1K A Day Fast Track Review

1K A Day Fast Track Review

Have you been looking for ways to make money online? I’m sure that is what could have led you towards finding the 1K A Day program done by Merlin Holmes. It is a very compelling and attractive program to hear about and anyone would want to know more about what it entails. 

Well, I am writing this article today to help with that. If you have been looking for reviews about the program already then you would have found many articles and websites that talk about it. The problem is that many of them are biased and not giving you an honest review. They are showing the program in a very good light and trying to get you to purchase it through their affiliate link. Therefore, it is hard to trust the words of those who are looking to make more money.

However, to combat this, I decided to write an honest review about the program, whether all that it claims is true, and if it really is this amazing opportunity you can make use of to start making that passive income through online means. The program also claims that it is made for beginners as well, which we will discuss.

Here’s something to make note of – I found something suspicious about the money-back guarantee as well as the refund policy when I was browsing through their website. Read on to find out more about this and whether you should be spending your hard-earned money on a program such as this.

What is the 1K A Day Fast Track program?

The whole money-making scheme here revolves around the use of affiliate marketing. This is the method of business where you will promote products and services that are owned by other businesses. When a customer of yours purchases through your promotion link, you will be paid a commission for every sale.

What’s different with this program is that it claims that you will be able to make over $1000 per day by just using a website made up of 2 pages as well as a bunch of email messages. Merlin Holmes himself says that the program is able to make him upwards of $10,000 every day.

Let’s talk about the founder

In the case of the founder, we are met with yet another story of someone who was down on his luck using other online business methods such as network marketing, Multi-Level Marketing, being a salesman, and so on. He failed miserably using these methods and so started looking for new ways to make money for himself. 

Since then, he claims that he has made over $150 million over the past decade and a half. That is a tall claim to make, and there is no way to prove if these are true or not. The only proof they show is some screenshots that he shares from the affiliate accounts he handles. Now, this is not to say that it isn’t true, but most courses such as this have these sorts of claims and are able to doctor images at most times to reflect what they are saying.

However, based on the live webinars that he hosts and from his time being online as an affiliate marketer, we can see that he is not a scam and really understands what he is talking about in this method. I would definitely take his claims with a grain of salt though because if he claims to be making that much money using platforms such as ClickBank, he should be showing up in the leaderboard section for the top 10 affiliates that they have. He is yet to show up on there.

And another thing to note is that the $150 million value is not purely profit. That is based on revenue without taking into account all the big expenses such as paid ads and tools you would have to do on a monthly basis to keep the affiliate business running.

So, how does this program work?

Let me start off by saying that affiliate marketing is an amazing business model that is great to build passive income in the long-term. After having done it for so long, it has quickly become my personal favorite method of online business as well. To do it right, there are many ways you can incorporate to become successful – building a website, creating and uploading videos on YouTube, using paid advertising means such as Google and Facebook, as well as using Forums, and so on.

The 1K A Day program focuses on using a mix of landing pages and emails to get it done. Here is a breakdown of its method:

Look for the best affiliate offers and use their sales copy to your advantage

First, you will need to sign up to some top affiliate marketplaces such as ClickBank and CJ. Then, you will have to browse their top offers and find the top offers with the best sales. You can view these offers along with their sales text, structure, and the like. A large number of sales means that these offers are converting well, which means that you can learn something from the copy on these pages. You can then use this information to optimize your sales page as well as identify how to use pictures well to create your online ads.

Use a method of polling to persuade people to click on one of your options

Research has shown that when a user interacts with an ad, they are more likely to be more invested and curious about what is behind the ad. Therefore, using something as simple as a poll with a question and answer of “Yes and No” will make these users click on your ad without having to make any payments at the beginning. They are more likely to follow what comes after the first click with a simple action like that. 

You will need to use an external tool to create this landing page and add the poll using a pop-up option or on a form/section of the landing page. You can use ClickFunnels for this step, or with a bit of research, you can find other similar tools that you can use as well. 

Once you have created the landing page and added the poll, you need to add in the rest of the sequence. When someone clicks on the answer they prefer, a pop-up should appear requesting them to enter their email address in return for something else. This is a good way for you to build your email lists of people who are actually interested in what you are offering or even just curious about it. This is a vital asset that you will need for this method to work.

Redirection to your offer of choice

Once the user goes through the above and enters their email address, it will be saved automatically into whichever software you are using for email automation and campaigns. For example, MailChimp or GetResponse. On the user’s side, they will be redirected to a sales page with more details about the offer you are trying to promote to them.

You can make a commission right away or by nurturing them in the future

Once they are on your sales page, some of them may decide that the offer is worth enough to purchase immediately. This is the best-case scenario and would mean that you are earning your commission right then and there.

Even if they don’t purchase, you can now continue to promote this offer plus other future offers over time. You will need to add them to your specific email lists that send out emails every month. As time passes, they may see an offer that they would be interested in and purchase at a later date. No matter when they purchase, the commissions will still go to you.

What’s so different about this program?

The method of using simple landing pages as well as email marketing is not something new in the affiliate marketing world. There are many people who already use it as well as many other online courses that talk about similar methods. Even the strategy of immediately redirecting someone from the email response pop-up to the sales page was developed by someone named Anik Singal, who is another affiliate marketing guru.

What makes the 1K A Day program different is the use of the polling method. This is completely unique to this program and has shown that using such interactive questions on the website is actually very effective compared to normal everyday landing pages that most businesses use. Giving people a choice makes them feel more involved in the whole process.

On top of that, this program also uses display ads on Google. These are the image-based ads that pop-up on websites you are browsing through. It is not a very popular method because it can be expensive but not as expensive as other methods that are taught on other programs such as Facebook advertising. These are what is different about this program and it is quite a handy method to use and master.

What do you get once you purchase the program?

Once you have made the payment for access, this is what you will get:

The full six-week training course

This training is made up of everything that you will need in order to succeed with this method. It follows a step-by-step approach so that even beginners are able to grasp what is happening at every stage. Here’s a breakdown of how each week will progress.

  • Week 1 – As a beginner, how you can make $400 within the first few days

To start off, Merlin recommends that you promote the same course that you just purchased yourself – the 1K A Day Fast Track program. He claims that you are selling a product that you trust already and will be able to make big commissions on even a few sales. However, this is the biggest part of this program that I am not a fan of. 

Having been doing affiliate marketing for more than a decade, I can safely tell you that making $400 is really hard to do in such a short period of time. There is a reason many people quit affiliate marketing – it is because it takes a long time and much effort to start making good money with it. Therefore, these figures seem unrealistic and misleading. 

Adding to that, this course is quite expensive and will be difficult to sell to many people. They are asking you to promote an expensive course without first having gone through the whole training and making money using it first. This doesn’t make sense to me and seems like they are trying to use new recruits to keep selling their current course.

  • Week 2 – Finding more products and signing up with other affiliate networks 

You need to do research to find the best offers that you can promote. This week will teach you all about that and how you can find the most converting offers and sign up with that affiliate program to start promoting.

There are a ton of ways for you to find affiliate programs that fit your bill. This section of the course will teach you the best methods because finding the right offer first is important. You can’t sell something that is not going to be appealing to your target audience. 

  • Week 3 – Create your first interactive poll

After you have selected your offer, you will then need to create your landing page around this offer. This week will teach you about using software such as ClickFunnels to build your page and add in the poll with your question regarding the offer you are trying to sell. 

Now, keep in mind that software like ClickFunnels is expensive and will cost you nearly $100 to use every month. If you are on a tight budget but have time on your hands, you can learn to use free tools such as WordPress plugins which can also do similar functions.

  • Week 4 – Setting up your email automation and sequences

Then, this week will teach you about using your email software to set up automatic responses for each of your landing pages and campaigns. Doing this will save the emails onto your lists as well as then send the first email or email sequence automatically without you having to do the work. You can create these emails beforehand and all users on your page will fall into this sequence. With the email addresses as well, you are now primed to promote further offers in the future.

  • Week 5 – Getting started on your display ads

This week will be all about ads and how to use them to your advantage. It will teach you about the best ways to create the ad in order to convert and then will continue on to teach you about a new platform called RevContent which is a display ads network. You will use this network to show your ad to people who may be interested in your current offers.

Of course, this is not a free method, and you will need to invest around $100 right from the start in order to get these ads to show up for your target audience. This platform is used rather than the main Google and Social Media platforms because you will be able to get better rates and be able to get more eyes on your offers than when you use the main platforms. 

On top of this tool, you will also need another tool to track the ads for your data needs. This will help you to optimize your ads so that they will start converting faster the more you optimize them towards those who are actually interested in your product. You will have to use software such as ClickMagick or Bemob to track these ads. There will be a further cost of around $20 – $100 here depending on which tool you use.

  • Week 6 – Researching and identifying potential offers for the future

Now that you have started building your email lists, you need to start thinking about the future offers you are going to market to them. That means you need to find new offers that are not saturated, or better yet, quite obscure in the market. This makes your offers more compelling and improves your conversion rates.

  • Pre-built templates, landing pages, ad structures, and email messages

The program also comes with all the necessary resources that you can use to help promote your offers. This comes in the form of custom-built templates that they have used themselves in their own campaigns and have worked for them. This is talked about constantly during the live webinar, and you will grow very tired of listening to him drone on and on about it every chance he gets. Just to save you from the trouble of having to sit through that, I have listed down the “bonuses”, as he calls them, here.

  • Bonus 1 – Custom landing page designs and structures

First, you will get the landing pages that Merlin and his team have used to convert potential buyers. This seems like a great asset to have right? A proven template that has worked to convert people before? However, there are some problems with this.

The first is that these templates are built on the ClickFunnels system and so for you to use it, you will need to sign up with the ClickFunnels platform. This means having to spend a minimum of $97 for a month for the lowest package. It can go up to $297 per month depending on the package you have selected. 

The other problem is that because these templates are available to everybody and they seem like such a good asset, all the affiliates who join the program are more likely to use them. So, what will happen when so many affiliates use the same templates over a period of time? The whole offer will slowly start to saturate. Users will be seeing similar ads and landing pages all over the place which will cause them to stop viewing these ads or just straight up block them.

  • Bonus 2 – A secret “Thank You” page

This is meant to help convert those people who have entered their email addresses into the box. Once they do this and are redirected to the Thank You page, the secret script given in this bonus can help improve your conversion rates.

  • Bonus 3 – Email message templates and a general training

This will cover general training about email marketing and using autoresponders for those beginners who know nothing about the subject. On top of that, you will also get templates and scripts that are pre-made to be used in your campaigns. 

The problem here again lies with the saturation of these emails. Affiliates will never know if the same user is also in the list of other affiliates, therefore, there is a possibility that users will receive the same email from multiple affiliates. This can cause email software such as Gmail to identify keywords in the email and automatically send these emails to the spam or “promotion” folder. When this happens, all future emails will be a waste as most people will never see them.

  • Bonus 4 – Training System – Titan of Traffic

Once you have set up your landing page and emails, you will need to start driving traffic to your page. You can use multiple methods to make this happen such as paid methods like Facebook or PPC ads, as well as organic methods such as posting in Facebook groups. This training will include all this as well as the best methods you can use to start driving traffic quickly.

  • Bonus 5 – The first 5 buyers will get a free over-the-phone consultation

Before you fall into this trap, you should note that this strategy is used mainly as an incentive to get you to purchase. The webinars and articles that you see online will be uploaded in multiple places and at different times, meaning there could be many “first 5’s” every day. 

Even if they are actually doing it, there is a high chance that you will not make the cut so don’t keep your hopes up. The bonus promises a 1-hour consultation with someone from their team.

  • Bonus 6 – Custom built ad templates

This will give you the ad designs, structures, images, and scripts that they are using themselves for the display ads. You only need to copy them for your campaigns.

  • Bonus 7 – You can add a partner to the program for free

If you have someone else who is working with you or even if you want to let someone else also enjoy the whole course, with this bonus, you can give a 2nd person access to your account using different credentials. 

  • Bonus 8 – You will get a secret package FedEx’ed to you 

As a ‘thank you’ for purchasing the program from them, they will be giving you a present of their choice. What it is is kept secret and you won’t know until you open it when it arrives.

How much does the whole program cost?

When you sign up for the program you will need to make a one-time payment of $997. Now, this applies to people from all over the world but there is another option available for you if you live in the United States. Even if you aren’t able to pay for the program now, you can watch the free live webinar and at the end of it, you will be given the option to pay using PayPal credits. This means that PayPal will pay the program for you now, and give you the option to pay Paypal within 6 months.

For those of you out there who were expecting a free trial of the system, unfortunately, the program does not allow for free trials. However, you are able to sign up for one of their webinars where they will go through the whole program in detail. This is a good opportunity for you to see the program in action.

Alright, so the cost is $997. On top of that, you will also have other expenses that you will need to pay for:

The landing page and funnel builder – ClickFunnels which will cost $97 per month

An email automation software which will cost around $20 per month

An online advertising budget of around $300 – $500 to test your ad campaigns until they work great for your target audience. 

If you are planning on creating a business using this method, you have to make sure to have at least $1,500 in hand to get it off the ground. If you don’t have this kind of dough around and are looking for other similar options, you can skip the rest of this and go to the last section below where I talk about my alternative to this method and why it can help you build that monthly passive income.

Let’s talk about the refund policy and money-back guarantee

When you check most of the reviews about this platform, most articles will tell you that you are able to get a refund for your purchase if you don’t like the program. It is as simple as just sending them an email requesting a refund, and that’s that. This is what is said during the webinars by Merlin himself too. 

However, I noticed on the website that the phrasing of the refund policy includes a few other conditions that they don’t talk about when explaining this. Yes, you are able to get a refund, but only if you are eligible for it at the time of requesting it. 

The policy states that you need to have gone through the entire 1K A Day program before you apply for the refund. You need to show proof that you have applied all the strategies mentioned in the training but still haven’t made any commissions using these methods. If you are able to show that, then you will be able to get your refund. However, this needs to be done within 30 days of purchasing the program. Do you really think you will be able to do all these steps and show proof within this time limit realistically? 

Also, how exactly are you supposed to show proof of everything that you did? Yes, you can show some things such as the landing page you built as well as the ads you created, but how can you show them that you followed every single one of their informational courses and learned from them?

Another thing of note is that the refund states “if you have not made ANY commissions at all”. You can probably make some small commission during this 30-day period, but even one sale will not nearly cover even the advertising cost of getting it. You would have spent $1,500 in the first month trying to get that sale, only to get a $50 commission. This would immediately remove you from being eligible to get the discount. 

Finally, there is no guarantee that you will get a refund even if you have all of the above in order. They clearly state that the status of the refund is entirely dependent on their judgment and so they can easily say that you are not qualified for the refund and you can’t do anything about it. Since no one is mentioning this, and Merlin himself does not talk about it in his live videos, it does seem a little shady to me and not something I would like to trust. During these videos, he keeps mentioning that you will get the full refund no questions asked, but these limitations show that he is covering up the real facts of the matter.

Now, let’s look at another problem that I found. The fine print of the program states that they are able to remove you from the use of the program if they desire and they will be issuing you a refund if they do. However, it also mentions that there is an “application fee” that is applicable to all payments. This fee will be deducted from your payment and the balance will be refunded to you. Doesn’t that seem infuriating? To have the program deny you access to the program and then refund you a lower amount than what you paid for it? 

These are a few things for you to think about before investing in the program. They may not seem like big problems to most, but I feel you should at least be aware of it before you purchase, which is something the program should actively be doing in the first place.

Am I saying that this program is a scam?

Absolutely not. The program itself seems legit and the founder Merlin also seems to know what he is talking about. If you put the time into learning and mastering this method, you should be able to make money using it. However, it is the little things like the above that tend to annoy me about these programs. If you have limitations like that in place, why not show it to the users so that they are aware of it too? It’s not all about getting as many people to sign up as possible because you will have to deal with angry customers afterward because they were not aware of the fine print in your refund policies. 

Here’s a pro tip – When you are trying to purchase something expensive, try to think of the purchase as the one you are making without a safety net of the money-back guarantee. After that, if you still think the purchase is worth the money you are spending, then you should go ahead with it. This is because if you have the safety net in place, you will just be “trying out the platform” and not actively serious about seeing it through till the end.

What’s great about the 1K A Day Fast Track program?

  • The program is legit and uses a business model that is great for building passive income
  • The unique method of using interactive polls on the landing pages is interesting and not something many other courses are following. Would be interesting to try this method out and see the results.
  • They have multiple free webinars that they do every week talking about affiliate marketing and their course. You can learn a lot just by attending these webinars.
  • They do have a money-back guarantee in place, even if it does come with its conditions.

What is not so great about this program?

The fine print is too fine

As I mentioned earlier, there is a problem with the hidden conditions mentioned in the fine print of the website. The founder himself claims that the refunds are unconditional but the website says otherwise. When you are paying for such an expensive course and you go in believing that you can be eligible for a discount, it can come as quite a shock when this is mentioned to you only at the time of requesting the refund. If they are just open with their refund policy, I would trust this program more than I do right now.

There are varying conditions if you want to stay in the program

When you join the program, they let you know early on that they have the power to remove you from the program if you don’t abide by their guidelines. One of those guidelines is that you need to only work with the vetted vendors that Merlin himself has chosen. 

So what happens when they ask you to promote a product that you don’t want to promote? You will either be forced to continue promoting it or you will be removed from the program. Those are the only choices you have. And like I said, your refund will not come back to you in full. Another shady side to this program is their “application fees” which are not explained and even the exact value is not given on the website. This means that they are free to deduct any amount they want from your total and call it an “application fee”. Again, this is not something you want to be hidden from you when purchasing an expensive program.

The need to sign up for expensive tools

When you sign up for a program that aims to teach you about affiliate marketing, you wouldn’t expect them to force you to have to sign up with additional tools in order to follow their method right? Well, this is exactly what you will have to do when you join this program. Their pre-made templates for the landing pages can only be reproduced and edited if you use ClickFunnels which you have to pay a minimum of $97 per month, and you also have to use an additional email automation software for the program.

You can get access to tools similar to these, get full training, watch weekly webinars, and so much more for less than half of what you are paying for this course with my affiliate marketing alternative that I have mentioned in the final section below.

This program is not really meant for beginners

Okay, let’s be real about this. When you’re just starting out with any online business and affiliate marketing, paid advertising is not the best place to start from. It is a very complex business method that you can only learn well from practice and experience. This means that you will be going into the method blind and only having the program’s rules to follow.

As a beginner, you will not know if what the program is teaching is actually great or not. You won’t even know if it will work for your product because you know nothing else about ads other than what the program teaches you. There is a lot of trial and error when it comes to ads even for advanced marketers. As a beginner, you could lose a lot of money trying to get your ad strategy perfect when starting out.

The problem with pre-made templates for all affiliates to use

I explained earlier how easy it is for a strategy like this to quickly go south once many affiliates join the program. It will get saturated to the point where your emails will not reach their best potential because they will be flagged by the email providers.

There are more ways to promote your offers than just limiting yourself to one method. That is what affiliate marketing is all about. You need to learn all these methods and identify which ones work best for the offer you are trying to promote. That is how you will succeed the best using the affiliate market method. 

Who will benefit the most from this program?

This is not an option that is available for everybody and that is mostly due to the price tag. It is not just the price of the program itself though that’s the problem. Because this is mostly dependent on ads, you will need at least $1,500 for the first month alone which is very expensive for any type of business.

Yes, this program has the potential to work but to make money with it I think you already need to be experienced with affiliate marketing and online advertising. If you are, then you won’t have as much of a learning curve and won’t waste more money than you would need to.

If you are a beginner, I would suggest looking elsewhere for a course or checking out my alternative down below which would be a much better option for you to pursue. In my opinion, even though it is advertised that this course is for beginners, I think only those who are advanced users should purchase this course and this method out to further improve their existing affiliate business. 

Does the program offer support?

As of right now, it is too early to judge if the program is effective with their support. But, if you want to ask the founder questions or need answers, you can visit their Facebook page and its community who will be able to answer any of your questions.

A great alternative for affiliate marketing enthusiasts

The website you are currently on is one of my affiliate marketing websites. I have been doing affiliate marketing for the better part of a decade and as I mentioned, it is my favorite method of doing business online. I have learned to build the website and its content and then monetize it to the point where I am able to earn comfortably with them over time.

The 1K A Day program is awesome at what it teaches you which is its very specific method of affiliate marketing. However, for it to be effective and start making you money, you will need to spend quite a bit of money right off the bat. This is not possible for a lot of people, and so I present to you another method to get you started on your journey as an affiliate marketer. 

Even if you can’t afford to pay the fee for the tools you need monthly to keep your business running or even to continue doing ads right from the start, this platform will work great for you. You will be able to learn the ins-and-outs of affiliate marketing and how to run a business, all for a cost that is more than 50% lower than what you would pay just for the tools you need following the 1K A Day method.

Don’t even have the money for that? No worries. You can get started totally free until you are ready to pay for the premium membership.

Get ready to learn a lot more about affiliate marketing than you would learn following a course focused on one method of affiliate marketing. Yes, the 1K A Day method can be effective but at the same time, you are only learning one method. You need to know more about the business process as well as how to apply multiple methods depending on the product and industry that you are in. There is so much more to learn about affiliate marketing that you will not learn in that one program.

You will understand that paid advertising is not the only, nor the best method of doing affiliate marketing. There are other free ways that can bring you sustainable profits in the long-term. For example, you can leverage the power of search engines such as Google to send organic, free traffic your website’s way. Any digital marketer will tell you that search engine optimization is the number one best way to bring traffic to your website, both in terms of cost and potential. 

And look, I am not here to tell you that you will be seeing immediate results when you start implementing these methods. As I mentioned, getting immediate profits is not something that you see in affiliate marketing. This is because this process will take some time to set up in order to be sustainable. Would you rather have a consistent and sustainable business or one that gives you profits in the short run but has the potential to die out in the long run? It’s up to you to decide.

This method that I am going to introduce to you will require patience, time, and effort. It is an option for those who have the passion but don’t have the resources to follow an expensive course.

The platform that I have been building up to is called Wealthy Affiliate and this is the place where I started my affiliate journey and it is responsible for bringing me to where I am today. I am still a user of this platform because there is always something to learn every day, as you will understand once you get into the world of affiliate marketing.

Why should you join this platform? Let me breakdown all the benefits that you will get when you sign up:

  • You will get comprehensive training that will teach you everything you need to know about affiliate marketing right from start to finish. It is a step-by-step guide that will take you through every single aspect you need to follow, which is easy to understand and implement even as a complete novice. 
  • You will get a ton of tools and resources for free that comes with the monthly package. There is a website builder that you can set up within a minute. So those of you who don’t know anything about websites or don’t have technical knowledge don’t have to worry about this. It’s as simple as choosing a theme and dragging the elements around until you are satisfied with the results.
  • There is a keyword research tool called Jaaxy which you can use to find new topics to write about for your website’s content. This tool separately will cost you extra outside of Wealthy Affiliate, but you will get it free when you pay for the monthly subscription. 
  • Your website will get free hosting, domain registration, as well as an SSL certificate when you sign up. This again means that you don’t have to pay for all of these separately. It will all come under one single monthly payment. This is valid for up to 10 websites that you create within the platform. Just think about that, you will not be paying anything extra for these services and you will surely not have to pay for expensive additional software such as ClickFunnels.
  • There is an amazing community of like-minded affiliate marketers on the platform that you are able to engage with. You will find people just like you who are just starting out as well as those who have been there for decades and have a lot of experience under their belts. They are all very helpful and always to help you out if you have any issues while running the business. It is difficult to describe how good having this kind of a helpful community supporting you when you’re starting out. You will just have to find out for yourself!
  • The pricing of this platform is SO much lower than the cost of joining the 1K A Day Fast Track program. If you choose to go with the annual plan, you will be paying less than half what it costs for that program. On top of that, if you want to go with the monthly plan, you will be paying less than what you would be paying for the tools you need to work with the 1K A Day program. That is a lot of money you will be saving and all for more value too!
  • Then we have the free account for those who are not able to pay for the platform yet or even those who are still on the fence. You can test the platform out for yourself at no additional cost, and you can keep the account open with no issues for as long as you want! To sign up for the free account, all you need to do is enter your basic details which are your email address and name. You don’t even need to enter your credit card details because they are not going to add you to a payment scheme that is going to deduct the amount in some time in the future. It is completely risk-free to try out this platform using the free account.
  • Even when you join with the free account, they are offering the first 10 lessons (out of 70) to you for free. That’s right. You will already be able to start reading and implementing the basics of their training without having to pay a dime. You can learn the basics and even create a website to test it out using the free account. Have you heard of another platform that will give you this kind of service for a free account?

There is so much to learn inside of affiliate marketing, from how to write content that ranks, how to leverage the power of Google to bring you traffic, or even how to correctly structure your website to a point where it is attractive to visitors. You will see how you don’t even need to go down the paid advertising route to bring in traffic and instead just solely rely on organic traffic.

As I mentioned, you can keep your free account for as long as you like. There is no hurry for you to convert it to a paid membership at any given time. After testing out the platform and seeing how great it is for yourself, you can easily upgrade and get access to all of the benefits they have to offer in an instant.

At this point, the choice is totally up to you and I know for the most part that the biggest factor will be the cost of the program. I have given you the benefits and limitations of the 1K A Day program as well as how it can help you, while also giving you a viable alternative that you can use. 

  • If you would rather make use of the RevContent method and have the budget to spend money on paid ads to build your affiliate marketing business, then by all means sign up for the 1K A Day Fast Track program.


  • If you don’t have the budget and are looking at a cost-effective and beginner-friendly method of doing affiliate marketing, then you have your answer with Wealthy Affiliate. You can start with a free account and work yourself upwards from there.

Either way, don’t give up on your dream of becoming an affiliate marketer. It takes time and effort to build up to something great. Take action while you still have the motivation now and you will be thanking yourself for it a year from now.

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