AddResponse Review

AddResponse Review

Have you heard about this software AddResponse and been wondering about how it can help your business? They claim that they can help improve your sales figures and bring in more clients. 

  • So how exactly do they do this?
  • What does this software do for your business?
  • Who can benefit from it the most?
  • Would it be worth the purchase?

All of these are valid questions and you should have answers to all of them before you make the purchase. In this article, I will be going through all that I know about this software and answer these queries for you. If you are interested in knowing more about this software, then continue reading on.

What exactly is the AddResponse software?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is being used more every day in the modern world. What started out as a fantasy in movies is being transformed into reality and we are using the most basic of AI functions to help us run business functions. 

AddResponse uses artificial technology to run its functions. It was created by Cyril Jeet who wanted to create software that was able to moderate comments on your social media pages based on certain words that you can program. So if you need to filter comments on your posts to not include profanity, negativity, competitor names, sales offers, spam, etc, you can do so with the use of this software. 

The AI will go through all your comments and automatically block comments that appear with these words. You can then manually check each comment and approve the ones you want to show on the post. The software already has many general words programmed into it so it will start blocking them immediately. However, you are also able to add your own words to the software and customize it specifically for your business.

What can you gain from using this software?

As a business in the modern world, you will need to have an online presence in order to be visible and create awareness about your business. Therefore, you will need to maintain your online social profiles. This is where this software can step in to help you.

  • Your profile and the posts need to keep up that air of professionalism. This is because these places are where your existing and new customers will engage with your business. Therefore, you need to keep it clean and meaningful. You don’t want it to be filled with spam comments, hateful messages, and other sales-y posts that are just going to take up the bulk of your comment feed. 
  • You will save a ton of your time and money by using this software to take care of this for you. If you were to have someone constantly monitoring it then you will need to pay them a monthly salary and there is always the case that comments can slip through. If you were to do it yourself, you will have to spend so much time every day going through the comments that you won’t spend as much time growing the business.
  • You can stop your competitors from stealing your customers, running smear campaigns, and advertising for free on your posts by blocking their names and related words. This is a tactic that many businesses have faced, so it is good to have software that will automatically block all of this.
  • If you are an agency, you can use this software as an additional selling feature to your clients. You can offer to manage their social media accounts and also moderate all the comments, which will be useful to most.

How do you use AddResponse?

Here I will go through the process of how to use this software and how it works:

  1. Once you have purchased and installed the software, you can connect both your Facebook and Instagram accounts to the software.
  2. You then have to compile a set of words that you want to be blocked for each of your accounts. You will need to add these words to each of your accounts. You can also decide if you want them to be automatically deleted by the software or suspended till they are reviewed and approved by you.
  3. You can now choose to add users/names that you want to ban from ever commenting on any of your posts. This will completely block all comments made by those profiles. 
  4. Just like that, it is set up. Now it is a simple matter of logging into the software on a daily basis to check on the comments that have been suspended. If you notice that an account has been posting continuously, you can add them to the block list right away.

How much does the software cost?

Right now, if you want to test out the software and use the most basic version called AddResponse Elite, you can get it for a one-time payment of $24. Now, this pricing is only going to be around for a short time and it will shift to a monthly payment structure over time. 

The basic account comes with a limited number of accounts and pages that you can add for moderation. To get more pages and accounts, they have a lot of other options available for you:

  • AddResponse Pro – $67 – You will get up to four times the number of social media accounts and up to ten times the number of comments that the software will moderate for you when compared to AddResponse Elite. You can even add staff into the mix who will be able to run specific roles for you. This is also the package you want to get if you want to use it as an agency. It will give you the commercial license necessary to legally promote the service to your clients.
  • AddResponse Agency – $97 – With this package, you will get the re-sale rights if you want to sell this product to others. It will come as a Whitelabel and you can package the whole software differently to AddResponse and sell it as your own software.
  • CrediResponse Pro – $67 – On top of comment moderation, they also have other software that can help you. This software is an automatic responder that will respond to people’s comments with a pre-made template that you can create yourself. This will drive more engagement because it will look like your business account is replying quite fast to people’s comments.
  • SiteContact Pro – $47 – Here is another software that you can use to build Facebook messenger lists. It will maintain a log and contact of all the people who have contacted you so that you can run campaigns or contact them at a later time when needed.

You should note that all of these products come with a money-back guarantee of 30 days. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about risking this money as you can always get it back if you don’t like the software. 

However, if you want to purchase it, then it would be better to go with the Pro version of the software because it offers you so much more in terms of usability and performance, and it is not such a big jump in prices. Since it is a one-time fee, it will make up for itself over time. 

Do you get anything else when you purchase the software?

As a thank you for purchasing the software during the early stages, AddResponse will add in a few free items to sweeten the deal. Here is what you will get:

  • Free item 1 – A training guide on how you can maximize the Instagram traffic you get to your account.
  • Free item 2 – You will automatically get the commercial rights to use this software for your clients, no matter which version you buy.
  • Free item 3 – You will get an additional video editing software called Video Box. You can use this to convert any video into a converting social media video quite easily. 

What’s there to like about the software?

  • This is a modern problem that many businesses have and so it is quite useful to most businesses.
  • You will be saving a lot of time and cash in the long-run
  • You have the potential to improve your sales to the maximum without these additional problems.
  • You can protect your business from predatory social media tactics
  • There is a money-back guarantee that always acts as a safety net for your money
  • The software is intuitive and clean to use.

What are the problems with the software?

There isn’t much wrong with the software because it does the job that it is created for. The only downside is that the basic version is not something that will actually be of use to a business. You will need to upgrade to the Pro version for it to be of actual use for you.

Who should purchase AddResponse?

As I mentioned, this software can be useful to many people because it works on social media which is something that almost every business uses. Here are some examples:

  • Home-based businesses and start-ups
  • Affiliate marketers who promote their products using these social accounts
  • Businesses that use dropshipping or e-commerce methods
  • Social media agencies and freelancers
  • Software resellers who want to create their own brand of the same product

Does the software have good support?

Even after you purchase the software, there may be problems or issues you can face. Therefore, it is essential to know about their support before purchasing. As of right now, there is not much information about this and how good their support it because it is quite new. 

However, Cyril Heet is a known software creator in the industry and he has created multiple other software that offers 24/7 support. Therefore, you can trust that the software is legit and will help you with any of your issues. 

My verdict – Should you purchase AddResponse?

In short, my answer is yes, if you have the need for it. By putting it into use, you will be saving yourself long-term costs and headaches that will come from continuously moderating all these comments on a daily basis.

There is so much that this software will protect your online reputation and potential customers from. If you are running an online business, then you will need to use software like this as you will benefit a lot. 

If you are going to purchase it, my recommendation would be to get the Pro version because you have a lot more flexibility with it. You can even earn additional income by re-selling the software to your own clients. If you are paying the one-time fee, this will allow you to cover the cost of the software in no time. Also, you will have that money-back guarantee in place which will protect the amount that you invested into AddResponse. 

What if this software is of no use to you?

Until now, I have written this article under the impression that you have your own business and are running and managing your own social media profiles. However, if you are a new business owner with no website and just an idea, then this software is basically useless to you until you get to that point.

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