A2 Hosting Affiliate Program Review

A2 Hosting Affiliate Program Review

Making money through affiliate marketing has never been made easier. The A2 Hosting affiliate program is a program that is made to save you time and energy if you are ever looking into getting on the affiliate wagon. Below, we will be looking into everything about the A2 Hosting program and giving you our review for you to get a better picture of what it is about.

We hope that the article we have created will help you to make a better decision about joining A2 Hosting and what you can achieve as an affiliate. This will include the pros and cons of the program as well as our comparison of it when compared to the other similar programs available on the market.

Towards the end of the article, we will also give you the best methods to promote A2 Hosting as an affiliate, which will include the necessary tools and training that you will need to become a good affiliate marketer.

Why choose the A2 Hosting Affiliate Program?

In our opinion, A2 Hosting offers a high commission rate. From our research, we can conclude that this program is a profitable affiliate program that is slightly above others in the entire industry. It has got a ton of products to promote, commissions that go beyond just the initial sale, and they also boast top support standards for their current customers. Joining this program will make it less complex to get new customers and will make your affiliate money-making journey so much easier.

How Does This Program Work?

Joining this program is quite a simple process. We have listed it down below: 

1 – Sign Up For The Program

First, you need to do the most basic step which is to fill a form to apply to the program. There is not much explanation needed here as you will only have to provide your most basic details such as your name, address, contact number, PayPal address, and more.

Once done, they will also ask you for your website URL. You will need to enter a URL (through which you will promote A2 Hosting) so that A2 Hosting can verify that you are an actual affiliate marketer and not someone who is not going to do the job properly.

Once you have entered all of your details, it can take a few days for your application to be approved. Usually, the final decision may rest on your website and its contents, so make sure that it is up to standard and presentable for what you want to market so as to ensure a smooth approval.

2 – Choose A Suitable Channel To Start Promoting

Okay, now you have been approved. Congratulations! You are now able to log in to your A2 Hosting affiliate dashboard and once inside you will find all the necessary starting tools on the homepage such as the banners and shareable affiliate links. 

Once you have your affiliate link, you will now be able to start promoting A2 Hosting’s services: 

  1. Firstly, you can create a website or a blog to manage your affiliate links. This will give you a lot of control over the content of your page and what you want to showcase. You even have the freedom to change the content to match the new affiliate product you are selling. The website can include videos about A2 Hostings products and product guides that will prove to be a useful resource for the incoming visitor. Once you have captured their attention on the page, you can use your affiliate link to bring them directly to the service page on A2 Hosting.
  2. You can use paid advertising methods such as Google – Google display and PPC ads or Social media ads – Facebook. This method is more expensive but if done right can get more traffic faster to your page. Therefore, it is not recommended for first-time affiliate marketers.
  3. You can place multiple banners on your own website which are linked to different services on the A2 platform. You can have multiple pages for each service and a banner for each of them. This will make it easier to divert the traffic to the relevant pages and so can ideally lead to more conversions.
  4. Posting on forums – There are a lot of public forums and question and answer platforms that are popular these days. When people want something they will usually post a question about it on one of these platforms. You can take initiative and answer these questions well so as to build trust in your profile. Once your trust is built, you can promote A2 Hosting using the affiliate link you received or transfer them to the website directly by showing them how their services can help.
  5. Use Email Marketing campaigns. Being consistent with this can give you massive results over time as you build your lists.
  6. Create a YouTube channel of your own and publish videos about using A2 Hostings software, tutorials, and more. Video content is more easily digested these days and is the best form of content to capture a user’s attention.

As you can see, a website would be the best option for an affiliate marketer. It will give you a lot of control and options through which to market your product. A website is almost a necessity for most businesses now and it is difficult to operate online without one. It also has the added advantage of using SEO to rank on Google. If done correctly, this can bring free conversions for you through organic traffic means.

Organic traffic, which is search traffic that came to your site, not through paid means, is one of the best forms of traffic because it shows user intent and you didn’t force anyone to come on to your page. Therefore, it has a higher chance of converting compared to others. This combined with a well-optimized website will be a useful resource when running an affiliate marketing campaign.

When you rely on a platform that you are using as an account but don’t own, you run the risk of losing access to the account which is not the case with a website. For example, on YouTube, there is always a risk that your channel can be taken down or removed for multiple reasons. You will usually not have a say in this and will most probably lose all your work that was done before that.

Just to refresh your memory, you don’t need a degree or vast technical knowledge to create a website. A simple WordPress website can be created with a good builder such as the one given by Wealthy Affiliate, which is a platform that provides users with the best affiliate marketing training around.

3 – When Your Referrals Sign Up For A Paid Plan, Get Paid.

Alright, you have now also chosen your best method to promote and you are starting to see a few conversions coming in. You should note that eventually you will get paid for every single customer that came through your unique link and made a purchase. 

However, commissions work a little differently and it will depend on how many paying customers come to A2 Hosting through your link every month. When one of your referrals signs up, your commission will be paid to you once a period of 30 days has passed since they signed up.

Breaking down the A2 Hosting Affiliate Program

We know that this program is great, but we think that everyone should be privy to all the information available before making a decision. Here are some features of the program that you should know before joining:

1 – The commission structure

As we mentioned earlier, this program can be very profitable if done right. Here is a breakdown of how the structure works in A2 Hosting:

  • If you bring in 1 to 10 referral customers – You get paid $55/referral
  • If you bring in 11 to 15 referral customers – You get paid $75/referral
  • If you bring in 16 to 20 referral customers – You get paid $100/referral
  • If you bring in more than 21 referral customers – You get paid $125/referral

Through our research, we found that you will not easily beat these commission payments when compared to other competitive programs out there. For the most part, the competition will give you a flat rate for every customer you bring in rather than giving you stacked commission rates for the more work you put in.

With A2 Hosting you even have the luxury of negotiating your commission rate with them directly. If you have a justified reason and you feel that the work you put in deserves it, you can even go $135 or more for a sale.

What are 2nd-tier commissions?

Did you know that you can also invite fellow affiliates to join the A2 Hosting program with you? All you have to do is send them your unique affiliate invitation link. Once they have joined and signed up through your link, you will receive a $5 commission for every sale that one of your invited affiliates does on the platform. By building a big enough network, you can have more streams of commissions coming in without doing more work!

Click to join the A2 Hosting Affiliate Program!

2 – Long cookie duration periods

Cookie duration is the number of days in between where the cookie stays intact from the day that a user clicks on your affiliate link to the day that they make a sale. On A2 Hosting this duration is around ninety (90) days.

This means that even if a referral of yours clicked your link two months ago but only makes a purchase on A2 Hosting now, you still get commissioned for the sale without it being moved to someone else or the business itself. This gives a lot more time to convert a customer during this time.

Compared to its competitors, this is a really good perk for A2 Hosting affiliates as it increases your chances of converting a customer greatly.

3 – The payout methods

PayPal is the most used affiliate payment method used by A2 Hosting. If your payout at the time you want to withdraw is lower than $1,000 then it will be done immediately via a Paypal transaction. But if it is more than $1,000 or you did more than 11 sales on that particular month, they will give you the option to do a wire transfer directly to your bank account.

4 – The resources available for marketing

As mentioned earlier, once on the site you will be able to find banners and links that you can use to promote your business. These are most suitable for advertising or promotion material. These can be placed anywhere on your website and are a useful addition to bringing in new customers. 

On top of this, A2 Hosting also has another feature on their website called ‘deep links’. These links are used to generate another affiliate link that can take your visitors directly to a very specific product page rather than to the homepage. This will eliminate unnecessary clicks for the visitor, will save time, and will take them straight to the converting page rather than having the visitor go through a lot of fluff to get to the end goal.

Ultimately, this has a higher chance of getting more conversions due to the relative ease of it, which in turn will lead to higher commission levels.

5 – Are there a maximum number of referrals?

The short answer is no, there is no limit to how many referrals you can bring in to A2 Hosting. The site makes it a point to pay you for each and every customer brought in by your affiliate link and you don’t have to worry about reaching a limit. The more effort you put in, the more money you can potentially make.

6 – The dashboard

The dashboard offered by A2 Hosting is very user-friendly and quick to understand. As an affiliate, you are able to track your own commissions and performance, get a detailed view of the number of links clicks you received, add code tracking and so much more. It includes a ton of useful resources that give you the potential to earn higher commissions.

7 – The cost to join the program

This is a free-to-join program with no initial start-up cost to you. There are only other costs that you need to take into account such as your website costs (creation and maintenance) and your ad costs (Search ads and social media ads are expensive and are not recommended for those just starting out).

When compared to the cost of using PPC ads without a website to gain visitors, the cost of creating and maintaining a website is minimal and easily justified. In our opinion, it is the most effective method to ensure a steady stream of visitors every month and you even have the option of using your website to integrate other marketing methods into your strategy.

Why we think this program is the top affiliate program in the industry

1 – Promoting is a breeze with its large range of affiliate products

A2 Hosting offers so many different services that it is easy to pick one or few of the many that appeal to you, find the best target market based on these services, and then create a strategy to get the best customers to these service pages. Some of the products include and are not limited to:

  • Shared web, Cloud, and WordPress hosting
  • Dedicated hosting servers
  • Windows and Linux hosting

2 – Top-notch customer service

We can’t assume that most businesses are going to be technologically savvy. When it comes to website hosting, there is a high chance that some may require quick and orderly assistance on the technical side of things.

In response to this, A2 Hosting offers something called ‘guru support’ which is available even for the plans that they provide at their lower ends. This is something that sets them apart from their competitors as most of them do not offer this kind of service except for on their most expensive packages. Other companies offer only minor support which leads to customers having long wait times to solve their issues.

It is due to this reason that A2 Hosting has such a high review rating on the platform Trustpilot.

Having a high review score is very important to you as an affiliate marketer as people are more likely to believe reviews and the chances of conversion are higher when the reviews are good.

3 – Most affiliates have good reviews

Once you are done reading this, do a small search on Google for reviews or problems with A2 Hosting as an affiliate. You will find that there are very few complaints or bad feedback about the program offered to the affiliates. The business itself is run very well and they treat their affiliates well with no issues. When compared to the competition, you will see that the other programs have a lot more issues and negative feedback than A2 Hosting.

4 – Exciting commissions and structures

Due to the nature of the way A2 Hosting is running their commissions (high rate and long ‘cookie’ duration), as an affiliate, this platform would give you the best chances of bringing in more commission cash for yourself.

Couple this with the affiliate referral commissions you receive as well and you are looking at a long-term plan to financial freedom if you put in a good amount of work to build your affiliate profile and page.

5 – Support and Resources for Affiliates

There aren’t many A2 Hosting competitors out there who will provide the same amount of resources and help as A2 does. They have made the whole process really simple and effective to use. 

Some of the additional features that are present in the system are multiple link tracking options to find each link source separately and manage them, highly detailed reports for you to browse through, and training videos and articles created to help you become the best affiliate marketer you could be.

6 – Quite low pricing models

If you are willing to do some research yourselves, you can go through multiple different A2 Hosting competitors to compare their prices to what A2 is offering. Through what we found, we think it is safe to assume that for the price that A2 is charging, it is quite a bargain to purchase from them rather than to use another platform that does not come close to the level of service offered by A2. 

Having the ‘guru support’ level of customer service for every package and a lower price point than most others makes A2 a much better choice for the customers you send through to them. This in turn will help your conversion rates as the product your offering is better than the others in the market.

The Cons of the A2 Affiliate Program

In truth, we didn’t find a lot to complain about this program. If there is one thing that we think we should mention, it is that A2 Hosting decided to reduce their commission rates when compared to the previous model that they had. But it is still a fairly high commission rate and there are a lot more benefits that you get that counteracts this small change. So we take this con as a minimal complaint against the platform.

Who can use this program to market?

The best part about this program is that you could come from any work background, any small niche in the market, or not have a lot of technical knowledge and you would still be able to pick up how it works and make it work for you.

The way the site is set up, it is easy to learn and use. So anyone who is willing to put in the time and effort can potentially see results over time. As we’re sure you know, nothing will come easy when you do it the first time with no effort. By learning from the resources you are given and using your time wisely to execute the necessary working strategies, there is very little in between you and financial success.

These products will have to be aimed at those people who are in the online marketing niche, SEO niche, website management niche, and so on. You have to be creative and think of ways in which you can appeal to them and sell them the service. Businesses are always looking for ways to improve their sales/performance, so if you can convince them that your service is necessary, they will buy. By doing this right, anyone who puts their mind to it can benefit from using this platform as an affiliate marketer.

Who are the top A2 Hosting Competitors?

Having mentioned everything above you can see that this service is quite good in terms of what it can deliver for you as an affiliate marketer. However, for some people, things may not work out as planned and they may not be accepted into the program or they may simply want to try other services to check them out. So we have decided to add a few more options below:

Wealthy Affiliate – Another free affiliate training platform that also focuses on referring other affiliates to purchase their membership plans that include website protection and other site performance improvement tools. They have both a free membership and paid membership plan and their site has a lot of resources aimed at helping new affiliate marketers to get better. They are a really well-done platform and we would highly recommend this as well if you’re looking for other options.

SiteGround – They offer similar services to A2 Hosting but they have a lower rate of commission. Having done a bit of research, we found that they offer a good level of support to their customers as well so you don’t have to worry about that.

So, in conclusion…

Is A2 Hosting a top affiliate marketing platform? Definitely. Due to the many pros mentioned above, we are sure that having read it, you are also of the same mind that it is a very well done platform. The amount of benefits that you get from using this platform comes at a marginally low cost and we think that you will be able to succeed massively if you do it right.

Overall, we would give the platform a score of 93/100. (We deducted a few points because of the change in their commission structure). If you are a budding affiliate marketer or someone who is looking for a change, look no further than A2 Hosting (or Wealthy Affiliate if you want one other option) as they have will give you the best tools to ensure that you start making money through affiliate marketing.

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