ConversioWidgets Review

ConversioWidgets Review: My Honest Review

You may have heard about ConversioWidgets from its relation to the previous version called ConversioBot. Both of these are created by two people – Chris and Simon Wood. 

ConversioWidgets is made up of a bunch of tools and widgets that are potentially supposed to help your business improve its sales through acquisition of new leads and other conversion methods used on a website. 

So what exactly is ConversioWidgets and how is it different from ConversioBot? This article will explore this further below.

Please note that if you are a beginner with no experience and no website, this tool may not be what you’re looking for. This tool is for websites that are already set up and so you would be better off checking  a few of my other reviews that are aimed at beginners – *place link here*

A brief explanation

Based on their website, ConversioWidgets is a bunch of tools and widgets (around 17) that are powered by AI (Artificial Intelligence) to help improve your website’s performance. These widgets are supposed to encourage visitors to do certain tasks using nudges (little hints left on the website that push a visitor to do a certain action but not in a forceful or in-your-face way) as a means of increasing overall sales and creating new leads.

Having done my research, I can safely say that the software itself is highly legitimate and that what they are offering is well worth the price. In case you are worried about paying upfront as well, they have a no-risk thirty day money back guarantee in place as well.

So what really is ConversionWidgets?

As mentioned before, ConversioWidgets consists of tools numbering 17 which are designed specifically with the intention to increase conversions. These tools work together to show very detailed information or to lead them subtly towards taking a certain action on the site. This makes the whole experience more personal for the user and has the potential to improve sales if used right.

The type of marketing that is used here, where the customers are led on the chin by subtle hints, is called nudge marketing. These are used in multiple ways by many different websites, and not only for online marketing means. They act as a psychological stimulant where it can manifest a feeling in the user to make a certain action on the site. 

Some top examples you would have seen around the web are:

Urgent notifications – When a site has a countdown timer to when a discount is going to end.

Missing out – People don’t like to miss out on things that others are enjoying.

I’m sure you have visited websites where a little pop-up appears at the bottom left of the page saying something like “George purchased a *apple mobile phone* 10 minutes ago”. This is an example of nudge marketing where the site is not directly forcing you to purchase but is rather putting it in a way that makes it seem like the product should be an item that the user wants to purchase. 

Here are a few ways that you can use ConversioWidgets to do something similar:

  • Create an automatic discount coupon via a spin wheel
  • Offer potential weekly discounts with an optin notification to collect contact information
  • Notifications that include social proof showing purchases by other people
  • Countdown timer

How do these tools work?

So now that you have a general idea about what this product is, let’s look at how you can use it on your website.

  1. First you will have to purchase the software. Once done, go through the list of widgets and select which one you want to use.
  2. Next you can go to the options of the widget and select what timing and where on the screen you want the notification to popup when a visitor enters the site. 
  3. Now you can also decide if you want to set a value for the number of times a visitor has to come to your site to be eligible to be shown the notification. (If applicable)
  4. Next you will have to fill out the details for the notification such as the text on the notification, the value of the discount (if it is a discount) and the button design that will lead the visitor to the targeted page.
  5. Once you save all the above, you will get an HTML link code that you will have to copy.
  6. Now you will have to go to the theme editor page of the website and paste the above code in the spot where you want the notification to appear. For example, place the link on the header section if you want it to show on the header of the page.
  7. Save everything and it should all be done. As simple as that!

That’s great, but what about pricing?

If you’ve been running a website for a while, you know the number of costs that add up over time as you have to pay for multiple different softwares and tools every month. With ConversionWidgets you can save some dough every month and still have an awesome lead-converting software for a single payment of $34 which is for the lite version. If you want the pro commercial version with a full license, it will be a one time payment of $67.

Compared to the high monthly payments that some softwares charge, for what ConversionWidgets offers to your website, I think that this pricing is quite fair and has the potential to bring you way more value over time. 

And in case you’re still second-guessing yourself, you should also remember that this software comes with a nice 30-day money back guarantee to ease your mind. You can try out the system and if it doesn’t work well for you, you can always get your money refunded with no attached conditions!

Do they sell anything else?

ConversioWidgets is just one of the many softwares that are made by this company. Each of them have their own uses and they are all useful in certain situations. I will just list down a couple here for a brief reference:

ConversioBot – This is a software that allows the user to create automated chatbots with the intention of improving conversions through increased user interaction. You can write your own script and fine tune it to work exactly how you want it to – Priced at $47

There is also a pro version where the chatbots are already programmed to work from the get-go with only minor changes – this is priced at $97.

Why should you buy this software?

I hope that I have given you a comprehensive enough idea about what this software can do for your business. Here are a few reasons that I think you should consider when buying the software:

  • It can do something on your site with ease that would usually take a developer a lot of time and effort to pull off constantly.
  • There are multiple offers available that make it an even cheaper investment.
  • Offers a money back guarantee
  • The system itself is not complex and is quite user-friendly. 
  • The software is hosted on the cloud so you won’t have to spend on extra web hosting.

What’s not to like about this software?

As it is a fairly new software to the market, I can’t outright say that there is nothing wrong with this software. It is yet to be tested thoroughly by multiple businesses and so there may be some issues later on down the road. 

However, the same could be said about any other software out there and for what this software offers you and for the price it is being offered at, I think it is a steal of an investment, especially with the money back guarantee in place. 

For whom would this software work best?

This software is not limited to be used by any one type of business or market. If done correctly, almost anyone can benefit from it. Here are a few examples:

  • Blogs
  • E-commerce stores
  • Freelancer sites
  • Review pages
  • B2B services
  • Course selling websites

Does this software work on any website?

In short, yes this software is designed to be open to almost all common types of websites. For your reference I will note down a few of the popular builders but you should note that it is not limited to these and I have found that this works on most websites – Shopify, WordPress, BigCommerce, Wix, SquareSpace, LeadPages, Clickfunnels, Magento, Joomla, etc.

Does the company offer support to its customers?

In terms of the company itself, there is a specialized team appointed within the company specifically for support services. In case you have any questions, you can always reach out to them. The software is not difficult to use and there are a lot of training materials that come with the software which you can go through to find the answer to most of your queries. 

However, since the product is still quite new I have no information on the actual efficiency of the support team and if the support they give is top notch. But you can always fall back on that guarantee if you feel that you don’t like the company for any reason and get your money back.

My Verdict

If you came onto this page thinking that ConversioWidgets was not legit, I hope I have successfully changed your mind on how good it is as a software for your business.

I think it is a really good software that any business with a website should use as it quite potentially has the chance to grow your website beyond what you imagined. Just be creative with the way you use it to lure customers in and you will be amazed at what this simple software can do for your conversions.

What do I do if I don’t have a website?

Well, as I mentioned at the start of this article, reading through this would be useless information for those of you who don’t already own a website. Yes, you may have gleaned that there is a software like ConversioWidgets that exists, but you wouldn’t be able to practically apply it and frankly, if you haven’t started a business yet and have no website, you still have a long way to go before you start using these softwares yourself.

Therefore, if you stuck through this entire post and got here, I commend you for your persistence and I want to offer you something that I hope has the capacity to change your life. Here is my totally risk-free unpriced guide that will teach you everything you need to know about starting an online business today. Here I will talk about the best ways to start making an income online as well as the best method of creating your own passive income streams. The guide is meant for beginners and if you are one and you are looking to change your online game, click on this link and get started on your journey to financial freedom. Good luck!

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