over 1 million other people like you. They even throw in the first 10 lessons of the training program for free so you can check that out as well.

If you’re really serious about blogging, then I would suggest checking this platform out as I believe it really can help you.

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