Daily Profits Review

Daily Profits Review: My Honest Review

If you are reading this right now, I am absolutely sure it is because of someone called Gary Jenkins. He claims to have discovered a secret pathway into amassing massive wealth by only putting in very minimal work everyday. Gary has apparently managed to find a perfectly legal way to tap into the trillion dollar industry that even allowed him to make more than $3 million dollars last year. Sounds kind of weird right? You must be wondering if such a feat is even realistic to begin with. Well, you are not the only person to be thinking like this.

I know how difficult it is to put your trust in an opportunity like this. Things like these do not come by very often, and the inner desire to amass as much wealth as possible is very hard to negate. However, claims like these have a certain air of uncertainty about them. Which is probably why you are here, on this page, reading this review. You want to see if these claims are indeed realistic and if the program itself is legitimate. Well, you have made the right decision to wait and vet the entire process out. Congratulations. 

This review is dedicated towards uncovering the truth about Daily Profits. I will make sure that every claim made by our dear Gary Jenkins in the introductory video is properly vetted. All things that are definitely red flags will also be dissected. To be honest, I do not want to recommend their program because of a few things that have me worried. This is also because I have an alternative to Daily Profits that I think is definitely better. It is –

Alternative – If you are interested in the method that Daily Profits has to offer for making money online, then this is the right fit for you. It is a training program that is offered by a real individual who actually exists (unlike Jenkins) and is completely legitimate.

About Daily Profits

Daily Profits can be accessed from this site – www.dailyprofits.cc 
It is a program that offers to train you in the art of exploiting a ‘Secret Loophole’ that in turn will enable you to make massive profits to the tune of a million dollars every year. All of this is supposed to be from a massive trillion dollar industry.

You can find all of these claims in their sales video. The man in the video, who has supposedly chanced upon this secret, refers  to himself as Gary Jenkins. He claims that this gift has been bestowed upon him because of his own sheer dedication. This loophole is something that no other stalwart in the industry has been able to realize or capitalise on. Using this secret trick, Gary has apparently managed to magnify his earnings just because of this.

However, throughout the entirety of the sales video, Gary has never managed to speak once about what these secret methods are. Despite this, he promises to make you an expert in this method when you subscribe to this program.

I have been dabbling in online money making opportunities for some time now. This is probably why I have been able to figure out his ultra secret method of earning money from the video, despite any real clue or cue about the process that Gary claims to be a master in. Allow me to elaborate on this method in the following section.

Daily Profits – The Mechanics

Daily Profit trains you in dropshipping. Yes. You need to pay a minimal fee of $7 and then you will be ready to receive the most basic training in dropshipping. To be honest, you can find training programs of a better quality that are absolutely free.

Although the initial $7 seems to be nothing at all, the real ball game starts when Daily Profits starts bombing you with upsells. These upsells are targeted to teach you complex and advanced ‘secrets’ that will apparently magnify your sales. However, these upsells do not come very cheap. You easily end up paying more than $400 trying to get better things.

For those of you who are not familiar with dropshipping, here is a brief intro to the game. Dropshipping works on an e-commerce model. You work as the dropshipper, which is quite akin to being a retailer. However, the catch lies in the fact that you do not own any product that is being displayed on your site. You have complete freedom to decide the price of the product you are selling. Once your payment has been made, get in touch with the manufacturer (big or small) and pay them the sum they quote for the product as well as the shipping charges. The product then will be directly delivered to the address provided by the customer. You do not have to worry about delivery or shipping at all, thus you have very little on your own plate. It is indeed a good way of earning money online.

Let us move to the unrealistic part of dropshipping that Daily Profits conveniently decides to omit from the video. Firstly, you do not begin your foray into the market by making $2400 on the first day of work itself. Secondly, even if you were to make $2400 on the first day, it does not mean that you get to keep all of it. There is a big difference between profit and sales volume. You will have to keep a lot of other things in mind, which means that you will have to spend what you earn on things such as –

  • The original Cost Price of the product quoted by the merchant
  • The shipping charges required for the product to be delivered
  • Any and all kinds of fees for transaction
  • Payment for advertisements that appear on social media platforms
  • There is always a possibility of a return or a customer demanding a refund
  • The platform which houses your online store will also require a form of payment
  • If you have people helping you out in this process, you will have to pay them proper wages

This does not cover everything that you would have to look out for while dropshipping. Other overhead expenditure adds up in the bill. It is entirely possible that you might not make any profit in this business. Obviously, that is dependent both on the strategies that you employ as well as the kind of response that you are garnering. For example, if you were to invest a lot in putting up paid advertisements on social media sites to begin with, chances are you will end up barely breaking even. All of this requires proper guidance and training. There is no point trying to deny this fact.  Apart from this, you will also need to make an initial investment of around $1000 to make sure that you can find a product that has a proper demand in the market, and you can make a profit off of.

Along with this, Gary conveniently forgets to tell you that $7 is just a small part of the sum that you will be paying once you become a member of Daily Profits. Their upsells easily go beyond $400 and effective training is extremely dubious. Like I said before, there are better programs to train yourself in the skills required for dropshipping. 

However, the good bit about Daily Profits is the fact that their subscriptions come with a 60-day money back guarantee.

There is little point in tarrying, it would be better to turn your attention towards a proper training program.

The Pros of Daily Profits Program

  • At the end of the day, Daily Profits emphasises on dropshipping. Dropshipping is a completely legitimate way of generating revenue online. It is something that a lot of people are involved in.
  • The entry barrier/access to the front-end is priced affordably. This means that you do not lose a lot of money whilst entering the program
  • A robust 60 day money back guarantee. Keep this in mind, because you might need to make use of it, once the upsells are revealed to you.

The Cons of Daily Profits Program 

Well, this list will be longer than the previous one. Simply because, the Daily Profits program gives us the scope to do so. Take a look at the things that I find problematic.

  • Tons of Fake Testimonials

Well, if you give the right guys, the right amount of money, they will say whatever you want them to say. You can easily hire such people from Fiverr.com and have them record different things for a payment.

Daily Profits subscribers use tricks like these to ensure that they have enough visibility for people to notice. They will usually hire people to talk about the insane revenue that they have apparently accumulated in a short span of time. None of it is true; the people in the testimonial videos have probably never even used Daily Profits programs at all.   

My qualm lies here, if Daily Profits were able to deliver on the promises of making quick money, there would be real benefactors present in the world. If real benefactors were present, they would have been the one to make the videos. The moment you see fake recorded testimonials online, you should know that the programs are probably of poor quality. This process is prevalent amongst bad service providers, who care less about their subscribers.

  • The Gary Jenkins Persona

Since you have seen the Daily Profits sales video, you must have noticed that our beloved Mr Gary Jenkins never reveals his face. This must have piqued your interest. Well, it definitely piqued mine and I followed it up with meticulous google searches. As is the case, I was not able to find anyone of repute, who is also a millionaire, and shares the same name.

However, something sparked, and I could vaguely recall a similar program, that promised similar things, with a founder who had an uncanny resemblance to our dear Gary. Upon realising this, I started going through all my reviews. This search led me to a Steven Jenkins who was at the helm of a similar company. The resemblance was so uncanny that even the bank statements shared in that video was similar to the one that is on Daily Profits.

Gary and Steven talk about the same method to make money online. It is dropshipping. There is clearly something fishy about this. However, it is a common practice amongst those who make a business out of selling different online courses to the public. It is simple, when you cannot deliver on your promises, you happen to lose the trust and support of your customer base. And if you are aware of the fact that you definitely cannot deliver, well, you keep changing names and peddling similar products constantly. 

  • Loopholes Cannot Be The Way To Make Money

If it has not been made clear before, allow me to do so. Please maintain a safe distance between programs that tell you about money making loopholes and yourself. Obviously, this advice is extended for all programs using secrets, strategies, and tricks. This does not mean that different programs have not figured out ways to streamline your work. It is simply pointing towards the fact that there indeed are no shortcuts to take while trying to earn your keep, and there is nothing that would simply triple what you earn instantly. 

  • Upsells and Costs

The Daily Profits sales page mentions that customers are granted access to all the material once you pay a small amount of $7. However, in most cases, it is not true. The upsells account for over $400. Once you realise that the support provided after paying $7 is absolutely not adequate, you would be in a tight bind to purchase the upsells.

Remember that all fees and payments that you make to Daily Profits is minus a lot of expenditure. You have to pay for hosting services, website related tools, as well as a lot of paraphernalia on the internet space itself. This is discounting the amount you would need to maintain a proper dropshipping business with your merchant.

The last section of this review, houses a strong recommendation for the alternative to Daily Profits for getting hands on mentorship for dropshipping businesses.

  • A Faux Scarcity

Programs such as this, whose only strength is in marketing their own products and who have no idea how to deliver on their promises, generally resort to such tactics. You will notice how the amp their image by advertising that seats are filling up fast, and that there are only a few left. While some of these advertisements might be true, most of the time it is how they create a fake demand to lure in more customers. This is not so great in my opinion, considering the fact that you are leading people on without giving them the scope to research and think about their decision. If your customer is misinformed, it is akin to cheating them.  

  • Wrong information

Dearest Gary, in the Daily Profits sales video, shares multiple screenshots with you. He tells you that these are profits that have been made thanks to the wonderful loophole that he has discovered. However, someone who has spent enough time in the online marketing business can easily spot that these are nothing but the sales volume of the business. There are a lot of things that have to be paid before you can move to calculate your profit. You have to buy the product from your merchant, arrange shipping, pay for advertisements on social media, calculate the transaction costs, pay your assistants, before you can actually compute how much you get to take home at the end of the day.

If you are new to this business and have no idea about advertisements, this can be a costly affair for you. This should not demotivate you. Instead, this should push you towards proper training and guidance. Posing the sales volume as profit made is an age old trick that people use to convince customers that the program is worth joining. Many fall into this trap, and honestly, it becomes difficult to get out of this quagmire once you are in it. 

  • Curious Case of the Missing Information

A close look at the Daily Profits website is enough to reveal that there are a lot of important infomation straight out missing. There is no mention of a proper privacy policy, there are zero disclaimers about incomes or otherwise, amongst a lot of other things. It makes me wonder why this is so. If there is something to hide, these things definitely do not fall under that bracket. On the contrary, these are things that make sure Daily Profits can legally challenge any charge that is levied against them.

Also, how can they ensure that your information will be dealt with properly? Or the fact that your e-mail will not be overflowing with random information, promotional offers, and schemes? It is important to have a completely transparent policy setup so that personal information is never misused. 

  • Who Should be Joining Daily Profits?

Well, it is you who must join Daily Profits, so that Gary can make some money off of your subscription. It is definitely for all those people who really want to be disappointed after this program yields no results. 

  • Is There Proper Customer Support?

There is no information about customer support on the Daily Profits webpage. This is a very crucial piece of the puzzle considering that training courses always require some or the other form of guidance. While I cannot be sure about the existence of customer support in the Daily Profits Members’ area, it is a possibility that there might not be one at all. 


Well, Daily Profits is legitimate. It does not qualify as a scam simply because you get some basic training in exchange for the money you furnish them with. The front-end subscription, as well as the upsells have the capacity to contribute to your knowledge base and ideation. This is the tricky part however, there is no point in spending so much money behind something that barely performs the bare minimum task it is supposed to complete. You will, in all likelihood, be disappointed when you sign up for this program. Your disappointment will be directly proportionate to the money you end up spending on various resources, as well as the kind of profits you will see. It is a completely proven fact that you will be spending good money when it comes to purchasing and paying for your own business. The income bit can fluctuate, but I am extremely sorry to inform you that it will be nowhere close to what Gary claims.  

However, none of this means that you cannot make any money online at all. On the contrary, I would urge you to try and explore these means. My advice would be to follow tried and tested methods, as well as get guidance from someone who is legitimate and trustworthy. There is little to no trust bestowed on someone who frequently changes their name.

Better Alternative (My #1 Recommendation)

In today’s day and age, there are a ton of gurus selling scams promising you to make millions of dollars overnight without putting in any work and a lot of them are for making money online.

I have tried and reviewed a lot of these garbage programs on my website and in saying that I must admit there are still some programs which are actually worth it and are quite good.

Out of all the legit programs that I have personally seen, one of the best ones I always recommend to almost anyone starting out is Wealthy Affiliate. This is one of the best places to start as a beginner.

It is one of the most comprehensive training out there teaching you almost everything you need to get started making money online. Not only do they teach you everything, but they also provide you with almost all the tools you need. It’s like an all in one platform.

One thing I love about this is that there is really no limit to how much income you can earn and it’s quite simple, requires no experience to get started so anyone can do it.

Guys, I have tried many different legit business models including dropshipping, social media marketing, drop servicing and more!

And to be fair, I have actually lost a lot of money trying out guru courses, training, webinars and things just not working/making any money.

Trust me, while those other businesses are legit and do work, they are a lot more cash-intensive and harder than affiliate marketing.

This here is NOT to brag but, to show you a small chunk of what I make online with affiliate marketing just to show you proof that I have done it.

Earn Passive Income At Home Income ProofEarn Passive Income At Home Income Proof 2Earn Passive Income At Home Income Proof 2

Quite a few wealthy affiliate members actually earn over 5-figures per month! (That’s crazy, I am not there yet.)

Keep in mind that this is NOT a get rich quick scheme, you will NOT make money by just clicking a button.

This does require work like everything in life worth getting but, it’s worth it because eventually, you can not only work from the comfort of your home earning a full-time income but, start making passive income from this business.

If your looking to get started in a proper legitimate long term business you should definitely look into joining wealthy affiliate. It’s FREE to get started!

Read my comprehensive review on Wealthy Affiliate to basically see if it’s something you want to join or not.

And if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to let me know, I will be more than happy to help you out!

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