Captcha Club Review

Captcha Club Review: My Honest Review

The Internet is a great place to start a business, but you need to be careful. Many scammers take advantage of unaware beginners, and knowing how to spot a scam can save you a lot of money and frustration.

Captcha Club is one of the many websites promising you can make money from home. It seems to focus on completing captchas, and that’s a legitimate way to make some money. It’s not much, but sites like Kolotibablo let people make a bit of extra cash on the side.

Does that mean Captcha Club is worth your time? That’s what I’ll help you find out today.

About Captcha Club

Captcha Club promises a steady income completing captchas and similar tasks like data entry. It claims better earnings than most platforms on the Internet, and that’s the first odd sign I found.

The domain was registered by someone name Michelle Jowett, seemingly from Texas. Being able to find out about this was definitely a good sign, as many scammers try to hide this information. Still, you can easily see the website is registered by GoDaddy and its registration date.

Interestingly, you can also see the website has an SSL certificate; this used to be a great sign to avoid scams since it used to be somewhat expensive. However, you can get free SSL certificates with modern hosting providers or cheaper with third-party services.

Membership tiers and payments

Unfortunately, things start to fall apart when we get to this section. Captcha Club splits its members into 3 tiers: Standard, Premium, and Premium Plus. Each account has different payments per captcha and a limit on how many you can complete per day; Premium Plus removes the daily captcha limit.

The rates here are quite exaggerated. You can see the Standard users can make $0.03 for every captcha, which is many times larger than other websites that pay around the $0.001 mark.

That’s for the free basic account, mind you. The other tiers are two and three times that amount. Of course, they mention how much you can make, but not how much you have to pay for the premium accounts. The same goes for the duration of these memberships.

Luckily, you can find the price after a few clicks, and the two premium accounts are $100 and $200. Sadly, there’s still no information about how long these last. They could be a one-off payment or a recurring membership for all I know.

The other problem is the daily limit on captchas. Most people can complete 250 in less than an hour with enough experience, and that’s for the Premium account; remember you have to pay for that one. I can’t see any reason why you’d want to limit the amount of work you can get done; maybe they don’t have enough demand.

However, I’d say it’s just an incentive to get you to pay for the Premium Plus account; it removes all limits and offers $0.10 for every captcha. I’d say this is clearly the largest red flag. They’re supposed to profit from your work already, so why would they charge you to work for them?

Besides, at $0.10 per captcha, you can make $100 for every 1,000 you solve. Considering you can do them in a couple of hours with enough practice, you can see how unrealistic these promises are.

Payment methods

You can withdraw your money with PayPal, Payoneer, and Payza according to their homepage. You need at least $100 to withdraw your money, and Standard members make $90 monthly with the daily limit. 

How does it work?

In case you don’t know, captchas are those quick tests you’re given on websites to prove you’re not a bot. These include typing words, selecting images with specific elements, etc. Captcha websites like Kolotibablo and, allegedly, Captcha Club pay you for completing theses.

They’ll show different captchas from all types. Chances are you’ve had to complete these already if you use the Internet regularly. These can be as easy as checking a box or as “difficult” as typing obscured words into a box.

Every correct entry adds money to your balance, and wrong entries won’t deduct anything from it.

The most important red flags

Now, I was already paranoid after reading the membership tiers, but I found more bad signs the more I researched.

Odd videos

Firstly, we have videos entirely dedicated to showing you payment evidence; these feel out of place, and I’ve never seen a legitimate company do this. If they’ve been around for as long as they claim, they shouldn’t need to convince visitors about them actually paying.

Besides, other videos are very similar to the fake testimonial videos I’ve found on scam websites. I couldn’t find the actors, so don’t take my word for it; however, they they felt scripted.

Restrictive withdrawal policies

The $100 minimum for withdrawals was a warning sign. Similar websites keep it under $10, usually averaging around $5 because of the small payouts.

Nevertheless, the real problem came with the hidden fee when withdrawing your money. You have to pay them $40 to take out your cash. If you’re a Standard user making close to $100 monthly, that’s basically a 40% fee.

It’s also a common approach used by scam websites like Three Dollar Click.

Overpriced membership program

The prices for the membership program are too expensive as well. The mid-tier Premium plan costs $100, which is your monthly earnings for the Standard account. Since you can make around $450 with it, that’s nearly 25% of your profits.

Besides, there’s no way to tell whether these are monthly subscriptions or not. Given the membership system, I’d say that’s the case. Therefore, you’re stuck at $310 monthly if you’re a Premium user after deducting the $100 and $40 from your membership and withdrawal fee.

Fake “top workers”

This “top workers” section was quite amusing. I’ll just tell you straight away: these are fake. That said, I must admit Captcha Club was quite clever.

Hovering your mouse over the pictures brings up an orange cover over them. It makes it so that you can’t right click on the image; this means you can’t copy and search them on the web. Luckily, if you right click anywhere else on the site and then right click the image, you can bypass the orange screen.

I quickly found several of these images to be mere stock photos. For instance, “Ranveer Singh” is just a stock photo of a “handsome man.” The amazingly-named Jennifer Aniston is also a common picture in other online articles, completely unrelated to Captcha Club.


To be brief, Captcha Club checks all the requirements to be an online scam. It makes outrageous promises, provides fake evidence, squeezes money out of you, and has a lot of people complaining about it.

If you really want to make money on the Internet, you must understand it’s not a quick buck. It requires effort, dedication, and investment, just like any other business venture.

Better Alternative (My #1 Recommendation)

In today’s day and age, there are a ton of gurus selling scams promising you to make millions of dollars overnight without putting in any work and a lot of them are for making money online.

I have tried and reviewed a lot of these garbage programs on my website and in saying that I must admit there are still some programs which are actually worth it and are quite good.

Out of all the legit programs that I have personally seen, one of the best ones I always recommend to almost anyone starting out is Wealthy Affiliate. This is one of the best places to start as a beginner.

It is one of the most comprehensive training out there teaching you almost everything you need to get started making money online. Not only do they teach you everything, but they also provide you with almost all the tools you need. It’s like an all in one platform.

One thing I love about this is that there is really no limit to how much income you can earn and it’s quite simple, requires no experience to get started so anyone can do it.

Guys, I have tried many different legit business models including dropshipping, social media marketing, drop servicing and more!

And to be fair, I have actually lost a lot of money trying out guru courses, training, webinars and things just not working/making any money.

Trust me, while those other businesses are legit and do work, they are a lot more cash-intensive and harder than affiliate marketing.

This here is NOT to brag but, to show you a small chunk of what I make online with affiliate marketing just to show you proof that I have done it.

Earn Passive Income At Home Income ProofEarn Passive Income At Home Income Proof 2Earn Passive Income At Home Income Proof 2

Quite a few wealthy affiliate members actually earn over 5-figures per month! (That’s crazy, I am not there yet.)

Keep in mind that this is NOT a get rich quick scheme, you will NOT make money by just clicking a button.

This does require work like everything in life worth getting but, it’s worth it because eventually, you can not only work from the comfort of your home earning a full-time income but, start making passive income from this business.

If your looking to get started in a proper legitimate long term business you should definitely look into joining wealthy affiliate. It’s FREE to get started!

Read my comprehensive review on Wealthy Affiliate to basically see if it’s something you want to join or not.

And if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to let me know, I will be more than happy to help you out!

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